Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Is Ready For UFC 187

Kickboxer Anthony Johnson will fight Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title at UFC 187.

Current odds at online sportsbook TopBet pegs Johnson at 50/50 even odds to win his fight against Cormier, but he’s looking forward to the challenge. “To me it doesn’t take much to be mentally prepared for any fight,” he said.

“Because if it’s a three round fight or a five round fight, I’m still going to go in with the same mentality and do my best to get the job done.”

At 19-4, Johnson’s opponent, Cormier (15-1) lost to Jon Jones earlier in the year. Johnson is looking to win all the marbles, but the good thing is that he respects Cormier. “He’s a grinder, I’m a grinder, so we’re going to see who’s the bigger man that night.”

By the way, Johnson’s title fight isn’t the only thing the state of Georgia has to be proud of. The Atlanta Hawks are currently playing in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to sportsbook TopBet the Hawks have a +180 odds against the Cavs, with the Cavs favored at -250 in the Eastern Conference match-up. He recalls the struggles that the team dealt with for years. A native of Dublin, Ga, which is about two hours outside of Atlanta, he acknowledges that the last time he paid attention to them was when Dominique Wilkins was playing.  ”The Hawks, they’re doing awesome this year,” he said.

“I wish them nothing but the best.”

Be looking out for Johnson/Cormier on Saturday.