25-Year Old Middle School Teacher Arrested for Letting Students Have Sex in his Classroom

At least he promoted safe sex

Quentin Wright, a 25-year old math teacher at The Champion School in the Stone Mountain neighborhood of Georgia, has been removed from his position at the school and is being charged with four counts of promoting the delinquency of a minor after a student’s mother discovered some disturbing text messages on ┬áher son’s phone.


The above is an excerpt from a text message conversation between Wright and a student. In the photo, Wright can be seen confirming with the student that he’s alerted his potential sex partner about the secrecy of the operation, which led the mother to look even deeper into the matter. She discovered that Wright was giving students condoms and encouraging them to fornicate in the closet of his classroom. C’mon, Mr. Wright. There are no secrets in technology. It doesn’t help that this same mother was already suspicious of Wright after he requested to come to her house to pose for 8th grade prom pictures.