3 Rappers Who Saved Someone’s Life

Reports circulated yesterday (May 19) that Layzie Bone, member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, saved a Wyoming man who was in a diabetic shock. The emergency happened while the victim was driving over the weekend. Layzie came to the man’s aid and successfully revived him using chocolate and fruit.

“We thought he was a drunk doing 60mph when he spun out of control and did a complete 180 degrees,” said the rapper—who was then on his way to a show in Riverton, Wyoming. “Turns out after we stopped to check on him he was having a diabetic shock.”

But the hip-hop vet isn’t the only one who played superhero before. Here are three other rappers who saved someone from harm.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Saves Child

In 1998 ODB and Wu group Twelve O’Clock saved a four-year-old girl trapped underneath a vehicle. Dirty and some of his friends lifted the car off of her.  The girl was taken to the hospital and treated for first and second degree burns from the car’s engine.

The Game Saves Cyclist

In 2012, The Game saved a man’s life of a man who badly injured himself in a bicycle crash on an L.A. street. After noticing a man lying face down in the street with his bike on top of his body, Game pulled over called 911 and waited with the victim until paramedics arrived

T.I. Is The Mother Day Superman

T.I. has successfully rescued three people in three different incidents. Once incident is talking Scott Stapp from Creed from trying to kill himself in Miami. The second incident is when he saved a man from jumping of the roof of a radio station in Atlanta. The final incident is happen when he pulled a woman out from a car after it was rear-ended.

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Layzie Bone Helps Save a Man’s Life

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