Vic Mensa and Charles Hamilton Take Part in a Sidewalk Freestyle

It’s always dope when two artists can come together and just spit bars for the fun of it.

Vic Mensa and Charles Hamilton did just that this weekend when the two met up and went toe-to-toe in this street corner freestyle video. With the sidewalk cypher being a cornerstone ritual in the roots of rap, this clip is an example of what hip-hop is all about.

Both MCs are former XXL Freshmen, so they’re no strangers to the rules of the cypher. Like old school rappers back in the day, Hamilton and Mensa smoke on a dimly lit city street and exchange impromptu verses, musing about everything from stacking presidents to smoking bud to Vic’s blonde hair to getting fellatio in an Uber.

The two minute vid was uploaded on Charles Hamilton’s YouTube page today and although there are scarce details surrounding this meet up, it definitely took place in New York City. How do we know? For one, Vic was in attendance at Jay Z’s ‘B-Sides’ concert—which was fantastic by the way because Roc-A-Fella reunited—in NYC this weekend as the newest signee of Roc Nation. And secondly, Harlem raised Hamilton drops this line during one of his turns: “like Biggie, but I’m quite pretty and this is my city.”

Check out the cool freestyle video above. Who do you think had better bars?

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