Mayor of Chicago Upset About Upcoming Film Chiraq

It has been reported that legendary filmmaker Spike Lee will be shooting an upcoming film called Chiraq. While some people are excited to see the seldom told story about the city of Chicago, some people are upset about the upcoming film. According to MSNBC, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not too happy about the film, in fact he even reached out to Lee to change the name.

Emanuel spoke on speaking to Lee about changing the name even though many people know the Windy City for it’s constant violence.

We had an honest, frank conversation,” Emanuel said last month. “He said that while the movie is about the neighborhood of Englewood, I said that I was not happy about the title.”

Mayor Emanuel is not the only one upset about about the film. Last week, Alderman Will Burns proposed to a proposition to Chicago City Council to deny giving Lee a $3 Million tax break for shooting in Chicago. Not everyone is behind Alderman Burns and Emanuel for the naming of the film. Other public figures in the community such as Father Michael Pfleger agrees with Lee and thinks the name should stay for the movie.

Details about the film have not been released, but already major names are already attached to the movie such as Chicago natives Common, John Cusack, possibly Kanye West, and Samuel L. Jackson.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: MSNBC