Kembe X Is Living the Yacht Life in ‘Feeling Like the Man’ Video

There are relaxed days on the water, then there are relaxed days on the water with Kembe X. The California up-and-comer takes to the yacht in his new video for “Feeling Like the Man,” in which he boasts of a legendary Soundcloud account with a harem of women and what we hope is a valid boating license. At first pass, “Feeling Like the Man” recalls the big-budget rap videos of decades past, where budgets were exorbitant and the artists had the sensibilities to match. But Kembe X forgoes the Hype Williams fever dream for a more attainable kind of stunting, a calm cruise through the harbor where nothing can go wrong as long as all the jewelry stays dry. Name dropping Willie Mays and staying mum on his plugs, Kembe shows the strides he’s made since last year’s self-titled EP. Here, he employs the kind of jazz breaks that are the foundation for much of fellow Californian Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. However, instead of crafting a sprawling opus, he cuts away the clutter, reigning in the song to a manageable depth. It’s perfect for the sweltering long weekends that are soon to come.

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