Suge Knight Appears in Court Chained to a Wheelchair

Suge Knight

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Suge Knight was chained to a wheelchair for his court appearance today (April 8). Knight collapsed in court last month after he was informed that his bail would be set at $25 million. The collapse was caught on video. The former Death Row Records boss folded over in his seat, apparently unconscious, after the judge read the figure. The chair ended up hitting him on the head. Knight told the judge: ‘I’m being chained to some type of chair and their pushing me. It’s making the situation even worse[er]. I walked perfectly fine from the county jail, to the bus, to the bus to here.”

Watch the video from inside the court appearance directly below, via TMZ.

The hip-hop figure’s lawyer, Matt Fletcher, said authorities put Knight in the chair and chained him down so they can ‘humiliate’ his client. Watch below.

The hit-and-run that left Terry Carter, 55, dead and Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, injured on Jan. 29 has been a bizarre one. It was recently reported that Cle “Bone” Sloan, the man who was injured, but not killed by Suge Knight’s car altercation claimed to have assaulted Knight just prior to being struck by the mogul’s Ford. Sloan told Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officers that he “fucked [Knight] up” before the fatal incident, which took place in front of a Tam’s Burgers restaurant in Compton. Matthew Fletcher, Knight’s lawyer, has argued that not only did Suge not leave his vehicle, but he was simply trying to flee from what he believed to be an armed assault.

Knight has been charged with both murder and attempted murder.

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