The Most Eccentric Outfits of Trinidad James


Last night, Trinidad James made a rare appearance on the show, ‘CNN Tonight’ to discuss the usage of the n-word in hip-hop, but it was his outfit that had the internet talking after his televised appearance.

Known for rocking some of the most flamboyant and daring outfits in hip-hop, Trinidad James showed up on Don Lemon’s show sporting an olive green fedora, zebra print windbreaker, black tee and jeans, Supreme SB Dunks, aviator glasses and straight hair. Trinidad’s look became the topic of choice on Twitter with people making funny memes of the “All Gold” rapper and comparing his look to the pimp character Katt Williams played in the move, Friday After Next.

After his appearance on CNN, XXL decided to dig up a few more images of Trinidad James sporting an eccentric look. Here’s some of the ones we found.

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