Love and HIp Hop NY Recap!

Rich Dollaz can’t seem to leave the crazy females alone. Will he ever learn to not mix business and pleasure? Here’s’s top moments!

1. Mendeecees Harris‘ ex-assistant, Remy got the boot from Yandy Smith and the hands from Kimbella Vanderhee last episode. Mendeecees has a point in saying that Yandy shouldn’t have taken it upon herself to fire Remy, but you have to admit, Remy was out of pocket. If you every hear your bosses fiancé going off on him, you should most likely sit back and mind your business.

2. Cyn Santana did an amazing job at her charity event for suicide awareness. It must have been hard losing her brother and she definitely put her all into that song. Cisco Rosado and Cyn together could be really cute. Those roses were GORG!!!! Nice job Cisco!

3. Diamond Strawberry needs an Iyanla Vanzant moment. Granted her past may not be the best, but making a fool of herself on television and claiming the biggest self-proclaimed creep in the world as your man… she should do better. Rich Dollaz did a good thing by nipping that situation in the bud.

4. Precious Paris moving on from Dollaz Unlimited may have been a great idea. It looks like Rich is more interested in sleeping with his clients than actually cultivating their careers. Outside of introducing Cyn to Cisco, Rich seems to be falling off on the management side of things.

5. Chink Santana‘s relationship with his father is absolutely adorable. He is able to sit down with his father and really talk about the issues bothering him. You don’t see to many father-son relationships like that these days. Chrissy Monroe finally meeting Chink’s father is a major stepping stone in their relationship. Let’s just hope the sparks keep flying and all goes well between these two.

6. Yandy and Mendeecees family photo shoot was so cute! Getting news that your parent could possibly be loosing a limb is a terrible thing. Mendeecees did a great job in keeping Yandy positive and making his family a top priority.

7. Jhonni Blaze is in love with Rich!!??! It’s not a surprise, but she didn’t learn anything from her first encounter with Rich a few years ago. After that nasty, public break-up you would think she would stay far away from him on that level. Tara Wallace has her work cut out for herself with Jhonni. From being in love with her manager, to the constant fighting, and now a sex tape… Ms. Wallace has her work cut out for her. There is just too much talent there to let it go to waste.

Do you think Rich Dollaz will ever learn the difference between Friends and Lovers? It is not ok to keep mixing the two and not expect someone’s feelings to get caught in the middle?

Find out what happens between Cyn, Cisco, Jhonni and the rest of the cast next week at 8pm on VH1.

-Natalee J. Langley (@_naturallynat)