Listen To Alex Wiley’s *one singular flame emoji ep*

When you get in a funk at work, what do you do? If you’re to follow in the footsteps of Squadliness apostle, Alex Wiley, you should remind yourself of why you do what you do to begin with. If you can’t answer that question, you might want to have another conversation with yourself that goes deeper. For the Chicago emcee, he was stressing out over working on his follow up project to Village Party. To help give him some breathing room and a clear mindset, he decided to just go back to making music that he enjoyed and announced he’d put out an EP in 30 days. Below is that end product.

The production on this EP is more orchestral than most Hip-Hop and would sound great in a concert hall. The lyrics are as passionate as ever.

Bryan Hahn is nominating this EP for best title in 2015. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).