Don’t Wait in Line at Hype Hotel: Mazda Offering Fast Pass


Every year at SXSW is roughly the same m.o.: you go planning to have a good time and see wall-to-wall great music, and the festival sets out to destroy you. Whether it’s having to choose between a series of impossible decisions on who to see, or keeping your energy up while you do it, SXSW is as much an endurance test as it is a music festival.

This year, Hype Hotel is making it all a little easier. They’ve amassed a staggering bill of great music — Rae Sremmurd, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Earl Sweatshirt and more — all in one place: Hype Hotel Presented by Feed the Beat. And where you might ordinarily wait an hour on line just to hear one song by artists like that, this year Hype Hotel has partnered with Mazda to make even that experience a little easier. They’ve created a “Fast Pass”to ensure you see the bands at the Hotel that you want to see, when you want to see them. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtags “#HypeON” and “#MazdaSXSW” to be entered for a chance to get a “Fast Pass” to skip the line! They’re giving out 10 passes a day, for all five days of the festival.

So forget the frustration. Hype Hotel Presented by Feed the Beat will keep you fortified, and Mazda will make sure you get in on time.

Brought to you by Mazda, official automotive sponsor of #HypeON. #MazdaSXSW #HypeON

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