What Are Your “Can’t Miss” Panels @SXSW 2015? [Shameless Plugs Allowed]

Sxsw-2015SXSW can be is overwhelming.  But in addition to a lot of great music, there is also a great deal of important information and advice being shared. What panels are on your “can’t miss” list at SXSW 2015?

image from grungecake.com

In the comments section below, share with your fellow Hypebot readers what panels and events are on your “have to attend” list.  And don’t worry if you’re one of the speakers on the panel you’re recommending.  Good is good and we want to know about it.

Save your music recommendations for now.  We’ll open a thread for those later in the week.

What Are Your “Can’t Miss” Panels @ SXSW 2015?