Love & Hip Hop NY Recap!

Diamond Strawberry has taken the idea of a fling to a whole other level. After things didn’t turn out so well with Cisco Rosado, she has set her eyes on Rich Dollaz. Are the two them dating or is Rich just being Rich?

Here’s’s recap from Season 5 Episode 12!

1. Yandy Smith is having the hardest time forgiving Mendeecees Harris for playing the worst trick a father could ever play on mother. Lying that your child is in the hospital is not a laughing matter. Love and Hip-Hop veteran, Kimbella Vanderhee and Peter Gunz, of all people, had to break it down for their friends. Although Mendeecees really messed up, it is important to be the bigger person and move on.

2. Tara Wallace is finally living out her dreams and has hopped off the Peter Pankey train. It is great to see that she wants to help artists learn the tricks of being an all around household brand. Having talent is not enough these days. Johnni Blaze being her first client is a first challenge. Hopefully Tara can polish Johnni up and make others see the calm side to Ms. Blaze.

3. Diamond Strawberry has fallen for the Richie D love potion! After a little flirting and a kiss on the neck, Diamond is seeing stars and is smashing the homie. It’s one thing to go after what you want, but it’s another thing to look crazy on television. Having sex in a public bathroom!!??!? Did she forget that her family is watching this as well as her daughter!!! Not sure where this situation will end up, but Diamond sure is about to get the ride of her life messing with Rich.

4. It is amazing to see Peter Gunz and Mendeecees giving back to the community. We need more men on television going out into the community to show the younger generation what is right and wrong. Great job fellas!

5. Amina Buddfly is finally seeing all the things that Tara tried to warn her about before she had a baby with Peter. Tara is really being the bigger person by sitting down and listening to what Amina has to say and offering her advice.

6. Johnni showed Diamond what the blaze is all about. Not sure if Rich set that whole altercation up, but Diamond seriously should have done her research on Mr. Dollaz before jumping into bed with him. Johnni does need to change, but that can be hard to do when you have someone stepping into a situation they know nothing about.

7. After barging in on Mendeecees at the studio on last weeks episode and getting into it with his assistant Remy , Yandy confronted Remy about her inappropriate actions and the fact that she is fired. Things got a little out of hand when Kimbella let her frustrations out and Remy was escorted from Yandy’s office.

This episode was full of craziness and messy situations. Tune in next week to find out what happens next at 8pm on VH1.

-Natalee J. Langley (@_NaturallyNat)