A High School Dean Reportedly Shot A Student, Execution Style

Boston cops are investigating a horrific incident with an unbelievable twist

Shaun O. Harrison–or should we say Reverend Shaun O. Harrison–was comfortably leading two or three lives when his intertwined with that of a 17-year old student last Tuesday. Not only was Harrison a reverend, but he was a dean at Boston English High School, and his third life? Well, he was a drug kingpin.

According to authorities, Harrison lured the 17-year old to a street Tuesday night promising drugs and girls, then shot the young man in the back of the head and fled on foot. Thankfully, and miraculously, the shooting wasn’t fatal. While recovering in the hospital, the victim told cops that he sold marijuana for Harrison who, in addition to being a reverend, high school dean and drug kingpin, reportedly lead substance abuse and anger management programs for teenagers. Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Harrison reportedly shot the 17-year old over a drug dispute.



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