Bandcamp Has Paid $100 Million To Artists, Plans Artists Subscriptions

image from www.eartothegroundmusic.coDirect to fan music sales platform Bandcamp has been a hit with independent artists and labels.  Today we found out just how popular Bandcamp is, along with its plans for the future of D2F.

Bandcamp has paid out more than $100 million to artists and labels since it launched in 2008. At a time when music sales are falling, purchases on Bandcamp have increased 30% in the last year and now average $3.5 million per month. That “works out to about 16,000 records a day,” co-founder Ethan Diamond told Billboard.  “One every five seconds, twenty-four-seven.”

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As we reported last October, Bandcamp has been testing features that would allow fans to subscribe Patreon-style to artists. Diamond now says that the startup has plans to broaden the offering and launch it publically soon.