Chris Paul Wanted To Kill Deandre Jordan Last Night…Why?

Chris Paul was incensed with a play that Deandre Jordan kinda forgot to make

Last night, the Los Angeles Clippers seemed to have everything under control. They were in a tough battle against the resilient Portland Trailblazers, who sit two spots above them in the Western Conference standings, and with just three minutes left in the game, it appeared CP3 and company had everything sewn up. However, a huge run from the Blazers, backed by some sharpshooting from Nicolas Batum, had Portland right back within striking distance, and eventually, knotted up with the Clippers heading into the final seconds.

Doc Rivers drew up a nice play that freed Chris Paul up just long enough for him to get a rather clear shot at the rim, but the All-Star couldn’t connect. Deandre Jordan cleaned up the glass, and mistook the shot clock buzzer for the end-of-regulation buzzer. So did several of Portland’s players. So, rather than put the ball in the hoop for an easy, last-second, game-winning layup, Deandre Jordan just stood there with the ball in one hand as time winded down, and Chris Paul jumped up, screamed and flailed trying to tell Jordan to put the ball in the hole.

Demonstrative isn’t really the appropriate word to describe Chris on this play, is it.

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