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With the explosion of YG and DJ Mustard’s gangster raps in hip-hop, all eyes are back on the West. While young rappers like Cozz are building their name, LA’s own Joe Moses walks the line between rookie and veteran. Previously signed to Waka Flocka Flame’s Bricksquad Monopoly, the 25-year-old MC made waves with his hit “Ratchets,” and continued to push forward with club-ready joints like “Paranoid” and “Burn Rubber.” Now, the All Out Bosses CEO is on the verge of bubbling up with his underground release All Out, which is quickly becoming the tape of the summer. Salute the hustle.

Name: Joe Moses

Age: 25

Hometown: Los Angeles

I grew up listening to: I was a big Kurupt fan. Kurupt is one of my favorite rappers. Juvenile. 2Pac, one of the greatest of all times. Biggie Smalls. Jay Z. I grew up, first and foremost, we always listen to 2Pac. I grew up really on Juvenile. The whole Cash Money, the whole No Limit. Juvenile is one of my favorite rappers. He is at the top. Juvie one of the best to me.

I grew up listening to local artists in the West Coast like Tha Eastsidaz, The Relatives. Dub-C. Mack 10. I’m a big hometown playa, I love West Coast music, but I’m not bias. If it is hot, it’s hot. I am a big Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel. Lil Wayne. Now, I am a big Drake fan. I think Drake is dope.

Most people don’t know I: That I am big on family. I am diverse artist. A lot of people get towards my club music, they think that is the bias of my life. They judge you based off of club music, but I am really deep. I do poems. I am a soulful artist. I make soulful music, like music from the heart.

My style’s been compared to: Like Jeezy, he’s a street motivator. That’s what I am in a way. That’s kind of what I am in the West, like a street motivator. You really can’t compare me to anybody on the West. That’s what I like about myself. I do different things. Like even on “Come Thru,” my new record “Burn Rubber.” If you listen to the lyrics, I say a lot of different things than a lot West Coast artists. I’ve seen different things. Even though I am just getting my just due, I’ve been on a scene for a long time.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: “Burn Rubber.” I got a song called “Come Thru.” It’s like defining me. It’s like fun, but at the end of the day, I talk that street talk. Motivator. I got a song called “Let You Go” on the mixtape. It’s about my father, it’s about my brother. It’s like defining me. Showing my true character, and just the way I am as far as my kids and my family. I’m big on family, so I cherish those moments with my family.

Me and Ty, we have been known each other since we were kids. We are not industry friends. We are really like real friends. Our bond is totally different from a lot of people. I met Ty when were probably 14, 15. Our relationship is really different. I knew Ty when he was with a group with Ty & Cory. Our relationship is different. We just been building this Joe Moses, Ty Dolla $ign for a long time. As far as doing music together.

[The reason why I was taken off “Paranoid”] was my situation. A lot of people don’t know I was in paperwork with Waka. In order to get the song cleared, Deb, who was my manager at the time, which was Waka’s mom. They didn’t get it cleared in time. Waka was overseas, so they didn’t get it cleared in time for me to be on the song. It ended up working out for the best. I got my shine off the song. We still went Platinum. It wasn’t no shot at T.I., it wasn’t no shot at Tiny. Big ups to them. They’ve been doing this in the game for a long time. We cool. Me and T.I. talked about it. We had a conversation about it and everything is 100.

That verse on that song really gave me that just due. I should have got the verse of the year for that. That’s how I felt. It was a great moment. Perform the song and people still go crazy. I just performed at the Under The Influence Tour two days ago and it was 25,000 people singing that verse. Different places that don’t even play the B.o.B version. They only play my version. I still got my just due. We went Platinum on that song, and it helped me as far as having a platform. I’m always grateful to Ty Dolla $ign for even thinking of me on that song and all the other songs we’ve done together.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: I want to make great business plans like Jay Z. I want to be a great artist like Eminem. Just do good business and have longevity. A lot of artists don’t have longevity. They come in and they come out. I just want to have longevity in the game and be great artist as far as people listening to Joe Moses. I want to build fans upon that. My lifestyle and my story is real. I really come from the streets. I’m young and I’ve been to jail for four years. I have overcame that and be one of the top artists on the West Coast. I just want to be a great legend.

I’m gonna be the next: I’m gonna be the next great. I believe I’ma be a legend. I am gonna be something that they’ll be talking about for a long time.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@JOEMOSESBSM), Facebook, Instagram, and my website.

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