Apple Watch has 8GB of storage, but you can’t use it all yet – Engadget

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Apple Watch has 8GB of storage, but you can't use it all yet
If you're planning to listen to music on the Apple Watch while you go running, you may need to keep your expectations in check. Apple tells 9to5Mac that the wearable has 8GB of built-in storage (twice as much as a typical Android Wear watch), but that there …
Apple watch has 8GB total memory; 2GB exclusively for musicSlashGear

Apple Watch includes 8GB of storage, replaceable battery with three year lifespanTechSpot
There's a limited amount of data you can actually store on the Apple WatchBGR
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Iggy Azalea’s The Great Escape Tour Pushed Back

It looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer to catch Iggy Azalea’s upcoming arena tour. Her North American swing, dubbed The Great Escape Tour, has been pushed back from its planned spring start. Citing delays in what we can only assume is an elaborate production, reps for Iggy confirmed that tickets for corresponding dates will be honored at the newly rescheduled shows. Exceptions are for announced dates… Read more »

Recovered Catalina Island Fox in New Kind of Trouble – Discovery News

Discovery News

Recovered Catalina Island Fox in New Kind of Trouble
Discovery News
The Catalina Island fox has made a remarkable recovery since its nadir in 1999 when it was on the brink of extinction. But now the animal's successful comeback has sparked an increase in deadly run-ins with its human neighbors. In 1999, due to an outbreak …
Increased Human Interactions Pose Dangers to Catalina Island FoxesCatalina Island News

Endangered Fox on Catalina Island Avoided Extinction Only to Face New Headlines & Global News
Catalina Island Fox Recovers From Endangered Species List Since 1999American Live Wire
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Listen to Mello Music Group’s ‘Persona’ Album

Mello Music Group has finally delivered their label compilation, Persona. But the esteemed label warns against prejudging the record based on that qualifier: “These aren’t spare tracks,” the album’s description on Bandcamp reads. “They’re potent messages and poisonous darts.” Sporting contributions from tried and true legends (Ras Kass, Masta Ace), new rappers of the moment (Open Mike Eagle) and up-and-c0ming auteurs (Quelle Chris), Persona is a diverse, vital addition to… Read more »

10 Best ‘Flicka Da Wrist’ Vines

“Flicka Da Wrist” by Chedda Da Connect has the makings of a viral sensation. A catchy hook sung in a cartoonish voice are the basic soundtrack needs for internet gold. First released on Soundcloud back in September, Chedda dropped the music video for “Flicka Da Wrist” last week, showcasing the new dance move associated with the catchy tune. Chedda and his crew can be seen whipping their wrists in circles,… Read more »

MF Doom Will Re-Release KMD’s ‘Black Bastards’ Album

Before he donned the mask and became MF Doom, the rapper went by Zev Love X and was part of the Kausing Much Damage (KMD) crew. The group’s second album, Black Bastards, was supposed to be released in 1993 (or 1994 depending where you read) but Elektra Records pulled the plug on the project due to the album’s controversial art and the Five-Percenter lyrics found in the songs. According to… Read more »

How Chameleons Change Color: It’s Nanocrystals in the Skin! –

ABC News

How Chameleons Change Color: It's Nanocrystals in the Skin!
The chameleon's uncanny ability to change color has long mystified people, but now the lizard's secret is out: Chameleons rapidly change color by adjusting a layer of special cells nestled within their skin. Unlike other animals that change color, such as the …
The Secret to Chameleons' Ability to Change ColorScientific American

Chameleons Change Nanocrystals to Alter ColorsLaboratory Equipment
Chameleon reorganizes its nanocrystals to change colorsPhys.Org

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Naked Venus: What it looks like under its cloud clothes – CNET


Naked Venus: What it looks like under its cloud clothes
Take a peek beneath the carbon-dioxide clouds of Venus with radar data that sees its surface secrets. by Amanda Kooser · @akooser; 11 March 2015, 5:30 am AEDT. comments. 0. facebook. twitter. linkedin. googleplus. more. more +. email. tumblr. stumble.
Radar captures imagery of surface of

Venus Bares All: Radar Reveals Planet's True SurfaceTech Times
Earth-Based Radar Unveils Venus' Mysterious SurfaceDiscovery News
Digital Journal
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Apple Watch Displays Your Digital World, at a Glance – New York Times

Business Recorder

Apple Watch Displays Your Digital World, at a Glance
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — When Apple unveiled its watch last fall, the company showed only demo models of the new device — polished prototypes of the hardware running nonworking loops of the software. On Monday, the company gave a closer look at the …
Critics Think The Apple Watch Is Confusing And AnnoyingHuffington Post

Brand Momentum, Solid Margins Should Drive Apple's Watch Business Despite Forbes
Apple Watch? Fix these problems first pleaseBBC News
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