SFX Gives Sillerman 2 Weeks To Complete Stock Buy Back, Asset Sale Likely Alternatve

In just over 3 years, Robert Sillerman built SFX Entertainment into an EDM powerhouse. But since taking the company public in October 2013 and raising $260 million with the IPO, the company has seldom met investor expectations. SFX Entertainment (NASDAQ:SFXE) today announced that had given notice to Robert F.X. Sillerman…

Apple Music Uses Snapchat To Offer Look Inside Beats 1 Global Studios

Since even before it launch, Apple Music has been using social media creatively to promote Beats 1. From “leaking” details to posting “exclusive” interviews on YouTube, Beats 1 and Apple Music are going wherever their audience goes. Apple Music’s latest foray into social marketing is a tour of Beats 1’s…

5 Signs You’re Not Built To Be A DIY Musician

Do you have what it takes to blaze your own trail in the music industry? Being a DIY musician requires an incredible amount of work, as well as a certain degree of tenacity and an ability to handle rejection. As lifestyles go, it’s not for everyone. ______________________________________ Guest Post by…

Philae delivered crucial comet data despite its bumpy landing – Engadget


Philae delivered crucial comet data despite its bumpy landing
Philae had a bumpy landing on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet last November, but that didn't stop it from relaying some important data back to Earth. Papers published in the journal Science reveal how scientists, using the data collected by Philae
Philae probe, which is part of the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission..New York Recorder

After a Bounce, Rosetta's Philae Lander Serves Up Cometary SurprisesSci-Tech Today
Philae space probe finds 'building blocks of life' on a distant cometMirror.co.uk
Business Insider –Pioneer News –Sentinel Republic
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Scientists create a robotic insect that can jump on water – Digital Spy UK

Digital Spy UK

Scientists create a robotic insect that can jump on water
Digital Spy UK
Scientists have created a tiny robotic insect that is capable of standing and jumping on water. The tiny machine is based on the water strider insects, which are often found skating across the surface of ponds.
Newly Built Robotic Insect can Jump on WaterNH Voice

This robotic insect can jump on waterTechRadar
This Robotic Insect Can Jump on Water Without Making a Splash; Watch Video Here!Latinos Post
Junior College –Design & Trend
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Today Is Last Day To Get Early Bird Pricing To CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference – SAVE $30

Today is the last day to get discount pricing to CD Baby’s inaugural DIY Musician Conference. The DIY Musician Conference will take place October 23 – 25, at the historic Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago. Tickets for the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference are available now through July 31…

Music Publishing News Roundup 7.13.2015: Downtown + Codigo • Streaming In Spain • “Happy Birthday”

Downtown Publishing’s deal with Codigo Music/Fania, the rise of music streaming in Spain and the battle of “Happy Birthday” all top this week’s music publishing news. ____________________________________________ Downtown Music Publishing has signed a global publishing agreement with Codigo Music that encompasses their entire music publishing catalogue. Parent company of Fania…