Civil Rights Group Pressures GM Over Kid Rock Tour Sponsorship

After Kid Rock announced his plans to continue flying the confederate battle flag at concerts, a group of activist investors is pressuring General Motors over their sponsorship of the artist. According to the Detroit Free Press, Charles Williams II, president of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network and…

Anyone for bacon-flavoured seaweed? –

Anyone for bacon-flavoured seaweed?
If you thought the plant that produces both tomatoes and-potatoes was weird, prepare yourself – because scientists have now created a seaweed that tastes like bacon. Researchers at Oregon State University have patented a strain of dulse, a red seaweed …
Stop everything! Scientists have discovered a super-food seaweed that tastes Irish Examiner

Researchers say seaweed tastes like
Scientists hope to bring dulse, nutritional seaweed that tastes like bacon WTVD-TV
Immortal News –The Register –Science World Report
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10 Common Mistakes Young Music Professionals Make

A re you a fresh young entrepreneur just starting out in the music industry? Here are some useful tips that can help you to avoid some of the typical blunders newcomers to the business make. ____________________________ As with in any competitive industry, the music business can be challenging for young…

Artists Coalition Declares Sony Spotify Deal “A Breach Of Moral Trust”

After Sony responded to a lawsuit by 19 Recording and artists including Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson over its deal with Spotify saying it was not required “to structure its affairs in whatever way yields the greatest royalties,” artists and artist advocates have gone on the offensive. Responding to the…

Reddit set to cull ‘dark side’ communities – BBC News

BBC News

Reddit set to cull 'dark side' communities
BBC News
Reddit's new chief executive has confirmed he plans to take fresh action against parts of the site containing offensive and obscene content. Steve Huffman said that he had not created the news comment platform "to be a bastion of free speech, but
Former Reddit CEO says the site's about to be purgedEngadget

Former Reddit CEO explains "what the racist-sexist neckbeards don't understand"Vox
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman To Reveal All In Reddit AMA TomorrowForbes
Computerworld –Chicago Tribune
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Solar-powered plane grounded nine months in Hawaii by battery damage – Reuters


Solar-powered plane grounded nine months in Hawaii by battery damage
A solar-powered plane halfway through an attempt to circle the globe will be grounded in Hawaii for at least nine months because of battery damage sustained during its record 118-hour flight to Oahu from Japan, the project team said on Wednesday.
Solar plane attempting around-world flight suspends trip in Hawaii because of Washington Post

Solar-powered plane grounded until 2016 because of 'irreversible' damageMashable
Solar Impulse world tour suspended until 2016 due to battery problemsThe Verge –The Guardian
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PS4’s The Last of Us Left Behind Discounted by 50 Percent – GameSpot


PS4's The Last of Us Left Behind Discounted by 50 Percent
For the first time since its release in May, Sony is discounting the price of the standalone version of The Last of Us: Left Behind. You can buy the game today for $5, a healthy 50 percent markdown from its normal price. This price applies to the
PlayStation Network On PS4 And PS3 Goes Down… AgainTech Times

Amazon Prime Day lightning deals include 1TB PS4 and Xbox OneMetro, Inc. Prime Day: What To Expect As A GamerBidness ETC
Tamworth Herald –Windows Central –SegmentNext
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Hands On: HTC’s 3 New Desire Phones – PC Magazine


Hands On: HTC's 3 New Desire Phones
PC Magazine
HTC's new affordable Android phones vary in desirability. But they're all called Desire. The company's Desire line has been around since 2010, but over the past year it's become the affordable brand that sits below HTC's One line. We've reviewed Desire …
HTC brings new affordable Desire Android smartphones to USBetaNews

HTC Desire 520, Desire 526, Desire 626 (US), and Desire 626s LaunchedNDTV
HTC unveils four affordable Desire smartphonesZDNet
PhoneDog –TmoNews –CNET
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