Aaron Hernandez is found not-guilty of double murder

On Friday afternoon a jury found former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez not guilty of two counts of murder relating to a 2012 drive-by shooting outside a Boston nightclub.

The former NFL star faced eight counts total including two murder charges, three for armed assault and a charge of witness intimidation for allegedly shooting his former friend in the face in an attempt to silence him. He was found guilty on one count of illegal possession of a firearm.

Hernandez wept as the jury announced the not guilty charges. However it’s not all-good news for Hernandez… He’s still serving a life sentence for his conviction in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Prosecutors had argued that Hernandez had shot and killed both Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado back on July 16, 2012 following an altercation over a spilled drink at a Boston club. However, evidence wasn’t as strong as it was in the 2015 Lloyd murder case. Prosecutors relied heavily on testimony of the friend Hernandez shot in the face, Alexander Bradley, but Hernandez’s attorney chipped away at the credibility of Bradley, and argued that it was in fact him who shot Abreu and Furtado in a drug deal gone wrong. Prosecutors also pointed to Hernandez’s tattoos as confessions of the crimes. One of his tattoos was a gun similar to the murder weapon with exactly five bullets, the same number as were fired in the 2012 shooting.

Earlier this week Hernandez’s former coach, Bill Belichick, was asked for a word to describe the former tight end, Belichick responded with “tragedy.”

In his first trial for the murder of Lloyd jurors deliberated for 36 hours over seven days before convicting him of murder.

Jurors in the trial that concluded Friday deliberated for about 37 hours.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer just released and it’s action-packed!

The first “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer was released today and it looks to be more intense than the previous film “The Force Awakens”. There is not much detail on the plot so far, but director Rian Johnson (Looper) seems to have made sure that this installment of the episodic series packs in the explosions and cements Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the Obi-Wan/Yoda role known from the original trilogy.

All we know so far from the trailer is Finn (John Boyega) is still injured, Poe’s (Oscar Isaac) StarFighter exploded, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is still rockin’ that crazy lightsaber, Rey (Daisy Ridley) is getting in touch with the Force and Luke Skywalker wants to end the Jedis.

Check out the trailer here:

Millions More People Are Using Instagram Stories Than Snapchat

image from www.chalenejohnson.com[UPDATED] Facebook has shared that 200 million people are now using Instagram’s Stories feature – Snapchat-like disappearing photo and video collections – which launched in August . That’s up from 150 million in January.

SNAPCHATIn addition to the impressive growth, the big story here is that more people are using Stories on Instagram in its first 9 months than use Snapchat altogether, which has 158 million daily users.

Snapchat user data is a few months old, but the company admitted to slowing growth during its IPO. We should get new data when the startup reports to investors early next month.

Watch French Montana, Swae Lee Party in Uganda in ‘Unforgettable’ Video

French Montana and Rae Sremmurd‘s Swae Lee party with the community of Kampala, Uganda in their celebratory video for “Unforgettable.”

French was inspired to film the “Unforgettable” video in Uganda after watching a dance clip of the country’s Triplets Ghetto Kids on YouTube. The rapper, who grew up in Morocco before moving to New York with his family at age 13, felt a deep African pride with the project. (His parents’ wedding day photograph from Morocco appears on the “Unforgettable” single cover art.)

The duo dance in the streets and shoot pool with the locals, until French is abruptly blindfolded by armed men. That scene fades out, triggering the intro to French’s Future collaboration, “No Pressure,” suggesting a potential clip for that track.

The rapper released his latest Future team-up, “No Pressure,” last week. Earlier this year, he partied on Diddy’s private plane in the latter’s wild “Can’t Feel My Face” clip.

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Watch Julian Lennon on New Children’s Book, John Lennon’s ‘Odd’ Wisdom

Julian Lennon addresses the critical urgency of pollution in his new children’s book, Touch the Earth, out this week. The story focuses on a group of kids flying the globe on a plane named the White Feather Flier – a name inspired by Lennon’s dad, John – to learn about the planet’s desperate need for filtration, irrigation and ocean life protection, The Associated Press reports.

“We’ve failed miserably in looking after our environment. I think this is a great way to approach children into realizing what’s at stake, and to help educate and help them make decisions about the right things to do for the future,” Lennon told the AP. “It’s for those with inquiring minds who are asking, ‘Why’?”

Touch the Earth, co-written by Bart Davis and illustrated by Smiljana Coh, is the first of three children’s books Lennon is planning in conjunction with White Feather Foundation, the songwriter’s environmental and humanitarian organization.

Lennon told the AP that the foundation’s name was inspired by a “very odd” remark from his dad, John Lennon, during one of the rare occasion when they saw each other. “He mentioned once [that] should he ever pass, a way he would let me know that he was OK, or that we were all going to be OK, would be in the form of a white feather,” he said.

The singer said he learned of the White Feather story by an Aboriginal tribal elder from the Mirning tribe during a tour behind his fifth LP, 1998’s Photograph Smile. “[It] definitely took my breath away,” he wrote, adding, “The White Feather has always represented peace to me, as well as communication.”

“It was a freaky moment, but one I took to heart immediately,” Lennon told the AP. “I realized that this was about stepping up to the plate now and, you know, I can sing all I want about this stuff but am I actually going to do something about it? So I spent 10 years making a documentary [2006’s Whaledreamers] about the Mirning people.”

After that life-altering moment, the singer launched his foundation, which has worked with clean water initiatives and health clinics in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. A portion of proceeds from Touch the Earth will benefit the foundation.

Lennon added that his humanitarian work is carried out to honor his mother (and John Lennon’s first wife), Cynthia, who died in 2015. “That was all based around wanting to make her proud,” he said. “I try to continue all the work that I do in her name.”

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