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Here’s Why Upcoming Artist Joshy Jacksson “Swears” He’s The Next Star To Lookout For

Ladies and gents, meet Joshy Jacksson, another New York bred emcee who is ready to received the torch and run with it as the Big Apple’s next superstar.

Reigning out of Queens, this bright emcee possesses the ability to create an authentic content for the fans that they can easily connect with. Raised by his mother who is of Spanish descent, Joshhy have dealt with perseverance at a young age ever since he lost his father, Joshy stays trues to himself and his identity as a artist who talks about some of his life’s biggest battles he had to face growing up. The Source Magazine was able to catch up with Joshy to talk music, life goals and other future projects he has on deck.

The Source Magazine: Who was the individual who introduce you to the hip hop culture?

JJ: My dad was the person who introduce me to hip hop. My dad was considered the “black sheep” of his family. He was a Jew who was a big hip hop fan. In fact I remembered him bringing me an Eminem album which inspired me to get the game much serious.

The Source Magazine: What are some of things you do to help create new content for the streets?

JJ: I like to let the beat talk to me whenever I make a song. Whenever the beat is on, I basically discuss what’s on my mind or whatever I’m going through.

The Source Magazine: Are there any artists in the game would you like to work with?

JJ: There’s plenty of artists in the game right now that I enjoy but if I had to choose someone, it would have to be Dave East. I feel his flow and lyrical style is similar to mines.

The Source Magazine: What do you think will make you standout from your competition and rise as a superstar?

JJ: I am willing to trust the process in this game. I know all the legends had to put in work to get to where they at now. I’m willing to show how much I like and appreciate a strong body of work as far as music content. I want fans to look back at my catalog of music and to feel each moment whenever the beat drops. In addition I’m learning from people’s mistakes and use it to vibe with my fans.

Here’s a preview of why Joshy is the next one up with his latest track known as “Swears”. Joshy’s latest single “Swear” display his range in sounds juxtapose to his debuted release single, Issues. Joshy Jacksson menacingly calls out the fake, fraudulent and phony over a punchy trap percussion. Check it out below.