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Tupac’s Powamekka Cafe Is Opening In New York

A dream Tupac wrote about in a three-page open letter 21 years ago is about to become reality.

Powamekka Cafe is a concept that Pac wrote about, and his estate will be teaming up with the Nas and John Seymour-owned restaurant, Sweet Chick to make it happen. Powamekka Cafe will be up and running on April 7th-9th.

Seymour released the following statement:

Sweet Chick is about community and culture at its core, and so was Tupac. As a restaurant, we embody everything he represents — music, style, food, and neighborhood. We are honored to be hosting the Powamekka Cafe pop-up at Sweet Chick, and help bring his vision to life with the dishes that he loved.


The cafe will include a “carefully curated collection” of personal photos, poetry, and music from the “Hit ‘Em Up” rapper. If you’re partaking in this historic moment, you can expect to enjoy a variety of Southern favorites including, gumbo, meatloaf, and Tupac’s cousin’s Jamala’s fried chicken.

Powamekka Cafe is now accepting reservations for this three-day event here.