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Casting the Pirates: Behind the Scenes of ‘Fishing Without Nets’ (Part 2)

Click here to watch the film now: http://bit.ly/Fishing-Without-Nets

Shot in East Africa using Somali non-actors, Fishing Without Nets tells the mesmerizing and sobering story of the pirates from the Somali point of view. First-time feature filmmaker Cutter Hodierne combines the epic cinematic vision of a glorious action-thriller with intimate, textured qualities of an art film, humanizing the pirates by bringing us inside their moral dilemmas and gut-wrenching struggles.

In this second episode of our behind the scenes series, we speak to the Somali actors about their home lives and how they came to star in a Sundance award winning film.

Watch Episode 1 here: http://youtu.be/YCpm75mXUFE

Follow director Cutter Hodeirne:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyNameIsCUTTER
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mynameiscutter

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Royal Bank of Scotland sets aside £400m for forex probes

Britain's state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland has set aside £400 million (9 million, 509 million euros) to settle allegations of price-rigging in foreign exchange markets

London (AFP) – Britain’s state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland has set aside £400 million ($639 million, 509 million euros) linked to global probes into alleged price-rigging in foreign exchange markets, it said Friday.

RBS revealed in a results statement that litigation and conduct costs for the third quarter “included £400 million of potential conduct costs following investigations into the foreign exchange market”.

The news comes one day after rival Barclays — which was also at the centre of the 2012 Libor interest-rate rigging scandal — made a similar £500-million provision as regulators investigate alleged manipulation of the £3-trillion-a-day global forex market.

RBS also revealed Friday that net profits rebounded to £896 million in the three months to the end of September, buoyed partly by cost-cutting, after a net loss of £828 million in the same part of last year.

The Edinburgh-based bank set another £100 million aside for compensation costs from the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI). That took its total PPI mis-selling bill to more than £3.3 billion.

“Ongoing conduct and regulatory investigations and litigation continue to present challenges and are expected to be a material drag on both earnings and capital generation over the coming quarters,” RBS warned in the earnings release.

“The timing and amounts of any further settlements or redress however remain uncertain and could be significant.”


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Use your Photoshop skills to solve a murder mystery this Halloween

Professor Photoheim has been murdered at his own annual Halloween Party, and it’s up to you to find out who’s responsible. Are your detective skills sharp enough to solve the crime? To celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, Adobe is hosting a little murder mystery challenge for Photoshop users on its Photoshop Facebook page, where the investigation is already under way. Private eyes in the making can join in the action by downloading the multi-layer PSD file that contains critical clues, and follow the killer’s bloody trail on Facebook to solve the puzzle. ➤ Adobe Photoshop [Facebook]

Why Run the Jewels 2 is the one album you should hear this week video

Alexis Petridis recommends Run the Jewels’ second eponymous studio album Run the Jewels 2. The duo made up of New York rapper and producer EL-P and Atlanta rapper Killer Mike combine two contrasting but complimentary styles to create one of the best hip-hop releases in recent years. Drawing on subjects such as police brutality, racial profiling, white privilege, and the guilt of being a drug dealer, this is an album that successfully combines socially charged lyrical sophistication with a raw, gritty and uncompromising sound Continue reading…

German Retail Sales Fall Through The Floor

Merkel frown sad

Germany’s retail sales just hit a wall: they dropped 3.2% in September, the worst monthly decline since May 2008. The eurozone’s powerhouse economy didn’t see anything this bad during the financial crisis, or in the years of the euro crisis that followed it. 

This all follows the grim news earlier in October that the country’s industrial sector seems to be grinding to a halt. There’s no doubt that this data point is going in the pile suggesting that Germany might be about to fall into recession.

Here’s what Claus Vistesen at Pantheon Macroeconomics had to say about the grim numbers:

The plunge in German retail sales, the biggest drop since May 2007, indicates that the German economy was very close to a technical recession in Q2 and Q3.Retail sales were on track for a decent quarterly expansion before September data, but today’s data are bad enough to indicate that retail sales fell back to a modest contraction in Q3.

SEE ALSO: The Analyst Who Predicted Germany’s Horrible Industrial Numbers Has Another Terrifying Forecast

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