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SF Has An S&M Problem

Folsom Street Fair Event It’s a Friday night, and I am on the prowl. I’m with my friend Edgar, and we are looking for evidence of the increasing S&M problem among the denizens of America’s startup capital. We all know the story the past few months: it’s really bad right now, but don’t worry, everything will get better in time. But it is not getting better, and it’s time to call… Read More

If you help someone’s tweet make a splash, wouldn’t you like to see the ripples?

At some point in the past couple of weeks, Twitter switched off the notifications that let me know someone retweeted or favorited a tweet that I retweeted. I’m not sure exactly when, but they’ve definitely gone. It sounds like a small thing to cut, but I really miss it. It’s not like the feature is gone for everyone; a quick search for “retweeted your retweet” shows that it’s something a lot of people talk about. All I can assume is that I’m part of some A/B test to see how removing the feature impacts user behavior. Seeing that retweeting someone else…

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These Images Of Earth From Space Will Blow You Away

landsat 8

The Landsat program involves a series of successive satellites that each take tens of thousands of pictures of Earth over their life time.

The first Landsat satellite was launched into orbit in 1972, which makes the Landsat program the longest-running project to collect photos of Earth from space.

In total, the Landsat satellites have acquired millions of images of Earth that provide an unprecedented look at how the face of our planet is changing in recent decades.

NASA launched the latest member of the team, Landsat 8, into orbit on February 11, 2013.

With powerful cameras on board, Landsat 8 can resolve a region of Earth as small as 100 feet long. This means the satellite can take a clear picture of a baseball field, which is impressive considering the satellite orbits 438 miles above Earth’s surface.

At this height Landsat 8 moves at about 4.7 miles per second and orbits Earth 15 times each day. Between Landsat 8 and the still-operational Landsat 7, the two satellites observe every spot on the globe at least once every eight days.

From space, the Grand Canyon looks like a treacherous crack across Earth’s surface.

This glacial chunk has almost completely detached from the larger Antarctic Pine Island Glacier and is large enough to fit 8 Manhattan-sized cities on it.

This false-colored image of Western Australia shows sediment and nutrient flow patterns (blue/yellow/red) in the mouth of a nearby river.

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Philadelphia Rap Legend Cool C Faces Execution In January

Cool C

Former Philadelphia rapper Cool C, who has been in prison for the last 18 years following a 1996 murder, robbery conviction, will be executed on Jan. 8, reports AllHipHop. C, born, Christopher Roney made a name for himself in the rap game during the late ’80s as a solo artist, most notably for his track “The Glamorous Life” and his Juice Crew diss. He later joined the hardcore rap outfit C.E.B. In 1996, the now 44-year-old rapper was involved in a bank robbery along with fellow group member Steady B. The botched heist led to the death of guard Lauretha Vaird. Both men were arrested for the crime. Roney was originally sentenced to die by lethal injection March 9, 2006 but was granted a stay by the governor of Pennsylvania. Steady B continues to serve a life sentence for his role in the crime.

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Happy New Year – Behind the Scenes | Hip-Hop Practice | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Here's presenting a little sneak peek of what went down behind-the-scenes of your favourite 'Happy New Year – A Farah Khan Film' moments! Keep up with Red Chillies Entertainment on: TWITTER:…
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OBAMA: Voters Will Want A ‘New Car Smell’ In 2016


President Barack Obama suggested on Sunday that voters have grown a little tired of his presidency and will want a newer, fresher candidate to succeed him.

“I think the American people, they’re gonna want that new car smell,” Obama said on ABC’s “This Week,” according to a transcript. “They wanna drive something off the lot that doesn’t have as much mileage as me.” 

Obama made the comments while addressing the potential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner in the 2016 contest. Though Clinton served in his administration as secretary of state, Obama said voters should expect her to offer some disagreements with his presidency.

“If she decides to run, I think she will be a formidable candidate and I think she’d be a great president,” Obama said. “And she’s not gonna agree with me on everything. And one of the benefits of running for president is you can stake out your own positions. You have a clean slate. A fresh start. You know, when you’ve been president for six years, you’ve got some dings.” 

Obama stopped short of endorsing her campaign, however, and said other Democrats would also be “terrific” successors.

“She hasn’t announced so I don’t wanna jump the gun. I can tell you a couple things. Number one, she was an outstanding secretary of State. Number two, she’s a friend,” Obama said. “Number three, I think she and a number of other possible Democratic candidates would be terrific presidents.”

Transcript text lightly edited for clarity.

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‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Bonus: Berg Wants To Make Teairra Feel Good

Berg is one optimistic dude. Somehow, he thought that throwing a party where Masika, Hazel, Teairra, Ray J, and Sincere were all invited would be drama-free. As we saw from Hazel’s rapping outburst and Ray J and Teairra’s intense talk, it was anything but a peaceful. In this week’s bonus clip, which takes place before the party, Berg explains that he thinks all of his friends will be on their best behavior for him. Hindsight is 20/20.

Berg also tells Sincere — who we know is no fan of Teairra — about working with her in the studio and how he’s pulled out all the stops for his “bae”: “Rose petals, strawberries…’Cause sometimes you gotta make a woman feel good.” Ummm, Berg? We know you’re into Masika but that sounds a little suspect…Just sayin’.

How to balance a design career with creating your own art

Alexander Huls is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Esquire and other publications. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission. It’s a challenge many designers with full-time careers face: how do you balance your day job with finding time to pursue personal or freelance work on the side? Nicole Martinez, known for her popular Nerdy Dirty series, is a designer who has succeeded in finding that balance. During the day, she’s an Associate Creative Director for Genuine Interactive, and in her off hours, she…

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