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Apple Pay Will Work With Square Starting Next Year (AAPL)

jack dorsey 9:13

Square will start accepting Apple’s new mobile payments system next year, the company’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey just confirmed to CNN Money (via 9to5Mac).

While some may have perceived Square and Apple Pay as rivals, Dorsey told CNN he doesn’t see it that way.

Rather, he wants Square to help businesses accept all types of payment methods, including Apple’s.

Here’s what he told CNN:

We’re not building a credit card. We’re not building a payment device. We’re building a [cash] register and this register accepts all forms of payments.

As of now, businesses can accept payments through an iPad or iPhone using Square’s tiny credit card reader. But in 2015, Square’s existing reader will be configured to work with Apple’s new payments platform.

Apple Pay has caused some discontent among major retailers since its official launch. Some giant retailers have refused to accept the system because they’re already committed to a competing platform. Wal-Mart, for example, is a leader of the Customer Merchant Exchange, a group of merchants working on their own payment system called “CurrentC.”

Apple’s new partnership with Square could help it spread its own payments system among small and local businesses. The move also comes as Square announced its plans to roll out its app globally. 

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Darren Wilson, The Cop Who Shot Mike Brown, Is Reportedly Resigning

To “protect his fellow officers”

Darren Wilson is more than likely the most-hated man in America, and until yesterday, there was a decent chance that he would be returning to the active line of duty as a Ferguson police officer. However, according to a CNN report, that has all changed.

The entire country–especially the state of Missouri–is bracing for a the verdict in Wilson’s case, on which a grand jury will convene today, and a decision could be made as early as Sunday as to whether or not Wilson will be charged with a crime in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown. According to the Washington Times, should Wilson walk away from these court proceedings scot-free, there’s a good chance he will resign his position in order to “pave the way for peace in his community,” but the same may not be true if he’s indicted next week.

To go a bit further, according to CNN, Wilson is already negotiating his resignation, as per this tweet from Anderson Cooper 360.


New Music: The Neighbourhood Feat. French Montana “#icanteven”

the nbhd french montana

Sometimes the most unlikely collaborations turn out to be the best, and that’s been the case with The Neighbourhood’s #000000 & #FFFFFF mixtape leaks so far. After teaming up with Danny Brown, Raury and Casey Veggies, the California rockers grab a classic verse from French Montana to balance out their soppy new single, “#icanteven.” The melodramatic title makes French’s presence seem even more out of place, but in a weird way, this actually works. In other words, it’s like song version of his relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

Listen below…

[Props The FADER]

New Music: The Neighbourhood Feat. Raury “Warm”
New Music: The Neighbourhood Feat. Danny Brown “Hate Machine”
New Music: The Neighbourhood Feat. Casey Veggies & 100s “Jealou$y”

As The US Campaign Winds Down, Here Are Astonishing Photos Of Afghanistan Before Its Devastating Wars

afghanistan blonde

Operation Enduring Freedom, the US’s over-13-year-old campaign in Afghanistan, is just a few weeks away from ending. The next chapter in Afghanistan’s modern history — one that’s left all but the most remote corners of the country impacted by decades of conflict — is about to begin.

The country remains deeply troubled, with a resurgent Taliban, a highly suspect military, and an economy where the opium industry remains the largest single employer. But before the US invasion, before the Russian war, and before the country’s Marxist experiment, Afghanistan used to be a far different place.

An astonishing collection of photos from the 1960s came to light in early 2013.

In the 60s, amateur photographer and college professor Dr. William Podlich took a leave of absence from his job at Arizona State University to work with UNESCO in the Afghan capital of Kabul, bringing his wife and daughters with him.

Later, his son-in-law Clayton Esterson found the late doctor’s photos and put them on the web. The response was amazing.

Esterson told the Denver Post: “Many Afghans have written comments [on our website] showing their appreciation for the photographs that show what their country was like before 33 years of war. This makes the effort to digitize and restore these photographs worthwhile.”

This report was originally by Geoffrey Ingersoll.

On the left is a picture showing the photographer’s daughter in a pleasant park. On the right is that same park 40 years later.

In the 60s, this blonde attracted looks in a still very conservative Afghanistan.

But many people also wore nice western clothes in the 60s, too.

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Boyfriend Stabbed 9 Times For Asking A Man To Stop Cat-Calling His Girlfriend

He survived, by the way 

Photo: Mirror UK

What would you do if a random man started cat-calling your girlfriend as you guys took a casual stroll through your city? Tell her ignore it? Ignore it yourself? This man refused to do either, and nearly died.

A 31-year old man, Ben Schwartz, was walking home from a party with his girlfriend, Miyoko Moody, and their friend, Daniela Saavedra, when a random man began cat-calling Ms. Moody. According to a statement Saavedra gave to the San Francisco Chronicle, the man made two passes at Moody and Schwartz told him to stop after the second time, at which time the assailant trailed Schwartz, then began to attack him, narrowly missing Schwartz’s spinal cord after stabbing him 9 times.

Cops are still searching for the suspect–who reportedly jumped into a silver car and got away–but thankfully, Schwartz is in recovery at the hospital.

According to Saavedra, that’s just the type of guy Schwartz is. “He definitely sticks up for women, for anyone really.”

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Early Black Friday deals roundup: The best of the week

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and tech fans know what that means — Black Friday is nearly here, baby! If you’re already in the mood to score some great gear, check out our amazing deals on quality tech toys, essential mobile accessories and the ultimate tool to keep you safe while browsing. Go! NES30 Controller Whether you still love classic games from your childhood or want to get an edge in today’s modern mobile titles, the NES30 Controller lets you play like you mean it — with a retro 80s vibe. Detailed to look just like the original NES…

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