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Brandy Clark Hints New Album Will Have More Edge

Brandy Clark’s Grammy-nominated debut, 12 Stories is fairly even-toned, never jarring – at least not musically. The songs serve mainly as vehicles for Clark’s angelic vocals and devilish lyrics (“Crazy women are made by crazy men,” “What’ll keep me out of heaven will take me there tonight”). But the acclaimed singer-songwriter is taking a bit of a new sonic approach on her next album.

In our exclusive chat after her set at New York City’s FarmBorough Festival on Saturday, Clark revealed she’s working with Jay Joyce on her new set of tunes. Joyce is unique among Nashville producers for his ability to maintain a country sound while also pushing past the constraints of tradition. Singles like Eric Church’s “Give Me Back My Hometown” and Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” lean on tropes from Seventies rock and soul but update them with raw, almost aggressive yearning. These Joyce productions have climbed the charts despite — or maybe because of — sounding different from what usually gets terrestrial radio play.

“I’m excited to work with [Joyce] because he does bring that edge, and he was excited to work with me because he’s never worked with someone so country,” Clark told Rolling Stone Country. “He’s really pushing me in the best ways. He goes down every road with a song. A lot of times you end up right where you started, but you figure something out in the process. He’s a genius.”

In addition to bringing in a new producer, Clark is changing her methods in the studio. “The first record I did, everything started with me and a guitar and a click track,” she noted. “This time, Jay got the band that was going to play on the record and we rehearsed for five days. A lot of the rehearsal is what ended up being on the record.”

She’s been writing with a few fresh faces as well; in addition to Shane McAnally and Jessie Jo Dillon, who are both credited on 12 Stories, co-writers on the new disc will likely include Scott Stepakoff and Bryan Simpson.

Clark hinted that “this record will have a bit of a concept,” but remains tight-lipped about what that might be. She’s hunkered down in the studio and hopes to put out a new single at the end of August or early September, with the full album to follow early next year. She’s so hard at work, in fact, that when her manager texted her about the Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize gay marriage throughout the country, Clark – one of few openly gay artists in Nashville – didn’t know the decision was imminent. “I’m like, what are you talking about?” she admitted with a laugh. “I think it’s a wonderful thing, and I would think that whether I way gay or not. It’s a wonderful thing that people who love each other can have a legal commitment to each other.”

Solar Impulse 2 Reaches Half Way on Japan-US Leg – NDTV

Solar Impulse 2 Reaches Half Way on Japan-US Leg
A solar-powered aircraft flying between Japan and Hawaii as part of a round-the-world bid passed the halfway point of the perilous Pacific Ocean crossing Wednesday, and smashed its own endurance record. Solar Impulse 2 had travelled 50 percent of the …
Solar Impulse 2 passes perilous halfway mark in Japan-US legBusiness Standard

Solar-powered plane reaches half way in risky Pacific crossingAl-Arabiya
Solar Impulse reaches halfway point of Pacific crossing in bid to fly from The Straits Times
Fox News
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Listen to Masego & Medasin – Pink Polo EP

Your summer is about to get a serious upgrade. Singer and saxophonist, Masego, teams up with producer, Medasin, to bring us an 8 track project connecting Trap to Jazz. They’ve appropriately titled the genre as “TrapHouseJazz.” It’s surprisingly cohesive. Masego puts the EP in a place where ”ignorance meets elegance.” Presented by Film Noir, The Pink Polo EP marks the first official collaboration with more to come in the near future. Stream and buy the project below.

If you’re in NYC, you can catch them performing with Khary Durgans. Tickets are available HERE.


– Def Soul (@DefSoulNJ) & Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)

Listen to Boogie’s New Mixtape The Reach

Its Lit! After taking over the streets with the Jahlil Beats-produced monster “Oh My” and bearing his soul on “Make Me Over,” Boogie unveils the follow-up to his noteworthy debut Thirst 48. With producer Keyel handling most of the ground work, Boogie shows his versatility and stylistic flow. OVO affiliate Mike Zombie and TDE beatsmith Willie B also contribute to the musical landscape to the 12 track project. Stream/download The Reach below and make sure you catch his feature in the latest issue of The Source. #OhMyGoodness


– Def Soul (@DefSoulNJ)

Listen to Anderson .Paak’s “Switch-Up”

Anderson .Paak has several facets to his music but they all come back to feel good vibes. There are no rough edges. And if there are, they hurt so good. This new single is a self produced slow burner that you should and also probably shouldn’t play on a first date. Either way, it will tell you a lot about the other person and also reveal a lot about you. The production is layered and “switches up” several times so give this one a few plays.

Bryan Hahn wants to know what you would play on the first date. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

The Summertime Snooze: Ways to Stay Woke During The Sports “Off-Season”

It’s the summer, time for cookouts, beach trips, and festivals. Whats not included in those plans are sports. Unless you’re still holding on to the idea of baseball carrying the sports world, sports are in the cellar. Both the NBA and NFL are in complete summer break mode, and trying to follow the off-season moves is like doing the summer reading assignments from school. For a person like me who loves talking sports 24/7, this is driving me crazy. No more touchdown dances, slam dunks, or ear blows from the likes of Lance Stephenson. What is a brother to do? I sat down for a bit and tried to decide that I have to do something until the fall. So I made a list of things that can get you through the months of “who won the offseason”, and “baseball power rankings”.

1. Actually go out and play a sport.

Being from New York I know first hand that we get about 50-80 really great days out of the year. Whats a better way to spend them then actually going out and balling. Basketball, football, soccer, it really doesn’t matter just do something that you know you’ll have fun doing. Great way to stay in shape, work on your game, and meet some new people. Spending just a few hours every week  balling will make you forget what cornerback your team signed to their roster.

2. Movies are on FLEEK

I love watching movies, and Hollywood puts out it’s best products during this time of year. Blockbuster premier each and every week, and give movie goers something to talk about around the water-cooler on Mondays. Some of the best movies of the year come out during the summer time.

3. Party and B*llSh*t

This is where you find Mr or Mrs right now. Parties are going to be LIT during this time. Rooftop parties, outdoor festivals, and cookouts are just some of the places to enjoy some liquid courage. Make sure you turn up because before you know it, the school bells start ringing.

4. Albums drop and Concerts go UP

Drake, Future, Nicki, Meek, and Trey are all set to take over the summer touring scene. These big acts and more take their shows on the road all though out the world. The music is here to be played at those parties, in the car ride back from the movies, or  at the blacktop while you ball.

I know football is weeks and weeks away, but so is the fall season. While football is God to all the other sports, having a break will allow you to enjoy the other things in life. Sports will return and make your weekends and holidays enjoyable, but summer is here and now. The more you miss the sports, the faster the season will slip away from you.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps – TechCrunch

YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps
Over the last few months, Google's YouTube launched both 60fps video on the desktop and — later — for live video streams. Starting today, you can also watch the service's smooth 60fps videos in its iOS and Android apps. Given that these video streams …
YouTube for Android and iOS now supports 60fps videoVentureBeat

Google To Give YouTube Creators A Slew Of New Revenue Making FeaturesSTGIST
YouTube to Add Features for Creators and SubscribersiDigitalTimes.com
Phone Arena –Android Headlines – Android News –Engadget
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Mark Zuckerberg: The future of Facebook is telepathy – CNNMoney

Mark Zuckerberg: The future of Facebook is telepathy
The social network's founder and CEO believes that one day, we'll be able to share our thoughts directly — brain to brain — using technology. "You'll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if
Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking just had the most awe-inspiring Washington Post (blog)

Bits | Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech TroublesNew York Times (blog)
Mark Zuckerberg Finally Weighed in on Facebook's “Real Name” ProblemGizmodo
NBCNews.com –TechCrunch –Fast Company
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Listen to DJ Holiday Feat. French Montata, Wale and Problem, “Let Me At Em”


God bless the mixtape. As he continues to tease his newest compilation, DJ Holiday taps Compton menace Problem, DC’s mainstream hope, Wale, and French Montana, America’s favorite social climber. The resultant track, “Let Me At Em,” skews toward the left side of the map, owing to DJ Mustard’s recent run of radio dominance and his Bay Area forefathers. Drums sound like dropping desks, gin is spilled all over the floor.  Montana’s town crier-like “haanh” is the bat signal for debauchery. “Let Me At Em” should get traction at ill-conceived USC frat parties and in more grown-up affairs a dozen miles to the South. While many expected that ratchet had run its course as the default sound for Top 40 rap, this cut argues strongly that some small tweaks might extends its stay atop the pop charts. Holiday’s God Bless the Mixtape is expected in the near future, as are some regrettable late-night text messages.

Deep Below Croatia Lurks a New Species of Centipede – New York Times

New York Times
Deep Below Croatia Lurks a New Species of Centipede
New York Times
The world's deepest-dwelling centipede — found as much as 3,600 feet below the surface — is in Croatia, a new study reports. The centipede was found in three caves in the Velebit mountain range, along the Adriatic Coast. Centipedes are carnivores
Hades, the centipede from hell, found deep below the Earth's surfaceState Column

Say hello to the centipede from hellWashington Post
Hades: You Don't Want This Centipede From Hell Crawling Over YouTech Times
Live Science –CBC.ca –Discovery News
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