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Spotify is launching today for Sony’s PS4 and PS3 – The Verge

Spotify is launching today for Sony's PS4 and PS3
The Verge
A few months ago, Sony brought good news to its music-loving PlayStation users — the company was officially discontinuing its failed Music Unlimited streaming service and was instead partnering with the biggest player in the streaming music space, Spotify.
PlayStation Gets Spotify, Replacing Sony's Own Music ServiceABC News

Sony's New Spotify-Powered Music Service Goes Live For PlayStationTechCrunch
PlayStation's New Version Of Spotify Looks Nicely Tailored To Its PurposeFast Company
Huffington Post -SlashGear -Chicago Daily News
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Lincoln Continental Is Reborn, Inspired by Its American Roots and Chinese Tastes – New York Times

New York Times
Lincoln Continental Is Reborn, Inspired by Its American Roots and Chinese Tastes
New York Times
DETROIT — It took the interest of Chinese consumers to persuade Ford Motor to revive a quintessentially American car, the Lincoln Continental. Ford will unveil a new version of its full-size Continental sedan this week at the New York International Auto Show, …
GM, Ford Make a Play for China's Luxury-Car BuyersWall Street Journal

Lincoln revives Continental name in image overhaulUSA TODAY
AP PHOTOS: As the Lincoln Continental returns; a look backU-T San Diego
Forbes -Reuters -Bloomberg
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Microsoft announces Halo 5 coming Oct. 27 in live-action TV commercial – VentureBeat

Microsoft announces Halo 5 coming Oct. 27 in live-action TV commercial
Gaming execs: Join 180 select leaders from King, Glu, Rovio, Unity, Facebook, and more to plan your path to global domination in 2015. GamesBeat Summit is invite-only — apply here. Ticket prices increase on April 3rd!
Halo 5: Guardians Release Date AnnouncedNDTV

Halo 5: Guardians launch date announced alongside two new #HunttheTruth Scottish Daily Record
Halo 5 release date is October 27 – new trailers online nowMetro
mirror.co.uk -Forbes
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Apple Watch launch, sales policy, AMOLED screen details – SlashGear

Apple Watch launch, sales policy, AMOLED screen details
Apple Stores are getting a makeover to make way for the Apple Watch launch, which has the capacity to make or break the entire smartwatch product genre. As we edge closer to the launch date, we're learning more and more about Apple's process from …
Report: Apple Watch Edition Buyers Get Special Appointments, Tech SupportPC Magazine

Apple Watch Edition buyers will get the red carpet treatmentEngadget
Apple Watch for Sale in Retail Stores by Reservation Only, No Walk-In SalesMac Rumors
Re/code -Chicago Inno -Celebeat
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Man Hospitalized After Eating Daughter’s Weed Brownies

It’s probably not the best idea to leave laced brownies just laying around in front of your unsuspecting dad.  

You know that saying, “Don’t eat food that is left unattended?”  Well, this message was very clear to one Michigan father.  According to sources, the 58 year old man, whose name was not released, ate brownies that were left on the kitchen counter by his 17 year old daughter.  The daughter says that she made the brownies with marijuana she received from her friend.

After eating the laced brownies, the father quickly called for help and believed that he was having a stroke.  The father later on believed that his daughter may have intentionally drugged him.  The father was released from the hospital and is expected to live, while the daughter may face criminal charges.

- Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: dankjamz.com

The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation Opens Third Russell’s Reading Room

The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is continuing its commitment to youth literacy in the local OKC community. 

Just one month after opening the second Russell’s Reading Room at Martin Luther King Elementary, and a few months after launching the first at North Highland Elementary, The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation has once again teamed up with Scholastic and Oklahoma City Public Schools to launch the third Russell’s Reading Room at Eugene Field Elementary School.

Russell’s Reading Room, filled with a total of 1,200 books for all ages, provides children access to books and a safe environment to read with friends. Russell and the Why Not? Foundation strive to improve lives of underprivileged urban youth. Westbrook has always promoted reading and education, but was especially excited about today’s opening saying: “Today is really cool, because not only am I opening the third Russell’s Reading Room, but the kids that are here today are the top readers in the Russell’s Reading Challenge from this school.  I love that I am able to give these kids access to books, encourage them to read, and better their future.”

Westbrook participated in a private ribbon-cutting ceremony and a closed reading session with the students, faculty, and some members of the media to introduce the latest Russell’s Reading Room.

GitHub recovering from massive DDoS attacks – PCWorld

International Business Times
GitHub recovering from massive DDoS attacks
Software development platform GitHub said Sunday it was still experiencing intermittent outages from the largest cyberattack in its history but had halted most of the attack traffic. Starting on Thursday, GitHub was hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) …
Coding Website GitHub Hit With CyberattackInternational Business Times

Programmer Site GitHub Says It's Victim of Service-Denial AttackBloomberg
US Coding Site Hit by Denial of Service CyberattackNew York Recorder
Jamestown Sun
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Chairman Wheeler Predicts FCC Will Beat Legal Challenge To Net Neutrality – TechCrunch

Chairman Wheeler Predicts FCC Will Beat Legal Challenge To Net Neutrality
Now that the FCC is the subject of several lawsuits, and its leader, Chairman Tom Wheeler, was dragged in front of Congress repeatedly to answer the same battery of inanity, it's worth checking in to see how the agency is feeling. Is it confident that its recent …
FCC chairman: Net rules will withstand court challengeUSA TODAY

Five things that could kill Internet rulesThe Hill
Bipartisan Bill on Net Neutrality May Emerge in CongressTop Tech News
No Jitter -The WSU Sign Post -Capecodonline
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