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How Idealism, Expressed in Concrete Steps, Can Fight Climate Change – New York Times

New York Times
How Idealism, Expressed in Concrete Steps, Can Fight Climate Change
New York Times
Idealism combined with an intriguing application of economic theory may accomplish what international conferences have not: solving the seemingly intractable problem of global warming. Despite periodic flurries of optimism, diplomacy has been largely …
That 2 Degrees Climate Goal is 'Utterly Inadequate,' Says Expert ReportNature World News

Global Warming At 2 Degrees Celsius may fall short of targetEmpire State Tribune
Global warming deal lies in Delhi not Paris as debate heats upTelegraph.co.uk
Huffington Post -Times Gazette -Salon
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Kevin Gates Calls out President Obama, ‘Get This N-gga out of Office’

#kevingates4president #BWA #idgt

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

Kevin Gates has a bone to pick with President Obama. The controversial rapper recently took to Instagram to air out his grievances with the Commander In Chief. Following a Rest In Peace post dedicated to one his friends who recently died, Gates went in on Obama somehow holding him accountable for the frequency of the recent deaths of his homeboys. “Niggas so stupid, talking ’bout a change gon’ come.” he said into the camera. “[Since] Obama been in office I done buried more of my niggas and more family than I ever did in my life. All he did was fuck a nigga money up since he been in office. Please get this nigga out of office.” he added.

After his logic was questioned by many people in the comments section, the “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper further clarified himself in a later post. “No money in the streets means, beef, war in the streets, murder,” he said. “Mothers bury they children. The crime rate rise.”

Gates is no stranger to controversial IG posts. He recently caused a stir on the Internet by posting a photo of his deceased grandmother. So this is pretty on par for the course when it comes to the Baton Rouge rapper. Does Gates have a point? Or is he just talking reckless out of anger over the pain of losing people who are close to him?

I'm done talkin #kevingates4president #BWA #idgt

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

Say @ogboobieblack_bwa dis my last post I swear #BWA #idgt

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

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Kevin Gates Is Upset A Girl Won’t Give His Dog Oral Sex
Happy Birthday, Kevin Gates

Immortal Technique Arrested for Robbing Bootlegger

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Immortal Technique was recently arrested in California after he allegedly roughed up and robbed a street vendor who was bootlegging shirts that contained the rapper’s logo, according to reports from AllHipHop. The rapper’s tour manager Steven Alexander McDaniel was also taken into custody. The two were charged with suspicion of robbery and attempting to prevent or dissuade a victim from reporting a crime.

The incident apparently occurred Thursday (March 26) outside of a concert in Santa Ana where Tech was slated to perform along with Talib Kweli. According to a statement made by the vendor to the police, he was approached by 10 to 12 individuals associated with the MC, known for his socially conscious raps, around 7:45 pm. That’s when things got violent, according to the unnamed merchant. He alleges the group took shirts he was selling that had Technique’s logo printed on them. He also claims some cash and a cell phone were taken during the melee.

Immortal Technique and his manager were released on Friday (March 27) after posting $50,000 bail. In high spirits following the incident, Tech took to Twitter to announce he would make an official statement on the matter in due time. He also thanked those who showed their support.

Check out his statement, below.

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T-Pain Hosts Listening Event for ‘The Iron Way’

T-Pain celebrated his return to music in New York by hosting a listening event for his Iron Way Mixtape.

The studio was packed with press and celebrities. Rappers Consequence, Busta Rhymes and commentator Sharon Carpenter made appearances at the event.

The event started with the documentary Bigger than Pain that T-Pain filmed over the course of making this mixtape.  The film documents Pain in the studio with his artist Ventrease, performing, and traveling. You see a different side to Pain, he wasn’t drinking and smoking before a performance but actually prefers to be by myself in a quiet space.

After the film aired there was a Q&A and we also listened to some of the tracks in their entirety.  They talked about T-Pain’s break from music.  Which he said was caused by depression. The depression was caused by bad business deals and “bad” people around him. It had been two years since he released “Up and Down,”  and he blamed everyone else for the business deals gone wrong. But once he realized there was no one else to blame but himself, he cut off his hair and began rebranding his image.

The song everyone was waiting to hear, was the most notable track featuring the late Aaliyah titled “Girlfriend.” He discussed how hard it was to get the track, and because of her death people believe no one is deserving of being on a track with Aaliyah. I must say the track doesn’t disappoint, and features quite a bit of Aaliyah‘s vocals.

The mixtape features appearances from Kardinal Offishall, Bun B, Big K.R.I.T, Yo Gotti, OG Maco, Lil Wayne, K Camp, and Migos. Surprisingly you will hear Pain rap more than sing specifically on the track “Kill these N****s.”  T-Pain fans will definitely enjoy this mixtape, and we look forward to him releasing the album which he says he’s still working on. He definitely has some strip club bangers which is typical coming from T-Pain. We get the vibe that with this mixtape he doesn’t want to just be labeled as a R&B singer, but taken seriously as a rapper. The mixtape has 21 tracks, and has a few hits that will be knocking in the clubs for a while.

The full track listing below, T-Pain‘s The Iron Way droped March 27.

1. Kill These Niggas – Prod. By BAM
2. Disa My Ting (feat. KK Holiday & Kardinal Offishall) – Prod. By BAM
3. Did It Anyway -Prod. By CP Dubb
4. Let Your Hair Down (feat. The Dream & Vantrease) – Prod. By The Dream
5. Trust Issues (feat. Young Cash & Sean Jay)- Prod. By Ty Steez & The Colleagues
6. Booty Butt Ass- Prod. By T-Pain
7. 15 – Prod. By T-Pain
8. Sun Goes Down (feat. Audio Push) – Prod. By T-Pain
9. The King (feat. Bun B & Big K.r.i.t.) – Prod. By Major Seven
10. Hashtag – Prod. By T-Pain
11. Personal Business (feat. Vantrease) – Prod. By All-Star
12. Need To Be Smokin – Prod. By Bishop Jones
13. Relax – Prod. By Don Cannon
14. HeartBeat – Prod. By T-Pain
15. Representin (feat. Yo Gotti & Snootie Wild) – Prod. By DJ Montay
16. Wait A Minute (feat. OG Maco)
17. Prod. By Joe Millionaire
18. Another Level (feat. Vantrease) – Prod. By T-Pain & Toro The Don
19. What You Know (feat. K Camp & Migos)
20. Let Me Thru (feat. Lil Wayne) – Prod. By DJ Montay
21. Ever – Prod. By Ty Steez & Aphilliyated


-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytori)

Singer Natalie La Rose Talks ‘Somebody,’ Working With Jeremih & Flo Rida

By now you have heard dutch singer Natalie La Rose’s smash “Somebody” featuring Jeremih.

The infectious track is influenced by Whitney’s Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” chorus.  We caught up with Natalie to speak about her musical roots, being signed to Flo Rida and more.

Can you speak about your musical roots? When did you start singing and dancing?

I started at a really, really young age. I actually started dancing and singing at the same time when I was a little girl. I started doing it more serious when I was ten years old at a dance academy in Amsterdam called Lucia Marthas. But basically I was always surrounded by music. My mom and dad listened to music a lot. My mom loved Chaka Kahn, Anita Bake. My dad loves modern jazz, so I always had musical influences around me.

Did you take some of those early influences and incorporate it into your music now?

Absolutely, always … Everything I do with my music and my dancing is inspiration that I’ve gotten throughout the years, since I was young.

Also congratulations on the success of “Somebody.” So, how does it feel to have a hit song?

It’s pretty overwhelming. I didn’t think it would go this fast. I mean I was dreaming about it, of course. It’s going way faster and it’s way bigger than I thought, actually. It’s picking up internationally, which is amazing. You know, in  the US it’s number 13 on Billboard which is amazing.  My hometown, Amsterdam, is supporting me, so it’s a great feeling.

Can you speak about how Whitney Houston has influenced you?

Well, as you know, my song has a reinterpretation of her song “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”.  But definitely I grew up listening to a lot of Whitney Houston, “How Will I Know”, is also one of my favorites songs of her. The whole vibe and energy that Whitney had over her was very  inspiring to me.  So I definitely took that in what I’m doing. And definitely a lot of 80s music I listened to, like Stevie Wonder.

And also what was it was like working with Jeremih on your song?

Jeremih is a pro in what he does. He actually recorded the hook at our studio, at IMG, my label. And he did it so quick and so professionally, like I could really, really learn from that. And he was very excited about this song, and he sounds great.

And can you tell us about the “Somebody” video?

Yes, we shot the video in LA. It was a little bit in the hood, in a big white mansion. In a big house.  And the director, Luke Gilford, he’s really amazing. He had a really beautiful vision, and wanted to have an old school vibe into the video as well.  The choreography I worked on myself. You know, I had a lot of ideas for myself, too. So, it really came together as a collaboration with me and these creative people around it. And I’m very excited about the video. A lot of people love it too.  So, yeah, I’m happy.

How long did it take you to get that choreography down?

Well, I actually worked on the choreography myself, too.  We were working on it for two or three days with the choreographer, (Old Ben). … We have this core movement, I have to drop down on my knees. And we had to do that over and over and over again. So, on the day of the shoot I was actually a little injured. My knee was hurting very bad, couldn’t really bend it. So I just some pain killers and danced through the pain.

And you’re also signed to Flo Rida, and had the opportunity to tour around the world with him. Can you speak about what that was like?

I toured with Flo for like two years, which is amazing. Flo is a superstar, and he has twelve hit records. So he’s really taken me around the world to places I would never imagine being like the Maldives Islands, Russia and Alaska of all places which was amazing. He actually prepared me for what’s to come for me, so I got a little bit of a taste of how crazy the road life can be. And he’s a pro in what he does. He’s very focused and very driven. And he works hard, so I learned that from him.

And what has Flo taught you about artistry?

He showed me, that’s the big part. I got a chance to really live his life as an artist a little bit because I’ve been around him so much. And even though he is such a huge superstar and had so many hits .. He will sit in a studio all nights long, until the morning to write a new song, even if it’s writing for one of his artists, or for me, for himself. He goes all the way. He gives 100%. When he’s on stage he gives more than 100%, that’s why people love seeing him perform so much, and what he’s really taught me is be focused and have patience.

Who are some other Hip Hop artists that you would want to collaborate with in the future?

There’s someone that I would really love to write with, and that’s Ne-Yo. I’m a huge fan of his music, and his writing style is so good and edgy. I would really love to do a song with him.

And what can fans expect from your debut album?

I’m working on an EP right now. It’s going to be four or five songs. It’s all very energetic. Some of them have an old school vibe to it … But it’s definitely, you know, positive, energetic and danceable.


And my last question is where would you want to see yourself, maybe, five years from now in your artistry?

I would love to do so much more than just in music. I’m building my brand. I’m looking forward to making many more songs, obviously. But I’d love to do movies, too. I’m looking forward to building a brand. I would love to have my own label in the future. So there’s definitely things I want to expand.


Boosie Badazz Feat. 50 Cent, ‘Paid’


Comeback season continues for Boosie Badazz. As we wait for his LP, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, the Baton Rouge rapper recently dropped the compilation mixtape Every Ghetto, Every City, Vol. 1. which highlights the artists on his new label, The Bad Azz Music Syndicate. One of the tracks from the project features a North and South connect with Boosie and 50 Cent collaborating on the record, “Paid.” Over a dark soundscape, Boosie and Curtis rap about the spoils of acquiring a fat bank account.

Boosie Boo has been living the good life since coming home from prison in March 2014, and has been working hard, maybe too hard, to get his buzz up to pre-prison levels. Look for his forthcoming LP to drop sometime this year.

Listen to the Boosie and Fif collab, below.

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Calvin Harris, T.I., Pharrell, Jessica Alba, Mark Wahlberg All Have Cameos In ‘Entourage’

“Entourage” Hits The Big Screens. 


The boys are back for this full-length feature and ready to navigate through the fast-paced world of Hollywood.  Original cast members Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferraraand Jeremy Piven are reunited along with some special guest stars for the upcoming film.  Audiences can expect cameos by T.I., Ronda Rousey, Liam Neeson, Calvin Harris, Ed O’Neil, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Russell Wilson, and Pharrell and Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment as father and son, Larsen and Travis McCredle. The film was directed by Entourage creator Doug Ellin based on his own screenplay which he co-wrote with Rob Weiss. Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Ellin are also co-producing the film. Entourage is scheduled to hit theatres June 5. Check out the trailer below:
-Nishat Baig

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.54.07 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.56.26 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.56.11 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.55.41 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.55.28 PM


Windows 10 Preview coming to more phones: Is yours on the list? – PCWorld

Windows 10 Preview coming to more phones: Is yours on the list?
If you have a Nokia Lumia smartphone, your chances of running the Windows 10 Preview are looking up: According to Microsoft's Gabe Aul, the company is set to open up Windows 10 Preview builds to a broader range of phones. The Windows 10 Preview …
Microsoft's next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of ZDNet

Microsoft schedules more Lumias to receive Windows 10 Technical Preview for BetaNews
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Chrome OS now includes Google Now in launcher, providing a customized … – Digital Trends

Digital Trends
Chrome OS now includes Google Now in launcher, providing a customized
Digital Trends
The next version of Google's Chrome OS launcher will push the company's original service, its search tool, that bit more, by including a Google Now bar along the top of it. The search bar will sit right alongside shortcuts to your applications and some Google …
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