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Mitch Kupchak Believes Upcoming 2015-2016 Season Is Kobe Bryant’s Last Season In Los Angeles

According to general manager Mitch Kupchak, Kobe’s last season is very close

The inevitable time is near, 17-time all-star, 5-time NBA Champion and future Hall-of-Fame inductee Kobe Bryant is believed to have reached his end and this upcoming 2015-2016 season will be his last in a Los Angeles uniform.  According to Los Angeles Lakers general manger Mitch Kupchak, Kobe Bryant has told GM and staff that the 2015-2016 season will be his last with the Lakers per ESPN.com. According to general manager Mitch Kupchak in a NBA SiriusXM Radio interview, he stated:

“He has indicated to me that this is it.” ”I think first and foremost, he’s on the last year of a deal, there have been no discussions about anything going forward. I don’t think there will be.”

He later goes on and talks further about his recovery stating:

“A year from now, if there’s something different to discuss, then it will be discussed then,” Kupchak said of Bryant potentially playing beyond next season. “I talk to him from time to time … and he is recovering. He’s running. He’s getting movement and strength in the shoulder. We expect a full recovery, but yeah, he’s much closer to the end than to the beginning.”

Kobe Bryant is set to receive a whooping $25 million in his final contract season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, even though he is in his final season and Mitch Kupchak “believes” this may be his last, Kobe has not completely ruled out playing beyond his years. Bryant, 37, is more than able to contribute to the Lakers at a high-level despite the season-ending injury that sidelined him and with the Lakers rebuilding process looking positive he may not want to sign out so quickly. Will be intresting to see what the future beholds.

Talk sports, music and why Kobe will go down top 5 to ever shot the rock with Drew on twitter @AndrewSomuah

50 Cent is Taking Rick Ross to Court Over Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend’s Leaked Sex Tape

Fif vs Rozay is still a thing, and it’s become a legal matter

50 Cent and Rick Ross are still engulfed in as authentic a rap beef as you’ll find in the Twitter Rant era, and it appears that one of their disputes has bubbled over into the courtroom.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent is taking Rick Ross to court to fight claims that he posted Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend’s sex tape, which went viral upon its release. The release of the tape reportedly made Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, contemplate suicide. Ross has a child with Leviston.

Initially, Leviston sued 50 Cent, claiming he was the one that leaked the tape, which played a key role in the heightening of 50 and Rick Ross’ beef, which led to the two rap titans trading insults both in interviews and on records for several years. Leviston claims the man in her sex tape gave the tape to 50 with knowledge that it would embarrass Ross, while 50′s argument hinges on an interview in which Rick Ross claims he himself would upload the tape to the internet.


Brothers Johnson’s Louis Johnson, Michael Jackson Bassist, Dead at 60

Louis Johnson, founding member of funk band the Brothers Johnson and an in-demand bassist who appeared on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” died on Thursday, May 21st. He was 60. His death was confirmed by his nephew Troy on Instagram, though a cause of death has yet to be revealed.

“I’ve never been given parts to play in my whole life. I’m the most rare bass player in the whole world,” Johnson told Rolling Stone contributing writer Steve Knopper in 2013 for the upcoming book MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson. “No one ever gave me music paper to read; no one ever gave me anything to read. They tell me, ‘Here’s a track, play what you want.'”

The Los Angeles-based Brothers Johnson, a group featuring Louis and his brother George, got their start backing up Quincy Jones before releasing their acclaimed, Jones-produced debut LP Look Out for #1 in 1976. Over the next five years, the Brothers Johnson racked up three Number One hits on the R&B charts: 1976’s “I’ll Be Good to You,” their 1977 cover of Shuggie Otis’ “Strawberry Letter 23,” and 1980’s smash “Stomp!” (Their rendition of “Strawberry Letter 23″ was later featured prominently in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.) The Brothers Johnson’s 1980 album Light Up the Night, featuring “This Had to Be” co-written by Michael Jackson and featuring the King of Pop on background vocals, ascended to the top of the R&B album charts.

“Louis ‘Thunder Thumbs’ Johnson was one of the greatest bass players to ever pick up the instrument,” Jones tells Rolling Stone. “As a member of the Brothers Johnson, we shared decades of magical times working together in the studio and touring the world. From my albums Body Heat and Mellow Madness, to their platinum albums Look Out for #1Right On Time, Blam and Light Up the Night, which I produced, to Michael’s solo debut Off the Wall, I considered Louis a core member of my production team. He was a dear and beloved friend and brother, and I will miss his presence and joy of life every day.”

After the brothers parted ways in the early Eighties to pursue solo careers, Louis became known for his bass-playing prowess, emerging as a prolific, in-demand session musician. Johnson served as the primary bassist on Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall and later lent his skills to Jackson’s Thriller (“Billie Jean,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” “P.Y.T.”), Paul McCartney’s Give My Regards to Broad Street soundtrack and the all-star “We Are the World” collaboration.

“When I went to the session with ‘Billie Jean,’ I took like 10 basses and I lined ’em up. I’d say, ‘Michael, pick one,'” Johnson told Rolling Stone. “He’d pick one with the zebra wood on it. It had 12 different kinds of wood, different layers. It was dark brown and tan and light-colored, and it looked like a tiger or a zebra. Michael picked it because it sounded good. I hot-rodded it. I beefed it up and put extra magnets underneath the pickups. I did all the things I knew how to do to get the best sound. That’s how come the bass sounded like that.”

Johnson is also credited with creating the bass line from Michael McDonald’s hit version of Leiber & Stoller’s “I Keep Forgettin’,” a melody that was later sampled by Warren G and Nate Dogg for “Regulate.” Over his long career, Johnson also worked with Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert and George Benson.

“I had access to all musicians and artists, from Barbra Streisand to Paul McCartney to Michael Jackson,” Johnson told Rolling Stone. “It was like an open door. The Lord blessed me with that — I prayed to God and my prayer he answered. He said, ‘OK, you got the whole world now.’ Every time I’d get in the car to go somewhere, I’d hear me playing the bass… I was all over the place. I released the funk on everybody.”

As news of Johnson’s death spread, hip-hop artists, funk legends and bassists inspired by “Thunder Thumbs” showed love on social media. “Thank you for blessing me and the world with your original #funk. RIP,” Lenny Kravitz tweeted, while Bootsy Collins added, “Another Brick in our music foundation has left the building. Mr. ‘Louis Johnson.'” Slave’s Steve Arrington wrote, “Just heard the great bass player and song writer Louis Johnson has passed away. Awe man….Going to miss U Thunder Thumbs.” My Morning Jacket bassist Tom Blankenship and the Roots’ Questlove wrote similar tributes to Johnson.

Additional reporting by Steve Knopper

Source Sports Top Plays Of The Week (May 18th-May 22nd)

Check out Source Sports run-down of the top plays of the week

4. Kyle Korver Ducks Getting Dunked On By Lebron James

During the last seconds of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Lebron James came barreling down the lane for the epic dunk and when that happens, the only thing left to do is to get out his way. Doing exactly that, Atlanta Hawks sharpshooter Kyle avoided becoming a poster and slid out the lane. Watch the hilarious video below

3. Andre Iguodala Rises On Dwight Howard With No Regard

On a three-on-one fast break, Andre Iguodala saw the golden opportunity to dunk it with authority, and if you ask us, Dwight clearly wanted no parts. Watch the video below

2. James Harden And Steph Curry Go At Each Other In Game Two of the Western Conference Final 

This year’s MVP and runner-up faced off in Game Two of the Western Conference Finals and out the gate,  you felt the friction between both teams. Providing a show and showing why they were among the elite in the league, Jame Harden and Steph Curry traded buckets all game till Steph Curry called “game”. Watch below

1. Jr. Smith Heats Up And Sets Cavs Record With 8 Three Pointers

Arguably, this may be the most impressive stretch of plays that J.R Smith has ever been apart of in recent years and it happened in Cleveland. In Game 1 of the Hawks/Cavs ECF, Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith was straight filthy in one of the Cavs memorable playoff games to date. Heating up in the second quarter with three 3-pointers, it was only the beginning of the the onslaught. He finished with 28 points on 8-for-12 from downtown and set a new Cavs record with 8 threes. Check the video below

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Why Apple’s New TV Service May Be Delayed – TIME

Why Apple's New TV Service May Be Delayed
Apple's long quest to get a slice of the television business may have just gotten a bit longer. According to a report in Re/code, Apple's rumored TV service–which would bundle TV shows people would normally get through a cable provider–will not be unveiled …
The new Apple TV could come with your local broadcast channelsWashington Post (blog)

New Apple TV could be delayed over live local programmingMashable
Here's Why Apple's TV Service Won't Launch NationwideVariety
Re/code –Cult of Mac
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Five Smart Ways Freelance Musicians Can Utilize YouTube

Recording_gearThere’s an overwhelmingly large community of musicians on YouTube. This has been a really positive thing, as the amount of knowledge and skill amassed on this single website has really helped a lot of players in their own practicing and improvement. 

Guest Post By Dylan Welsh on Sonicbids Blog

If you’re in a band, you already know the power of YouTube as a great marketing tool. Using it for live videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and one-off covers are tried-and-true ways to connect to your fans. However, YouTube can also be an incredibly useful tool if you are a freelance or session musician.

I’ve seen a lot of active session musicians using video content on YouTube as a way to drive traffic to their websites and attract potential clients. This, of course, also strengthens your web presence and makes your brand even stronger. Here’s some of the smartest content that I’ve found active session musicians using for their YouTube channels.

1. Covers

Covers, especially covers of songs that are popular, are a great way to demonstrate your chops and versatility. There are still plenty of big-name pop artists (especially in the pop-country world) that use high-level session players on their recordings; covering these tracks will allow you to bring views to your page, and help you see how first-call session players approach tracking their parts.

Of course, you don’t have to just cover popular songs. Anything you like to play can be recorded for a YouTube cover. The key is that, whatever it is you record, record it with high-quality audio and video. The web is fairly saturated with low-quality bedroom covers, so it’s important that you make yours as enjoyable to watch and listen to as possible.

[5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Cover Songs]


2. Lessons

If you offer music lessons, doing it on YouTube is awesome because you can use it to promote your services. When you make a video lesson on something, make sure to plug that you give actual lessons and direct people to your website. This is especially useful if you teach virtual lessons over webcam, as anybody who sees your lesson on YouTube then has the option to immediately sign up for lessons with you.

If you decide to make cover videos like I discussed above, there’s a great opportunity for a lesson video as well. Any time you record a cover of something, record a second video that’s slowed down and shows your fingers clearly. If you have the time and resources, I would also put the music onto paper in tab (since many guitarists on YouTube don’t read standard notation), which you host on your website, and link people to it in the video description. Sure, it’s quite a bit of extra work, but you can drive a lot of traffic to your website and get a lot of people interested in taking lessons with you.


3. Live videos

Potential clients, especially those that are looking to hire you for concerts, need to be able to see you play live. You should have a few live videos on your website, but your YouTube channel is a great place where you can host even more. 

When you’re first starting out, it may be difficult to acquire video footage of you working with other artists. If you’re having trouble finding this content, I’d recommend starting out by getting video of you working with your own groups. The next time your group plays a show, have one of your friends capture some video. That way you at least have something uploaded that shows you’re capable of putting on a good show.

[Ridiculously Easy DIY Tips for Shooting Multi-Angle Concert Videos]


4. Gear demos

There’s a huge market on YouTube for equipment demos, especially ones that have high-quality audio. I know that when I’m considering buying a new piece of equipment, YouTube is typically the first place I go to hear samples of what the gear sounds like.

You can keep this content coming out pretty consistently, as any piece of gear you own could be featured in a video. You could produce a demo of any amplifier, pedal, instrument, microphone, piece of recording gear, pickups, or literally any other sort of musical equipment. Don’t forget that this is also a great chance to show off your playing. Play well, and somebody who enjoys it will likely check out your other videos.

[4 YouTube Channels Music Gearheads Should Subscribe To]


5. Original work

Whether it’s a full-band recording, original solo arrangement of a popular song, or simply a rough sketch of a new piece you’re working on, you should upload a video of you playing it.

If you aren’t working on any sort of original material, this would give you a great excuse to do so. Making a living as a freelance musician requires a lot of creativity, and this is a great way to show off that creativity to potential clients. You may even attract the attention of other players who want to collaborate with you, which is easy these days due to cloud storage and remote recording capabilities. There’s nothing to lose with this method, so you might as well go for it!

Dylan Welsh is a freelance musician and music journalist, based in Seattle, WA. He currently plays in multiple Seattle bands, interns at Mirror Sound Studio, and writes for the Sonicbids blog. Visit his website for more information.



Apple could give old iPhones and iPads new life with iOS 9 – The Verge

Apple could give old iPhones and iPads new life with iOS 9
The Verge
The next versions of iOS and OS X are supposed to focus on performance and stability instead of new features, and that focus on performance could extend all the way back to devices that Apple released three and four years ago. According to 9to5Mac, a …
Apple's iOS 9 Could Herald A New Future For Older iPhones And iPadsTechCrunch

OS X 10.11 Could Feature Control Center, 'Rootless' Security and More, iOS 9 to Mac Rumors
More iOS 9 details leak, including optimizations for old iPhone and iPad modelsPhoneDog

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The Death Of One-Hit Wonders

1 hit wondersFor almost a hundred years Billboard has been producing music charts, and artists that have a single hit then drop into oblivion have always played a major part in them. These “1 hit wonders” either come and go (like Keith’s “98.6” in 1967) or hit the oldies circuit (Nena with “99 Luft Ballons” in 1983), but every year the charts are littered with them.


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0 Blog

There are fewer and fewer 1 hit wonders every year.

An analysis of the last 50 years of Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart by Priconomics found that in recent years the number of artists with a hit has declined to an all-time low.

1 hit wonders decline image

Why? For one thing, songs now stay on the charts longer than at any time in history. Before 1985 it was uncommon for a song to stay on the charts for more than 50 weeks but now it happens regularly, like Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” at 54 weeks and counting. Now a Katy Perry song is likely to stay on the charts nearly 3 times longer than the average Beatles hit from the 60s.

Obviously, the music industry would rather there be more hits as it would be better for business and possibly build more careers. Radio, unfortunately, doesn’t see it that way.

Radio needs listener attention to keep its ratings, so it’s to their benefit to play songs that everyone knows for as long as it can.

That said, the music business is putting much more energy into promoting established artists than trying break someone new, which perpetuates the cycle.

Regardless, there are fewer new hits to listen to every month, and we’re all the worse for it. Just image how boring oldies radio will be 20 years from now.

Troy Ave Rides Around Brooklyn in “Doo Doo” Video

Troy Ave drops the video for “Doo Doo.”

This visual finds dope boy Troy in Brooklyn. Troy is seen riding around his hometown, rapping into the camera as he addresses the haters. We’re shown different types of people who live in the city as they sing along with the catchy hook. The familial feel of the video fits the track perfectly, with Troy Ave putting his borough on his back as he makes his stake in hip-hop as the new rising rapper to watch.

Produced by Tha Bizness, “Doo Doo” is the second single off Troy’s upcoming debut album, Major Without a Deal. The studio LP will be released with B$B Records and Empire Distribution on June 5. Features on the forthcoming project include Cam’Ron, Ty Dolla $ign, A$AP Ferg, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Diddy and Ma$e. Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and T.I. will also appear on the record. Peep the full tracklist here. “Doo Doo” and “June 5th,” along with Troy’s popular “All About The Money”  have built up anticipation for the East Coast rapper’s project. Check out the music video above.

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Sage The Gemini and Nick Jonas Party in the Jungle in “Good Thing” Video

Partying with beautiful women in paradise is just about every man’s fantasy and in the video for “Good Thing,” Sage The Gemini and Nick Jonas bring that dream to life. Pushing hard for a crossover summer hit, Sage lets Jonas do his thing on the chorus while mixing in a few verses. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, whose client list includes Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Ariana Grande, the video features plenty of scantily clad women to keep viewers occupied for the four minutes. This one is set to land on Sage’s album due out later this year.

Gemini dropped his last album, Remember Me, in March of 2014 in an effort that was the climax of a surprise breakout of his Billboard charting song “Red Nose.” On Remember Me, Sage was joined by August Alsina, Eric Bellinger and Justin Bieber–so the West coast MC is no stranger to mixing it up with pop stars. A member of IAMSU’s Heartbreak Gang, Sage The Gemini hopes to match the successes of his Remember Me with his currently untitled sophomore release. While “Good Thing” certainly has the potential to make ground on the radio, it lacks the hit appeal of “Red Nose” but if the Jonas Brothers fan base gets locked in, there’s no telling how far “Good Thing” can go.

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