DJI launches Osmo, an iPhone-connected 4K steadicam for $650 – Apple Insider

Apple Insider
DJI launches Osmo, an iPhone-connected 4K steadicam for $650
Apple Insider
DJI on Thursday unveiled the Osmo, an integrated 4K camera and handheld three-axis stabilizer that connects to Apple's iPhone for even greater control and capabilities. The DJI Osmo uses the company's three-axis gimbal stabilization technology found on …
DJI Osmo helps you get a grip on shaky video (hands-on)CNET

The company behind the world's most popular drone just built the ultimate The Verge
The DJI Osmo is a Handheld 12MP/4K Camera with a Brushless GimbalPetaPixel (blog)
Gizmodo –Wall Street Journal (blog) –Quartz
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Netflix Raises Price for New Users by $1 a Month – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
Netflix Raises Price for New Users by $1 a Month
Wall Street Journal
Netflix Inc. NFLX 5.74 % raised the price of its most popular streaming plan in the U.S. by $1 for new customers as it ramps up investment in original shows and movies. Netflix said its “standard” plan that allows for two simultaneous streams will now
Netflix Raises Subscription PriceHollywood Reporter

Netflix shares up on subscription price hikeUSA TODAY
Netflix hikes price of its most popular service by $1CNET
Reuters –Los Angeles Times –Washington Post
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Scientists Sequence First Ancient Human Genome From Africa – New York Times

New York Times
Scientists Sequence First Ancient Human Genome From Africa
New York Times
A team of scientists reported on Thursday that they had recovered the genome from a 4,500-year-old human skeleton in Ethiopia — the first time a complete assemblage of DNA has been retrieved from an ancient human in Africa. The DNA of the Ethiopian …
Study: Eurasian farmers migrated to Africa 3000 years agoWashington Post

DNA from 4500-year-old Ethiopian reveals surprise about ancestry of AfricansLos Angeles Times
Ancient genome from Africa sequenced for the first timePhys.Org
Smithsonian –EurekAlert (press release)
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HBO NOW Arrives Today on the Roku Platform – The Futon Critic

HBO NOW Arrives Today on the Roku Platform
The Futon Critic
Roku customers can purchase a subscription directly within the HBO NOW channel on their Roku device, which will also enable them to access the service at and on other HBO NOW enabled devices.
HBO NOW Is At Last Coming To RokuTechCrunch

Roku's HBO Now app arrives, fashionably lateTechHive
HBO Now (finally) launches on RokuCNET
The Verge –Broadcasting & Cable
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10 Important Facebook Practices For Bands And Artists

1Facebook remains one of the most effective social networks for artists and bands to utilize, but not everyone is exploiting its maximum potential. Here we look at some tips for getting the most out of the social network, whether you’re pedaling new merch or reaching out to fans


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0

Facebook is one of the best social networks for artists and bands, but execution is everything in order to take full advantage of it. Mashable ran a great article about the 10 best practices for bands, and you can read the article here, but what follows is an abridged version with mostly my comments.

1. Reach out to other artists. Ask a band whom you’re tight with to post your new music video/track/album art to their wall with a link back to your Facebook Page, and remember to return the favor. This is one of the best ways to use the network to expand your audience.

2. Take your fans backstage. Everyone loves to see behind the scenes, but fans are especially interested. It might seem insignificant to you, but any kind of backstage access is a big deal to them.

3. Go beyond the music. As I’ve said many times before, music is your marketing, but don’t forget to make available any merch or touring info. That said, don’t try to sell to your fans, just make it easily available if they want it.

4. Ask for input from fans. Communication is a two-way street and fans love to be asked their opinion on just about anything. Besides, they’re your fans so they know what they want.

5. Be visual. Music is an aural medium for sure, but either still or moving pictures add so much to entire package that you can’t ignore them any more. Besides, it’s so easy to take pictures these days or make movies, you can’t use gear or expertise as excuses anymore.

26. Make everything an event. This is one of the secrets of multiple singles releases rather than full albums. Every release becomes an event. You can expand upon that idea in just about any direction, from gigs or giveaways on your birthday to your best fan’s birthdays, to making every gig a special occasion. Use your imagination.

7. Don’t just ask for things. Once again, communication is a two way street. You give some and you take some and vice versa. If you ask for information, give something away for free. This goes a long way in keeping your tribe happy.

8. Don’t forget the basics. Bios, press kits, pictures, logos are still important so be sure to have links to where people can get them if needed.

9. Offer exclusive content. The way to a fans heart is through exclusive content. If a fan can get exclusive mixes or movies that no one else can, that legitimizes his or her fandom and makes them want even more. Alternative mixes, outtakes, interviews – these are all inexpensive and easy to make content that any fan would love to have.

10. Use some tools. Make sure you take advantage of everything that Facebook has to offer, but also check out apps like Bandpage or Reverbnation for their event, sales and music plugins as well.


Pluto’s sunrises and sunsets are blue, NASA finds – Mashable

Pluto's sunrises and sunsets are blue, NASA finds
This signals yet another surprising find from NASA's groundbreaking New Horizons mission, which culminated in the closest-ever look at the distant dwarf planet in July. See also: Hello, Pluto: The 9-year journey to a new horizon …
Pluto has brilliant blue skies and frozen waterWashington Post

Blue Skies and Water Ice on PlutoSpace Ref (press release)
New Horizons: Probe captures Pluto's blue hazesBBC News
GeekWire –Business Insider –Science World Report
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Apple Music: We Won’t Play Free Music “Shell Game… building an audience on the back of the artists” [ANALYSIS]

Jimmy IovineApple Music has no intention of “building an audience on the back of the artists” by offering a free ad supported music option, as Spotify does, according to senior exec Jimmy Iovine. Is this just spin to cover up slower than hoped for user adoption; or is this caring corporate policy?

Free ad-supported streaming music services like Spotify are “building an audience on the back of the artists,” Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine said yesterday at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. He categorized the practice as a “shell game.”

image from“We don’t want to do that,” said Iovine, a former record producer who co-founded Beats Electronics. “We believe that we’ve built something powerful enough and strong enough that it will work.”

Unsurprisingly, Iovine didn’t share how many paid subscribers Apple Music has, but claimed growth was “going really well.” 


As a former record producer and exec, Jimmy Iovine may fully subscribe to the artist friendly approach that he espouses. But his statements, particularly shared just days after Apple got to see their music service’s paid subscriber numbers, also accomplish other goals. 

With this one conference appearance (and others likely to follow), Iovine sent a signal to his label partners, dissed his chief rival Spotify and gave artists a reason to favor his service.

To the labels (and likely his Apple bosses), Iovine was saying be patient. Doing this the right way (aka Paid not free) takes time.

To Spotify, the message was ‘the labels and artists love me, so don;t assume you can stream music free forever.”

To artists, the message was ‘give us your exclusives, we’ll treat you fairly’.

Not bad for a single interview.

LittleBits Tips ‘Gizmos & Gadgets’ Kit for Budding Engineers, Makers – PC Magazine

LittleBits Tips 'Gizmos & Gadgets' Kit for Budding Engineers, Makers
PC Magazine
Instead of punishing your kid for dismantling home appliances to see how they work, let them tinker with their own contraptions. Start-up littleBits today announced a new electronic Gizmos & Gadgets building block kit—the ultimate invention toolbox
Littlebits Releases A Wonderful Gadget And Gizmo KitTechCrunch

littleBits Invents New Way To Play With Debut of Gizmos & Gadgets Kit Business Wire (press release)
LittleBits' new kit wants to spark the inventor in anyoneCNET
Gizmodo –Tech Times –littleBits
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Google Acquires Entire Alphabet (Online) – PC Magazine
Google Acquires Entire Alphabet (Online)
PC Magazine
Google failed to secure before launching Alphabet Inc., so it did the next best thing: purchase is owned by BMW, while is home to the popular broadcast network, so Google had to get …
Google's Parent Company Alphabet Buys All 26 LettersABC News

Google Buys Domain
Google to Continue Innovating As Part of AlphabetAndroid Headlines – Android News
Tech Times –VentureBeat –Dakota Financial News
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