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HerSource: In The Mix With Lea Robinson


LeA Robinson, a young, enthusiastic lady who is always on the move, shares a little bit of her life with us, at The Source.  She’s currently working on her brand new EP, Ms. Robinson, as well as a televised series.  That’s not all she has in the works though.  Besides being an artist and dancer, she’s also business minded with a positive purpose.  Additionally, LeA is developing her very own nail polish line in collaboration with Bernadette Thompson, who happens to be one of the top manicurist in the country, so stay tuned for that ladies!  We got a chance to chit-chat  and get to know LeA a little bit, check it out!

In the Mix with Ms. Robinson

The Source: So LeA, you’re always working on something, whether it’s music, fashion, dance, etc… but when all that is done and it’s time to just kick it, what are your favorite things to do?
LeA: I love to sleep (laughs).  It is literally one of my favorite things to do.  I also enjoy making people smile.
The Source: Haha, I can totally understand that.  Being constantly productive is a wonderful thing and it feels great to just enjoy relaxation and good vibes.  I can dig it!
The Source: So what are your aspirations in life?
LeA: I aspire to change the world for the better and be alive to witness the change.  I find to be a very blessed individual and God has given me many gifts in order to reach multiple people.  I also aspire to allow the women of my generation feel like Queens again.  We don’t have enough great women to idolize and the ones that are being idolized, in my mind, aren’t represantations of Queens because all they’re being idolized for are their bodies.  Women deserve the right to be showcased at a higher level.
The Source: That’s fantastic, you have a great attitude and you’re headed in the right direction.  It’s inspiring to hear your views on women and Queens.  I definitely agree with you on many levels.  We, as women, have to love ourselves for the right reasons and it all starts with self respect.
The Source: In your opinion, how important is it to follow your dreams?
LeA: So important!, I believe having people around you that support your dreams and visions are even more important.  Whether we like to admit it or not, we become the people that we’re always around.  If the people we surround ourselves with belittle our dreams, and tell us they’re not possible to achieve, after hearing it enough, you’ll start believing it.
The Source: Word, you have a solid support system though, I see it in your demeanor and accomplishments.
LeA: Thank you! I certainly do and it’s a blessing.
The Source: Where do you hope to go with your music career?
LeA: Wherever God decides to take it.  We can plan a whole week, month, year, and it will never be exact.  God’s plan is better than ours and that’s the one I chose to follow.
The Source: You’re on point!  That’s a positive and great way to look at things.  Set realistic goals, remain focused, and  leave it in the hands of God.  I like it!
The Source: Give us some last words before signing off girl.
LeA: Love yourself and trust yourself.  Always remember, if the people around you are not additions, they’re subtracting from your value and purpose.
The Source: Pow! Lol, and like that, she goes out with a bang!  Thanks for kickin it with us, let’s put the people on to Ms. Robinson.

LeA Robinson – “Higher”



Hersource:Brooklyn MC, Nello Luchi – ‘The Struggle Before The Glory’ (Album)

Brooklyn native, Nello Luchi releases The Struggle Before The Glory,  her latest and most personal album to date.  This is a body of work that reflects her journey, trials and tribulations.  You will hear part of her life story and past experiences, from family issues, survival, and more.  She states, in order to find inner peace, one has to come to terms with their past.  I’m sure we all relate to that.  Music of substance, she certainly brings that to the game.
Nello selected her reliable in-house producers, K’riem Scott, Bonafide Beatz, and Phoenix Says, who provide a variety of Hip-Hop sounds that compliment her flow.  Inspired by the Golden Era, that many of us appreciate, as well as the new school, the production on this album incorporates different vibes from both ends of the spectrum and allow Nello to display her versatility.

Nello Luchi is one of the new voices in Hip Hop,” says singer, Chrisette Michele, as she vouches for the young Brooklyn MC.

Hersource: Beats, Beauty & Bars – Angel Haze – ‘GXMES’ Prod By. TROY NoKA

She took a year off but she’s back with a vengeance…

Here’s the latest from Angel Haze, 23, where she vocally lets off a couple shots to those game-playing cats. 

Remember when she went on Tim Westwood and lit the mic up?  Shoot, in case you forgot, you might wanna peep this.  There aren’t many female emcees in Hip-Hop who really shine because of their skills in hip-hop!  I Can’t even be mad at shorty for pullin out her phone.

A year ago on Tim WestWood

We’re looking forward to an album, give it to us Haze!



What The Apple Watch Could Be – TechCrunch

What The Apple Watch Could Be
What is the Apple Watch? The simple answer is Apple's first smartwatch. In fact Apple calls it its “most personal device ever”. But early reviewers have wrestled with the raison d'être of the Apple Watch. “Do you want another tiny computer in your life that you …
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New Apple Watch app gives you sickness alertsI4U News
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The 12-inch Apple MacBook supports third-party USB Type-C cables – The Next Digit

The Next Digit
The 12-inch Apple MacBook supports third-party USB Type-C cables
The Next Digit
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices are known to support only its own accessories and hence, it poses problems for most users. But you don't need to worry a bit if you are buying a new Apple's 12 inch MacBook. For the laptop's new USB Type-C port, you are …
Apple allows third party cables for 12 inch MacbookI4U News

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Steam Accounts Now Have Limited Access Feature – Hardcore Gamer

Attack of the Fanboy
Steam Accounts Now Have Limited Access Feature
Hardcore Gamer
If you haven't spent at least $5 on your Steam account you may have noticed that you're unable to use certain features that you once were able to. This is because Steam has now given your account limited access in their hopes of protecting other users from …
Steam now restricts accounts to protect against spam and phishingGamasutra

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Jay Z’s Tidal CEO Leaves Company Amid Staff ‘Streamlining’

Less than a month into Jay Z’s Tidal reign, the rapper is already effecting major changes. The streaming service has parted ways with Andy Chen, the CEO of Tidal’s parent company Aspiro that Jay Z purchased for $56 million. Former Aspiro CEO Peter Tonstad will replace Chen on an interim basis. Business Insider reports that the Chen departure was the most notable of about 25 employee layoffs Tidal made Friday.

Aspiro hired Chen prior to Jay Z’s acquisition of the company, so it wasn’t unexpected that the rapper would prefer to put his stamp on Tidal by hiring his own executives. “Tonstad has a better understanding of the industry and a clear vision for how the company is looking to change the status quo,” a Tidal rep said in a statement. “He’s streamlining resources to ensure talent is maximized to enhance the customer experience. We’ve eliminated a handful of positions and refocused our company-wide talent to address departments that need support and cut redundancies.”

News of the Tidal shakeup comes just after it was revealed that Jay Z, Jack White and more of the high-quality audio streaming service’s marquee artists have personally called subscribers to thank them for choosing the fledging, artist-friendly service. That unique customer service could give Tidal an edge over competitors like Spotify, Pandora and Apple’s Beats Music, which will relaunch later this year with a new name and look.

In a statement, Tonstad said, “I believe in Tidal and what the team is doing to affect the change the music industry needs. We’re streamlining the company and refocusing our resources to ensure the platform continues to grow, and listeners can make a connection to their favorite artists. No one else is doing this.” As part of Tidal’s transparent infrastructure, artists can see which subscribers are listening to their music and how often.

Before Jay Z bought Aspiro, Rolling Stone spoke to Chen last year when the CEO was planning on bringing the Sweden-born Tidal across the Atlantic. “I personally think that the competition of streaming music is not necessarily the one who shouts the loudest will win. It’s not like we’re trying to take down the other services. We all have different things to offer,” Chen said. “We need to actually achieve sustainability and grow sustainably. We cannot afford to take highly leveraged risks.”

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