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Video Game Trailers – Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Official Trailer【HD】

Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Official Launch Trailer【HD】
available starting from November 29

Exclusively on: iPhone
Genre: Puzzle Action
Publisher: Rovio
Developer: Rovio
Date: November 29

Not so very long ago, in this very galaxy you live in, mobile game developer Rovio released a version of their hit Angry Birds games that was themed after the Star Wars film franchise. For those who have played the Episode IV levels of Angry Birds Star Wars to death, you'll be happy to know that Episode V, the Hoth levels, is being released as a free add-on today. Also, it's launching with an adorable new trailer.

Combining the elements of the more strategic Angry Birds Space with the Sci-Fi antics of the Star Wars universe, Rovio once again captured lightning in a bottle with the their latest hit physics-based bird-flinging game, Angry Birds Star Wars. Complete with levels reminiscent of scenes from the legendary films and bird abilities that mimicked favorite characters (The Luke bird can cut through things with his Light Saber, for instance), Rovio once again had an instant hit on its hands.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a gift that keeps on giving, however, and, starting today, the second pack of levels themed after the second movie in the original film trilogy can be added to your copy of the game at no extra charge. To mark the occasion, the Rovio crew have put together the following, almost too adorable for words, launch trailer.

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After its $170m Fire Phone writedown, Amazon.com redesign shines a light on Amazon hardware

If you arrived at Amazon today and noticed things look a little different, well, you’re not the only one. It seems the internet giant is now rolling out its design refresh to many more e-shoppers after a testing phase that kicked off last month, though it looks like it’s still only available on its .com domain for now. The most immediate and obvious change is the large carousel gallery that takes up the full-width of the screen, and the dark grey backdrop across the top. Click on the second image in the gallery below to see the ‘before’ design. Looking…

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