Uber hires two security researchers to improve car technology – Reuters

Uber hires two security researchers to improve car technology
SAN FRANCISCO Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] has hired two top vehicle security researchers, the company said on Friday, additions to its staff that come as the ride-hailing service ramps up its work on technology for self-driving cars. Charlie Miller
Uber Hires the Hackers Who Wirelessly Hijacked a JeepWired

Uber hires the Jeep Cherokee hackersMashable
Uber Just Hired the Car Hackers That Stopped Chrysler In Its TracksGizmodo
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Hear Cee Lo’s Soulful New Song ‘Sign of the Times’

“Why can’t we open our eyes to the sign of the times?” Cee Lo Green pleads on his soulful new song, which samples Bob James’ flute-and-keys groove from the classic TV series Taxi. The laid-back “Sign of the Times” – available to purchase via iTunes – is the singer’s latest tease of his upcoming album Heart Blanche, out November 13th. 

Last month, Cee Lo released an interactive lyric video for Heart Blanche lead single “Robin Williams,” which he described as an “homage to our humanity, centered around the strength it takes to smile in the face of adversity.” The new LP is Cee Lo’s first non-Christmas release since 2010’s The Lady Killer, which spawned his celebratory smash “Fuck You.” 

Earlier this month, Green apologized for a series of controversial tweets about rape he penned in 2014 after pleading no contest to drug charges. “I do realize in retrospect that it was highly sensitive, what I tweeted – highly irresponsible,” the singer told The Sunday Times. “It did stem from emotion causing some involuntary action, and I do believe that, maybe just possibly, we could all give each other a margin for human error.”

In August of last year, Green pleaded no contest to one felony count of furnishing a controlled substance, stemming from a July 2012 incident in which he was accused of slipping ecstasy into a woman’s drink. Green was ordered to complete 360 hours of community service and attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Before switching to Heart Blanche, Green considered naming his new album Girl Power as a response to his public perception. “At one point it was called Girl Power, because it is all about the adornment, the upliftment, the exaltment and the appreciation of all things woman,” Green told The Sunday Times.

Cee Lo isn’t the first artist to make use of James’ “Angela (Theme From Taxi)”: Rap group Souls of Mischief pilfered the cut for their fittingly titled early Nineties track “Cab Fare.”

Chrome will block obnoxious Flash ads starting September 1st – Engadget

Chrome will block obnoxious Flash ads starting September 1st
Back in June, Google shared the good news that the Chrome browser would soon be smart enough to "intelligently pause content that aren't central to the webpage" that you're visiting. It's a welcome change that should help to continue marginalizing the …
Chrome to Begin Pausing Most Flash Ads Next WeekPC Magazine

Google sounds the death knell for Adobe FlashBusiness Insider
Google Chrome To Start Pausing Flash Ads By DefaultValueWalk
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#PeepTheVisual: Slim Sky View Presents – ‘The Walking Dead’

Straight outta Bedstuy, Brooklyn, Slim Sky View, is back with the visual to his latest single “The Walking Dead”. The young boy is definitely talking that ish and with hard hitting production by SterCity, he consisely goes in and lets off on every scrub who doesn’t live what they claim. Slim has the instinctive ability to motivate the listener with a crystal clear tone of voice and pitch that without a doubt, proves that he is unruffled and here to stay.

Armed with the knowledge and experience passed down from hip hop icons, he mixes an engaging personality, voice and sound that is all his own. SLIM prides himself on blend-ing “retro” vintage styles with Main-Stream Hip-Hop and Neo Soul creating a mastery infu-sion for the music lover’s ears. The BK dweller is certainly making a big impact on everyone he comes across and shares his soul with. “The Walking Dead” was recently given the spotlight on New York City infamous urban radio stations Hot 97 and 105.1 FM. This could be the next Brooklyn Banger so keep an ear out and support the kid!

The zombies in the video look dope in a creepy way, and I’m diggin the cars and concept as well. Peep the visual and give us your thoughts.

Twitter / IG : @slimskyview

After ‘Compton’ Success, DJ Premier Eyes Gang Starr Biopic

The overwhelming success of N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton may cause Hollywood execs to start digging around for more hip-hop backstories to plunder. If veteran producer DJ Premier, who worked with Dr. Dre on the latter’s “Animals” track for new album Compton, has his way, his former group Gang Starr will be next on the slate for a biopic.

The producer has begun working with the sister of Keith “Guru” Elam, the rapper who worked with Premier on six albums before passing away in 2010, to turn his vision into reality, but stresses that authenticity trumps speed. “I told her I need some time; there’s no rush,” Premier tells Rolling Stone. “It took over 20 years to do N.W.A and Dre told me, ‘I wanted to do it because I didn’t want [anyone] to mess with what N.W.A stood for in the movie and not have it weaken our legacy,’ and it’s the same thing with Gang Starr.”

While Straight Outta Compton rankled some critics by omitting notable parts of the group’s career — specifically Dr. Dre’s vicious assault against hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes — the film’s verisimilitude dwarfed that of comparable biopics.

It’s a trait Premier hopes to emulate. “All the crazy stuff we did that a lot of people don’t know about has to be included in order for it to be authentic,” Premier says. “I lived with Guru — I knew him well — and know the stuff he really went through. All the wild groupie parties; all the shootings, everything. We went through crazy, crazy shit, and in order for it be as authentic as Straight Outta Compton, it has to be pretty much like that. We went through a wild, wild journey.”

O’Shea Jackson, Jr., Ice Cube’s son, deftly plays his father in the movie. And while Premier won’t have any of his family enter Hollywood, he expects the same level of accuracy.

“Look how accurate the actors were for Compton. I’d want our movie to be the same exact way,” Premier says. “Like, Gravy played Biggie Smalls very well in Notorious. I want something like that, where the demeanor, the voices, the actions are all dead on. Ice Cube’s son had to go through the ringer of being a professional thing. I want it be as authentic as possible… I want to cover everything that really went down with us; we’d have to go through our own career. I’d be as hands-on as Dre.”

Android Marshmallow Update: Granting Permission – SlashGear

Android Marshmallow Update: Granting Permission
Today we're going to talk about how the next version of Android will have app-makers asking for your permission to access your phone or tablet's features. This might seem scary at first if you have no idea what "permissions" are in the first place
5 Great Free Apps For Coping With Day&Long Airline TravelFast Company

Google Revamps How Apps Appear in Android Search ResultsNDTV
New Batch of Apps Vital in Hurricanes, Other EmergenciesGovernment Technology
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NASA’s Next Horizon in Space – New York Times

New York Times
NASA's Next Horizon in Space
New York Times
From left: Europa, the moon of Jupiter; Titan, the moon of Saturn; a composite image of the Valles Marineris across Mars; a mosaic of Venus's surface. Credit NASA. Most of us have come down from the highs of seeing Pluto up close for the first time.
NASA And The Politics Of Going Back To The MoonForbes

Sampling Enceladus: Is Earth Ready for Pieces of Saturn Moon's Plumes?Yahoo News
NASA plans interplanetary mission to MarsThe Strategic Sourceror (press release) (blog)
NBCNews.com –Dispatch Times –Christian Science Monitor
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Stream The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’

The Weeknd’s second studio album Beauty Behind the Madness is finally here! The 14 track album includes features from Ed Sheeran and La Del Rey, and production from Kanye West.

The singles “Often”, “The Hills”, and “Can’t Feel My Face” are on the album, as well as “Earned It” from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. This album has undoubtedly surpassed Kiss Land and Trilogy.

You can stream the album for $Free.99 below and it’s available for purchase on iTunes.

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Fetty Wap Receives the Key to His Hometown

I love my city 💯 #Paterson #NJ they gave me the key #Hardworkpaysoff

A photo posted by 🔥RemyBoyz🔥“1738”💯 (@fettywap1738) on

Fetty Wap performed at a back-to-school concert for Paterson, N.J. high school students on Thursday (Aug. 27). Patterson Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres presented the rising rapper with the key to the city.

The event attracted about 1,200 students from Fetty’s hometown. According to NJ.com, when Mayor Torres presented the Remy Boyz leader with the key, he called him “an inspiration to Paterson’s youth,” congratulating the 2015 XXL Freshman for his recent success. Although one-eyed rhymer may not have finished high school himself (he attended Eastside High School), Torres honored him for achieving his dreams. The hungry upstart is currently celebrating all of his singles sitting pretty in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart. Once the 25-year old MC hit the stage, he performed alongside the Remy Boyz. He later brought New York rapper French Montana onstage to perform a few tracks. The night was all about Paterson, with other local artists hitting the stage to perform prior to the star of the night coming out.

The event was only open to Paterson’s high school students, but that didn’t stop other members of the community from looking on as well. Seeing that everyone in the city was excited to have him, Fetty Wap promised that the next time he hit Paterson, the show would allow for a much bigger audience. Also in attendance for the concert was State Senator Nellie Pou who was proud to have Fetty home. “It’s wonderful when Paterson can really shine and be able to showcase its talent,” said Pou. After the event, the students were directed to pick up a free bags of supplies for the upcoming school year. Fetty Wap is gearing up to drop his self-titled debut album on Sept. 25.

Louisa Wendorff Interview On Taylor Swift And The Power Of A Tweet

MobileLouisa Wendorff has been awash in success following a recent tweet from Taylor Swift and has had the good fortune to play at both the Grammy Red Carpet on E! as well as the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics. Here PledgeMusic speaks with her about the upturn in her career and her new EP.


Guest Post from Matt Conner of PledgeMusic


 It started with a tweet. Louisa Wendorff’s life was changed when Taylor Swift tweeted the word “Obsessed” along with a post of Louisa’s mash-up of two of Taylor’s songs, “Blank Space” and “Style”, performed with Devin Dawson. From that moment last December, Louisa’s career taken a dramatic upturn and brought her opportunities like playing the  and, most recently, the closing ceremony at this year’s Special Olympics. We sat down with Louisa to ask her about her brand new album and the wild ride of 2015.

You started singing and learning to play instruments at an early age. What’s your earliest musical memory?

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher, Miss Morris, would teach us a new song every week. I couldn’t wait to sing them for my mom when I got home. I would sing them on the swings, at the dinner table, and before I fall asleep. I literally could not stop. I still remember most of them.

When Taylor Swift sends a message that she’s “obsessed” with your music, how did you find out and what went through your mind?

I was on vacation with my family in the mountains and remember feeling my phone buzz uncontrollably. when I checked it, the screen was frozen but kept vibrating, so thought it was broken. Before I had the chance to read anything, my friend Devin called saying, “Tell me you’ve seen it!” I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out my phone can’t handle a tweet from Taylor Swift. I couldn’t believe it. My mind was running back and forth between “What Is Life,” and “AHHHH.”

What did that spotlight do for you? Did you see a definite shift in activity and attention?

Definitely. It opened up a whole new world of opportunities that I had been dreaming of and working towards for as long as I can remember. My following grew in ways I could not have anticipated. I’ve since had the honor of performing on the Grammy Awards Red Carpet on E! and before 50,000 people from all over the world at the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics.

Yeah, you just played the closing ceremony. How did everything go?

It’s hard to put into words how beautiful that experience was for me, and I’m just so thankful I got to be a part of it. I left full of love, inspiration and with a heart twice the size. The people I met, the stories I heard, and the acceptance I witnessed will stay with me forever.

What prompted the move to L.A.? How do you envision the move changing who you are as an artist/songwriter?

I am originally from Southern California and moved to Nashville to study music business. Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling between the two. I immediately fell in love with Nashville and my heart will always have a home here, but for where I am creatively, L.A. feels like the place I need to be right now. There are things I love about both cities’ creative communities, and will remain invested in both.

How is the writing and recording process coming along for the new EP?

I’m currently writing for my EP and am working hard to give my fans my absolute best. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on!


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