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Aria Lets You Remove Your Finger From Your Smartwatch – Android Headlines – Android News

Aria Lets You Remove Your Finger From Your Smartwatch
Android Headlines – Android News
Look at the device sitting in your palm, on your lap or desk, or even on your wrist. Amazing that those are places to look for the latest technologies and some of the most powerful and compact technologies end up, isn't it? And technology continues to advance …
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Mozilla to abandon $25 Firefox phones, may explore Android app compatibility … – Times of India

Times of India
Mozilla to abandon $25 Firefox phones, may explore Android app compatibility
Times of India
CNET has seen an email from Mozilla chief executive Chris Beard that sets out some of the non-profit's new targets for Firefox OS. In particular, it sounds like the organisation's $25 smartphones could be abandoned. These super-budget smartphones are …

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Facepalm, Selfie, and Call Me Hand Emojis Are Coming Soon – malaysiandigest.com

Facepalm, Selfie, and Call Me Hand Emojis Are Coming Soon
We are pretty sure there are times when you wished you could send someone the 'face palm' emoji, or perhaps instead of typing #selfi, there could be an emoji used for that. Looks like half your hopes have been lifted as the Unicode Consortium is …
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Catholic Church under scrutiny – Financial Times

Financial Times
Catholic Church under scrutiny
Financial Times
Pope Francis's clean up of the Catholic Church's finances is extending far beyond the walls of Vatican City. In a first for the Catholic Church, Rome's Pontifical Lateran University, a hub of teaching for Catholic clergy, has started a course to teach priests and …
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Lil B Officially Puts Based God Curse on James Harden

lil b kevin durant basedgod curse fuck kd

Getty Images

He tried to warn him. Now, things just got real. Lil B has officially placed the Based God Curse on Houston Rockets guard James Harden. “He’s cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice,” the Cali rapper recently told TMZ. [He’s cursed] until he speaks on what dance celebration he’s doing and where it comes from.”

This all could have been prevented. The former Pack member called out the NBA MVP runner up early in the Western Conference Finals series with his hometown Golden State Warriors, accusing him of stealing his cooking dance. “Go warriors @warriors and let James harden no he doing the Lil B cooking dance if he doing that flickin wrist or whipping he mark – Lil B,” he posted on Twitter.

Harden has been using hand motion after a good play for the majority of the year, and many think he might be imitating Chedda Da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist” dance which recently went viral. Either way, B gave Harden until Game 3 to pay homage. , “If Harden doesn’t tell what he is doing, which is the Lil B cooking dance, he will be cursed. He needs to stop stealing Lil B swag without showing love.” B said.

Now the Rockets are down 0-3 and looking to get swept. The Game 3 loss was especially filled with struggle as the Rockets were drubbed by 35 points in front of their home crowd. Harden finished with 17 points on an abysmal 3-16 shooting effort from the field.

“He lost by 35 points to match the jersey number of his former teammate [Kevin Durant] who is actively cursed right now,” said the Based God.

Ask KD, he don’t want it Lil B. No!

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Art Garfunkel Lashes Out at Paul Simon in New Interview

Art Garfunkel lashed out at his former Simon & Garfunkel partner Paul Simon in a scathing new interview where the singer accuses Simon of suffering from a Napoleonic complex and suppressing Garfunkel’s creativity. Speaking to The Telegraph, Garfunkel also cites Simon as the reason why the duo aren’t embarking on a reunion tour and even takes a mild jab at Paul McCartney.

“Will I do another tour with Paul? Well, that’s quite doable. As far as this half is concerned, why not? But I’ve been in that same place for decades. This is where I was in 1971.” Garfunkel said before pretending to address Simon. “How can you walk away from this lucky place on top of the world, Paul? What’s going on with you, you idiot? How could you let that go, jerk?”

Garfunkel also talked about befriending Simon when they were school kids because Garfunkel felt sorry for Simon because of his height. “And that compensation gesture has created a monster,” Garfunkel said. When asked if Simon has a Napoleonic complex, he responded, “I think you’re on to something. I would say so, yes.”

Regarding their post-Bridge Over Troubled Water breakup, Garfunkel said, “It was very strange. Not my choice. Nothing I would have done. I want to open up about this. I don’t want to say any anti-Paul Simon things, and I love that the world still loves Simon & Garfunkel, but it seems very perverse to not enjoy the glory and walk away from it instead. Crazy. What I would have done is take a rest from Paul, because he was getting on my nerves. A rest was very much called for. The jokes had run dry. But a rest of a year was all I needed.”

In the interview, Garfunkel relays an anecdote about meeting George Harrison and how the Beatles guitarist compared Paul Simon to Paul McCartney. “George came up to me at a party once and said ‘my Paul is to me what your Paul is to you.’ He meant that psychologically they had the same effect on us. The Pauls sidelined us,” Garfunkel said. “I think George felt suppressed by Paul and I think that’s what he saw with me and my Paul. Here’s the truth: McCartney was a helluva music man who gave the band its energy, but he also ran away with a lot of the glory.”

Simon & Garfunkel last performed together in July 2010. In recent years, Garfunkel has suffered through vocal problems, but he told Rolling Stone in February 2014 that his voice had returned to 96-percent strength. (Garfunkel told The Telegraph that he has “now almost fully recovered it.”) Garfunkel also told Rolling Stone that he believed he and Simon would reunite to tour again.

“It takes two to tango. I don’t want to be the blushing bride waiting for Paul Simon to walk down the aisle,” Garfunkel said. “If he’s too busy to work with me I guess the real answer to your question is, ‘I’m too busy to work with him.’ I think that’s the only answer I can give you for pride’s sake.”

Instead, Simon continued his co-headlining tour with Sting, where that duo frequently performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” together, much to the chagrin of Garfunkel, according to The Telegraph.

Premiere: Watch Thru’s Latest Visuals for “No Love”

Thru – No Love

Prod. By: SPK & Nel E Nel

Directed By: A1Vision 

Thru, one of the most consistent artists out of Corona, Queens, is back with yet another tough record The Source is glad to premiere.

This is the fourth video from his latest project, 11368, so it’s obvious he wants your eyes and ears open.  Always reppin to the fullest extent, Thru kicks some of that Spanglish street sh*t over finely crafted production by SPK & Nel E Nel.

Make sure you peep the visuals above!

Also, do remember, 11368 is available now on Itunes & Google Play.

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