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Maligned Study on Gay Unions Is Shaking Trust – New York Times

New York Times
Maligned Study on Gay Unions Is Shaking Trust
New York Times
He was a graduate student who seemingly had it all: drive, a big idea and the financial backing to pay for a sprawling study to test it. In 2012, as same-sex marriage advocates were working to build support in California, Michael LaCour, a political science …
Maligned Study on Gay Unions Is Shaking Trust – New York TimesGazette Herald

Author Says Researcher Faked Gay Marriage Opinon StudyKWIT

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Apple Names Jony Ive ‘Chief Design Officer’ – TechCrunch

Apple Names Jony Ive 'Chief Design Officer'
Apple's Jony Ive, the design genius often credited for Apple's innovative and unique industrial design language over the past couple of decades, has taken on a new role at the company: Chief Design Officer. The new role elevates him above his previous SVP …
Apple's Jony Ive promoted to Chief Design OfficerApple Insider

Apple's design guru just got a big promotionFortune
Apple promotes design guru Jony IveCNNMoney
Mashable –Engadget
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Robot learns skills through trial and error, like you do – Engadget

Robot learns skills through trial and error, like you do
As a rule, robots have to learn through explicit instruction, whether it's through new programming, watching videos or holding their hands. UC Berkeley's BRETT (Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks) isn't nearly that dependent, however.
Researchers develop new Algorithm to empower Robots to Learn like HumansPerfScience

The age of Artificial Intelligence begins: Scientists are creating algorithms to Empire State Tribune
New Robot BRETT Learns Like Children DoI4U News
Reporter Advocate
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NASA set to relocate space station module – USA TODAY

NASA set to relocate space station module
CAPE CANAVERAL — NASA robotics officers on Wednesday morning plan to relocate an International Space Station storage module, the biggest change to the station's structure since its assembly was completed in 2011. Teams in Houston will command …
NASA Will Need Steady Hands This Week As They Relocate Module Aboard ISSThe News Ledge

NASA set to relocate space station module – USA TODAYGazette Herald
NASA preparing ISS for commercial spacecraft landingBGR India

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New App Allows Fans to Record With Taylor Hawkins, Phil Manzanera

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera and jam band Umphrey’s McGee have all contributed music to an app called WholeWorldBand, which allows users to create their own music by building around song stems uploaded by the artists. In Hawkins’ case, the drummer provided a video session that enables fans to write their own songs with the Foo Fighter on drums. “I was kinda imagining some sort of song in there, but I want you guys to be creative and think of your own thing,” Hawkins tells WholeWorldBand users.

Manzanera, who previously contributed a session to WholeWorldBand, is back for his second foray on the app. This time, the guitarist brings his cover of Kanye West and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne single “No Church in the Wild,” a song that featured a sample of Manzanera’s “K Scope.” “The whole process is about musical recycling,” Manzanera said of the app. “And I really hope that you join in that recycling process.”

Umphrey’s McGee have offered up the multi-track stems for their new single “Bad Friday,” plus a version of the song where 16 bars are left open for guitar-playing fans to fill in with their own solo. The Police’s Stewart Copeland, the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and many more have similarly dropped sessions onto WholeWorldBand, with the resulting fan-made tracks being posted on social media.

WholeWorldBand is available on iPhone, iPad, and Windows and MacOS computers. In December 2014, the app allowed users to sing Bono’s Band Aid 30 lyrics in an effort to raise money to fight Ebola in West Africa.

Google to reveal the future this week – NEWS.com.au

Google to reveal the future this week
IT'S the event that delivered internet-savvy spectacles, smartwatches, online maps, and the first Google-powered smartphone. Now Google's annual developers' conference, Google I/O, is poised to kick off a fresh round of innovation in the wee hours of Friday …
Google's Internet-connected toys patent sparks privacy concerns, visions of IoT Computerworld

Get Ready for Google Brillo, the New Operating System for Your HomeGizmodo
Google's annual I/O conference on May 28West Texas News
Business Insider
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UN chief Ban Ki-Moon seeks ‘global action’ on climate – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
UN chief Ban Ki-Moon seeks 'global action' on climate
Sydney Morning Herald
UN chief Ban Ki-Moon is calling for renewed "global action" to limit climate change ahead of a quadrennial congress in Geneva. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) meeting is a forerunner to a key conference in Paris at the end of the year which …
UN chief urges Ireland to lead on climate changeRTE.ie

UN chief wants more options for refugees, recalls lost homeSalon

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Wolf Volcano Erupts on Galapagos Islands – Wall Street Journal

Channel News Asia
Wolf Volcano Erupts on Galapagos Islands
Wall Street Journal
QUITO, Ecuador—After almost 33 years of inactivity, Wolf Volcano, the highest in the Galapagos Islands and home to the only population of pink iguanas in the world, began to erupt early Monday, the Galapagos National Park reported. “The volcano is not …
Volcano erupts on Galapagos island home to unique pink iguanasReuters

Galapagos Island volcano erupts first time in 33 yearsFoxReno.com

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Watch RHCP’s Chad Smith Jam With Children for ‘Little Kids Rock’ Event

Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Chad Smith received the “Livin’ the Dream” award at Little Kids Rock‘s first ever Family Jam, raising over $85,000 to help provide music education for students.

The Family Jam took place at Facebook’s headquarters last week, and Smith attended to accept the award created in honor of former Facebook head chef Josef Desimone, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2013.

Smith jammed onstage with young Chili Peppers fans and told Rolling Stone about the importance of philanthropy. “Music has been at the center of my life for as long as I can remember, and it’s pretty cool to be in a position to give back,” the drummer says. “Thanks to Little Kids Rock for taking the lead and building such an amazing organization.

“It’s so important to keep music education alive in our schools, and to dedicate resources to giving back to the next generation of music makers,” Smith continues. “I’m committed to doing everything I can to support this effort, and Saturday’s event at Facebook was an absolute blast. Who knows — maybe some of the kids we jammed with will be the next Red Hot Chili Peppers!”

The video shows highlights of the event, including Smith joining Little Kids Rock students for a performance of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2002 hit “Can’t Stop.” “Music is the lifeblood of our culture and music has saved my life many times over,” Smith says in the video. “Everyone should have the opportunity to be involved, in some way, in music.”

Smith has been a huge supporter and fundraiser for music education. His drum battle against look-a-like Will Ferrell on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon helped benefit Little Kids Rock as well as Cancer for College, an organization that helps give college scholarships to cancer patients. Smith also participated in a White House talent show last year alongside the Obamas, Sarah Jessica Parker and Alfre Woodard to help raise awareness for arts education.

Miracle Watts Has the Best Thirst Traps

Photos via Instagram

Instagram was made for Thirst Traps. On the social media site there are tons of half naked women who show off their assets in sexy poses and viewers love them. The queen of thirst traps is Miracle Watts. This brown skin bombshell’s IG page is filled with photos that will stop you in your tracks. Take a look at some above.

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