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Microsoft Has Officially Cut Nokia’s Brand From Its Most Popular Smartphone Line (MSFT)

nokia lumia 920

Microsoft and Nokia have officially announced that the Finnish smartphone maker will no longer be a part of the branding for Lumia Windows Phone devices.

Tuula Rytilä, Microsoft’s senior vice president of marketing for phones, shared the news via Nokia’s Conversations blog (via The Verge). This means upcoming Lumia smartphones will be referred to as “Microsoft Lumia” rather than “Nokia Lumia.”

Rytilä didn’t specify exactly when we’ll see the first smartphone with this new branding, but did say the company is “looking forward to revealing a Microsoft Lumia device soon.”

Although Nokia’s branding will no longer be present on Lumia devices, Microsoft will continue to release low-end Nokia phones.

The announcement comes several months after Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division. The Verge also reported that Microsoft will axe Nokia’s branding from the Lumia line earlier this week. 

The move makes sense for Microsoft, since the Lumia line seems to be the most popular Windows Phone brand to date. And, although Windows Phone is still far behind Android and iOS in terms of market share, Lumia sales seem to be growing.

Microsoft sold 9.3 million Lumia phones in its most recent quarter, which is a 5.6% increase from the 8.8 million Lumia handsets it sold during the same time last year, the company revealed in its Thursday earnings report.

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Steal My Girl: Behind-the-scenes pics of new One Direction video

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With one day to go before the release of their new video for Steal My Girl, One Direction have shared behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Beyonce & Jay Z Renew Their Wedding Vows: Morning Mix

Still Crazy In Love

Did You Hear?

:: Congrats are in order for Beyonce and Jay Z! According to People, the star couple renewed their wedding vows after six years of marriage. Maybe now those divorce rumors can be put to an end. [People]

:: Courtney Love will try her hand at acting again, as the Hole singer is set to appear on FOX’s Empire. She will be a recurring guest star on the upcoming drama, playing the role of rocker Elle Dallas. [The Hollywood Reporter]

:: Dr. Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine are planning to start their own college. The duo sold their Beats headphones company to Apple for a few billion dollars, and used the money to fund the new venture.The program’s name is called the “USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation.” [Pigeons & Planes]

:: Nine years after his single “You’re Beautiful” debuted, James Blunt is finally agreeing with the rest of the world that the song was (and still is) annoying. He told Hello! magazine, “I think, at the end of the day, I was marketed by a record company to appeal to women during Desperate Housewives‘ commercials and you lose 50 percent of the population in doing so.” Hey, better late than never! [Billboard]

:: Anna Todd, an up-and-coming novelist who writes One Direction fan fiction, just scored a six-figure publishing deal. After, her debut erotic book that follows a character’s sexual interactions with a guy named Harry Styles, will hit your nearest bookshelves next week. [Rolling Stone]

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:: The View (ABC) — Annie Lennox
:: The Ellen Degeneres Show (syndicated) — Neil Diamond
:: The Meredith Viera Show (syndicated) — Nick Cannon
:: Tavis Smiley (PBS) — Annie Lennox

Bitcasa pulls the plug on infinite storage and gives users 3 weeks to migrate files to new system

Bitcasa is a cloud storage startup that promised to bring infinite storage to your desktop, finally arriving out of beta in February last year. Now, however, Bitcasa has announced that it will no longer be offering infinite storage. The reason? Lack of demand, it seems. The company blog posts says: “While our Infinite offering was one of our early value propositions, we have since found that only a small percentage of people use it (only 0.5 percent of our accounts require more than 1TB, and less than 0.1 percent require more than 10TB).” So low demand and a “growing number…

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Video Game Trailers – Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Official Trailer【HD】

Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Official Launch Trailer【HD】
available starting from November 29

Exclusively on: iPhone
Genre: Puzzle Action
Publisher: Rovio
Developer: Rovio
Date: November 29

Not so very long ago, in this very galaxy you live in, mobile game developer Rovio released a version of their hit Angry Birds games that was themed after the Star Wars film franchise. For those who have played the Episode IV levels of Angry Birds Star Wars to death, you'll be happy to know that Episode V, the Hoth levels, is being released as a free add-on today. Also, it's launching with an adorable new trailer.

Combining the elements of the more strategic Angry Birds Space with the Sci-Fi antics of the Star Wars universe, Rovio once again captured lightning in a bottle with the their latest hit physics-based bird-flinging game, Angry Birds Star Wars. Complete with levels reminiscent of scenes from the legendary films and bird abilities that mimicked favorite characters (The Luke bird can cut through things with his Light Saber, for instance), Rovio once again had an instant hit on its hands.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a gift that keeps on giving, however, and, starting today, the second pack of levels themed after the second movie in the original film trilogy can be added to your copy of the game at no extra charge. To mark the occasion, the Rovio crew have put together the following, almost too adorable for words, launch trailer.

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