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PICK A UNIVERSE: NEW MUSIC VIDEOS (7th Indiegogo/Album update)

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Greek Orthodox Church bans religious rites at cremations

The Greek Orthodox Church will not provide religious rites for those who choose cremation, saying it disrespects the human body.

Athens (AFP) – The Greek Orthodox Church says it will not provide religious rites for those who choose cremation, saying it disrespects the human body.

“The incineration of the body is not in keeping with the traditions and actions of the Church, for anthropological and theological reasons,” the Church said in a statement.

Cremation was only made legal in Greece in 2006 and there is still nowhere it can be carried out in the country.

That has not stopped the Church labelling a new law on procedures for cremation as “nihilism” which contributes to “the suppression of religion” and a “lack of respect for the human body”. 

“The Church does not accept incineration of the body because it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who expresses the intention to be incinerated confirms their separation from the Church and therefore does not have the right to a religious ceremony,” the statement said.

No Greek government has yet authorised the construction of a crematorium in a country where religion continues to play a major role in public life. 

The mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki, Georges Kaminis and Yannis Boutaris, have long called for crematoriums in the face of dwindling space for cemeteries but have been repeatedly rebuffed.


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The Second Languages Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic

The website MoveHub.com is a resource for people looking to move abroad.

They’ve released this eye-opening infographic that shows the second language of every region across the globe. Some are rather predictable, such as Canada’s knowledge of French. 

But others are very telling about the histories of certain regions and how our global story has played out over hundreds of years.

Take a look at what they’ve compiled:


second languages map 1350px

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