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NASA find brightest galaxy in the universe – NEWS.com.au

NASA find brightest galaxy in the universe
ASTROPHYSICISTS have discovered a remote galaxy shining with the light of more than 300 trillion suns. Known as WISE J224607.57-052635.0, it is the most luminous galaxy to ever be discovered and was located using data from NASA's Wide-field …
The most incredibly brilliant galaxy was discovered by accidentEmpire State Tribune

Brightest known galaxy shines like 300 trillion sunsThe Space Reporter

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Researchers find Android factory reset faulty and reversible – Engadget

Researchers find Android factory reset faulty and reversible
Android's factory reset function isn't as effective as we'd all like it to be, according to a team of Cambridge University researchers. The group estimates that as many as 500 to 630 million Android devices might not be capable of completely wiping the data …
HTC One M9 a top-notch Android phoneToronto Sun

Researchers Find Factory Resets Doesn't Really Wipe EverythingUbergizmo (blog)
Report: Don't Put Too Much Trust in an Android Factory ResetPC Magazine
Tech Times –Geek Snack –PCWorld
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Scientists discovered how plankton feed the entire planet by constantly evolving – Empire State Tribune

Empire State Tribune
Scientists discovered how plankton feed the entire planet by constantly evolving
Empire State Tribune
Researchers uncover a surprising range of functions out of a small plankton, the tiny plants, viruses and embryonic fish that whales prefer to eat and provide considerably of the planet's oxygen. Such a tiny thing with so much more to contribute to our planet, …

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Jahni Denver Added to Dizzy Wright’s Tour; Drops “Let It Breathe”

Colorado bred and Los Angeles based rapper  Jahni Denver releases his newest single “Let It Breathe” produced by DJ Pumba and set to be featured on Jahni’s Higher Levels project.   Repping Snow the Product’Woke movement to the fullest, Higher Levels is set for release on May 27 just before Jahni Denver jumps on tour with Dizzy Wright, DJ Hoppa and Demrick for the The Growing Process Tour.
In addition to this tour with DizzyJahni Denver is jumping on tour with Snow on The Rest Comes Later tour later this Summer. Get hip, the homie is ready and putting in work!

California: Dating Website Is Hacked – New York Times

California: Dating Website Is Hacked
New York Times
The operator of a popular dating website said Friday that it was investigating a data security breach after reports that hackers stole names, email addresses and information about the sexual orientation or habits of up to four million members. Britain's Channel …
Hackers Hit Online Hookup Site AdultFriendFinder; Post Sexual Preferences Of CBS Local

Overheard: Risky Business for AshleyMadison.comWall Street Journal
Adult online dating site reports data security breach of member informationReuters

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Possibly Disruptive Google Project Fi To Add More Subscribers, Soon – STGIST

Possibly Disruptive Google Project Fi To Add More Subscribers, Soon
Project Fi not ready to expand, yet. In a new letter, Google confirmed that its MVNO will reach all customers in midsummer and the delay was linked to unannounced volume of requests, and Google's quality control.
Google Project Fi – Another Slice in the Wireless Carrier PieMovie TV Tech Geeks News

All Project Fi Invitations Should Have Gone Out By SummerUbergizmo (blog)
Excited to try Google's game-changing Project Fi? You're in for a long waitBGR
GeekWire –TechCrunch –androidandme.com
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‘Poltergeist’ Is An Excellent Remake

They’re hereeeeee

The new movie Poltergeist, is a remake of the classic horror movie Poltergeist, that came out in 1982.  Having the same plot as the older version, this movie follows a family, the Bowens, who move into the suburbs and who are all hopeful that this new house that they are moving into will be the start of something good for them.  However, the house that they have just moved in to is haunted by a bunch of spirits who are angry that their peace has been disturbed.  They take out their anger by haunting this family and abducting the family’s youngest member, Madison.  The spirits take Madison in hopes that she can lead them into eternal slumber and into the light, but in doing so, the Bowens would never see Madison again.  It is with the help of paranormal specialists that they fight against these spirits and try to bring back Madison and keep their family safe.

One thing that is good about this remake is that it sticks to the original plot and does not overdo anything in regards to making this a new age or contemporary horror film.  The original Poltergeist was such a hit and the way that this remake stuck to its roots made it a solid and successful horror film.  Although there were only a few jump scares, what makes this movie terrifying is the concept of spirits haunting you and trying to take you into their realm, and with that concept in mind, it keeps the audience in suspense and at the very edge of their seats.  Also, this film never tried too hard to scare the audience.  Many horror films that have been released recently, have tried very hard to insert as many jump scares which turns it into a gimmicky film.  This Poltergeist remake will be a huge hit and will be sure to scare anyone who goes to see it.

Poltergeist hits theaters on May 22, 2015.


-Vinesh Vora

Listen to A$AP Rocky’s “Electric Body,” Featuring ScHoolboy Q

They aren’t brand new anymore, but they’re still scorching

Over the past 4 years, there’s probably been no surer bet than an A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q collaboration (Nicki Minaj and Beyonce may have something to say about that but, let’s not digress). Beginning in 2011 with Live.Love.A$AP‘s “Brand New Guy,” and continuing with popular songs like “Hands On The Wheel,” “PMW,” and “Californication,” it quickly became apparent that these bi-coastal bandits couldn’t be stopped. This new record, “Electric Body,” will do little to quell that sentiment.

Listen to their latest collaboration, which will appear on Rocky’s forthcomign At.Long.Last.A$AP album (June 2), below.

AH Weekly Poll: What About Google I/O Has You Most Excited? – Android Headlines – Android News

Android Headlines – Android News
AH Weekly Poll: What About Google I/O Has You Most Excited?
Android Headlines – Android News
Sometimes it's easy to forget that time flies by rather quickly, as it seems like just yesterday we were heading into the first of the year for 2015. This isn't the case however as we're approaching the end of May, and Google's annual developer conference, …
Don't Miss These Android Stories: May 22, 2015Droid Life (press release) (blog)

Daily Video: Microsoft Squeezes Office Onto Android PhoneseWeek
What to Expect from Google's I/O ConferenceKMBZ

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