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New Music: Lupe Fiasco Feat. Nikki Jean “Haile Selassie”

lupe fiasco haile selassie

Following up on last Friday’s offering “Lilies,” Lupe Fiasco returns with a second preview of his upcoming free project, Lost In The Atlantic. Backed by the soft vocals of frequent collaborator Nikki Jean (who just dropped her own new single featuring Ab-Soul), the Chi-Town lyricist spreads his own profound teachings on “Haile Selassie” in honor of the famed Ethiopian emperor and messiah of the Rastafari movement.

No word on when Lost In the Atlantic will be making a splash, but it serves as a prelude to Lupe’s long-awaited Tetsuo & Youth LP, which hits stores January 20, 2015.

Listen below…

New Music: Lupe Fiasco Feat. Sirah “Lilies”
Lupe Fiasco Announces ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ Release Date
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Logic Spits A Crazy Freestyle On Big Boy’s Neighborhood

There is a lot of debate over what the word “freestyle” truly means. Some say that a freestyle is any verse that hasn’t been recorded yet, and others say that a true freestyle is when a rapper spits completely unprepared, aka “off the dome.” While we’re not going to get into what constitutes a true freestyle and what doesn’t, one thing is for certain: most rappers don’t go off the dome for their live radio freestyles, in order to avoid the risk of messing up and looking foolish; which is completely understandable. This is what makes what XXL Freshmen alum Logic did on Big Boy’s Neighborhood yesterday (Oct. 23) all the more impressive. Before hopping on the mic, Logic announced that he would be spitting off the top. Despite slipping up a few times, something that is expected when going off the top, the Def Jam signee proceeded to rip the mic for almost 10 minutes, hopping on several classic beats; all obviously spit off the dome.

Watch the dope off the dome freestyle above, and check out our review of Logic’s ‘Under Pressure by clicking the link here.

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Hear OG Maco’s ‘Live Life 2,’ the Furious Mixtape From Viral ‘U Guessed It’ Star

Atlanta spitfire OG Maco, the young crunkmaster behind minimalist viral hits like “U Guessed It” and “Fuckemx3″ is dropping his latest mixtape, Live Life 2. The sequel to last year’s Live Life, its seven tracks are full of screamed ad-libs and sinister bouts of AutoTune. What else would expect from an EP with a song called “Unleash the Kraken”? 

Maco recently signed to Quality Control, the booming Atlanta record label who’s leading the charge in young, energetic, experimentally minded musicians, joining a roster that includes Migos and Skippa Da Flippa. Will Maco’s explosive shouts — “Yeah, yeah!” “Hwah!” “Fuckemfuckemfuckem!” — signal a new era of crunktastic ATL rap? Will he prove to be the Death Grips of the Dirty South? Stream Love Life 2 and see. 

Legendary Headhunter Reveals The 3 Qualities Companies Seek In Would-Be CEOs

Steve Jobs Young

A lot of 40-something Harvard Business School grads come to headhunter Russell Reynolds to ask him what went wrong in their careers. 

“They want to know why they got passed by,” he tells Business Insider.

They assume that Reynolds knows why, and the thing is, he does.

While you might not know his name, 82-year-old Reynolds has quietly shaped the business world.

Over the course of his 45-year career, Reynolds has counseled the chairmen, presidents, and CEOs of many of the world’s leading companies, ranging from the largest financial institutions and industrial conglomerates to renowned nonprofit organizations and family-owned enterprises.

In 2012 he published “Heads: Business Lessons from an Executive Search Pioneer,” a book distilling the knowledge he accrued over the years.

We talked with Russell about the qualities that he and his clients seek out in executive candidates.

Find an edited transcript of our conversation below. 

BUSINESS INSIDER: So what is the problem with this HBS grads? 

RUSSELL REYNOLDS: These Harvard Business School grads come in with a halo on their head and a Brooks Brothers suit. Going to business school is a good thing to do if you don’t have a better idea.  

On the corporate level, a lot of HBS students come out and say I’ll work at the company two to three years and then I’ll start my own business. Their attitude should be: I hope I’m good enough to work here 30 years, and maybe become CEO. 

BI: How can people stay on the right track throughout their careers? 

RR: It’s both personal and professional. In my 25th anniversary at Yale, I had emerged as a leading headhunter. Everyone told me their story of woe. Half the people were on a downward slide. The other half were doing great. People screw up their personal lives. Your personal life and your business life are interrelated. 

BI: But a huge part of getting ahead is sending the right signals to the higher ups. What qualities do you look for? 

RR: First of all, people have to look good. They have to dress for the role. That may sound superficial. If it’s Microsoft, it’s one outfit; in the US Army it’s another. You have to look like you belong to the group. You have to look a little better than the group. 

First impressions are very important. A good smile, a good handshake. Being neat, well groomed. Good posture. You want to stand up straight, you want to have a body that leans forward, not backward, an initiator, not a reactor. So that’s the superficial part. It makes a difference.

russell_reynoldsBI: OK, so let’s get beyond the superficial. What else?

RR: That person has to be very well informed in the business and know more about the process, the customers, the defects of the product, the terminology, the patents than anybody else. They have to be able to understand it and explain it to other people. 

Knowledge is king.

Knowledge is the only asset that people can’t steal from you. It’s a competitive advantage to know more than the other people. You get it by taking the job seriously. You read books about your competitors. You talk to people in the marketplace. You don’t indulge in gossip, but you exchange information. You’re a master of what you don’t say and slave of what you do.

BI: Wharton psychologist Adam Grant says it’s a matter of relationships, too. 

RR: The delineating factor is whether the person is a taker or a giver. True leaders are concerned with other people more than themselves, doing things for the right reason. They have a moral compass — doesn’t matter if from church or a school or a family. A person has to know himself or herself.

You want to be perceived as a contributor, not someone who’s looking for something. The beginning of a downfall occurs when hubris takes over from modesty or humanity. It’s a very wise person who knows his or his place. The moment you think you’re more important or more gifted or have more rights than anybody else, the descent of the curve starts to happen. I’ve seen a lot of terrific people drinking their own Kool-Aid, and while they’re doing that, someone else was ahead. 

BI: How do you define success? 

RR: The definition of success is really are you happy inside. I think you’re happier inside if you make commitments to your company, your significant other, your friends. It has to be genuine.

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New Music: T.I. Feat. Young Thug, Lil Wayne & Jeezy “About the Money (Remix)”

ti lil wayne

Can’t get enough of T.I. and Young Thug’s “About the Money“? Neither can we. With the weekend almost here, what better time for the Hustle Gang boss to unleash this all-star Southern remix of his Paperwork hit, featuring brand new verses from Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Thugga and TIP himself. Listen to the DJ Whoo Kid and DJ MLK premiere below.

Listen below…

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4 great TNW Deals for designers and developers

We’ve got a bunch of amazing offers for designers and developers, to ease your workflow, help you engage your customers and also learn to build apps for iOS 8 with Swift. Here’s what’s in store at TNW Deals: UltraEdit Flexible and powerful enough to handle software projects of just about any size, UltraEdit is the most popular text editor for coders across the planet. With plenty of time-saving features, top-end performance and customization options, UltraEdit fits perfectly into your development workflow and lets you build without boundaries. Get UltraEdit for Mac or Windows, and code the way the world does,…

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5 steps to finding a winning brand name

Olga Steidl is the Growth manager at Linko. Earlier this year, we faced a surprise hurdle. Due to a conflicting trademark in the US and a subsequent cease and desist letter, we were forced to change our brand name just before the public launch of our product. Saying goodbye and starting anew To say that we loved our name, “Linko,” doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. Linko is a five letter word that means “sling” in Finnish and offered us many benefits. It captured our intent of linking people and data, it was easy to remember and also was…

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