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At Least 2 Dead And 4 Injured After Plane Crashes Into Kansas Airport Building

A small plane has reportedly crashed into the Flight Safety building located at the southeastern corner of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Kansas, according to multiple local media reports.

In a statement, the FAA has confirmed the aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air, crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing after losing power, reports NBC News.

Ron Blackwell, Wichita Fire Chief, confirmed to local news that two people have died and four have been injured. In addition, five others are unaccounted for.

The Flight Safety building was used to house flight simulators used for pilot training. 

Smoke from the crash was visible from miles away, KAKE News notes.

The Beechcraft King Air is a popular twin engine turbo prop general aviation airplane that was first produced in the 1960s. The King Air is operated by a crew of 1-2 and can carry anywhere between 7-13 passengers. 

Here are some photos from the scene:


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Topsen Mc Freestyle Beats Classic Instrumental Beat Classic Instrumental Beats Topsen Mc FreeBeats

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[BTS] Nightwing: The Series – Episode 5 (Behind The Scenes)

*Spoilers for Episode 1,2, 3, 4 & 5!

Episode 1 [Deathstroke]: http://youtu.be/o297A1wmys0
Episode 2 [Origins]: http://youtu.be/Adv8OASsZu0
Episode 3 [Descent]: http://youtu.be/kfYoS0YkAtY
Episode 4 [Oracle]: http://youtu.be/43GNeN8qHwQ
Episode 5 [Legacy]: http://youtu.be/k-DMUJTWrf8

Behind the Scenes
Episode 1: http://youtu.be/xGrh0vSiw8I
Episode 2: http://youtu.be/Kra3KIhiD8o
Episode 3: http://youtu.be/u7RC9dT3DqQ
Episode 4: http://youtu.be/i-DwEo8FcYY

Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for more Nightwing news!

Facebook: http://goo.gl/6o3XF
Twitter: @DannyLaShep http://goo.gl/NBBon
Twitter: @JeremyyyLe http://goo.gl/4gfvbk

"Check out the trailer": http://goo.gl/HYQcGg

Synopsis: "Nightwing: The Series" follows the story of Batman's former sidekick, Dick Grayson aka Robin. After a falling out with his mentor, Dick abandons Gotham and everyone in it. Emerging in the City of Bludhaven years later, Dick takes on the guise of "Nightwing” easily defeating the petty criminals who infest it. But he soon realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew when a mysterious and dangerous assassin only known as ‘Deathstroke, begins targeting Bludhaven citizens. Can he defend his new home and the lives of it's inhabitants from the most dangerous foe he’s ever faced!? Only time will tell in this epic 5 part mini-series!

Watch How These Cancer Patients Reacted To Their Hilariously Awful Makeovers

Last year, the Belgian charity the Mimi Ullens Foundation told 20 cancer patients they would give them makeovers. All that was required of them was to keep their eyes closed to make the reveal more exciting.

The patients expected that when they opened their eyes, they would look beautiful — but they were in for a surprise.

The first 1:30 of this video may seem straight out of a clichéd charitable makeover video. Then it takes quite the unexpected turn:

Leo Burnett France collaborated with the nonprofit Mimi Ullens Foundation on the project. The foundation has seven centers across Belgium and France that provide 15,000 cancer patients annually with beauty care, massages, and psychological support. It was founded in 2007 by Belgian art collector Myriam Ullens and her industrialist husband Guy Ullens.

The ad agency and foundation were inspired to create “If Only for a Second” by a patient’s statement that before she had cancer she was much more carefree.

The hope was that once the 20 participants discovered how silly they looked, it would allow them to “forget their disease, if only for a second,” according to the campaign’s press release.

The makeovers took place in Brussels in June 2013, and the participants reunited that November for the launch party of a book collecting photographer Vincent Dixon’s images of surprise and delight.

“Within a second, smiling faces were seen all over the room. At that very moment, cancer did not exist for the family members either,” the campaign states.

The ad went viral on YouTube and ended up winning big this year at advertising’s biggest event, the Cannes Lions festival, taking home one Gold Lion and eight Silver Lions this past September.

The foundation declined to reveal how much money “If Only for a Second” raised.

You can order the book and learn more about the campaign at the “If Only for a Second” website.

Here are a few pages from the book, courtesy of the Mimi Ullens Foundation:

if only 2

if only 3

if only 4

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Ezra’s Craft Liquor Marketplace Helps You Understand All The Subtle Notes Of Your Drink

Screenshot 2014-10-30 11.02.33 At some point in most everyone’s life, alcohol consumption goes from a sport wherein players try to get pounded in the most efficient way possible to an activity all in itself, where people actually enjoy the taste, the flavors, and the experience of drinking a fine liqueur. But going from ordering a “Jack and Coke” or tequila shots to buying top-shelf spirits can be a… Read More

Choosing the right location for your office

office building lobby exterior

This post is brought to you by Staples. We have everything your business needs to Make More Happen every day, including furniture solutions for any workspace.

Founders, when they’re first starting out, will work anywhere and everywhere — coffee shops, home offices, the library and even park benches. When you’re ready to scale; however, you’ll need more than your willpower and laptop; you’ll need an office that accommodates your rapidly growing team, sustains productivity and fosters creativity — and that’s only the beginning. Location can play a major role in your organization’s success. Let’s say you locate your business in a major tech hub like San Francisco or New York, for instance. You’ll be competing for talent in an incredibly fierce employment ecosystem. But let’s say you…

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