Adobe releases big updates to Photoshop and a new 3D character app, Fuse – Macworld

Adobe releases big updates to Photoshop and a new 3D character app, Fuse
Interface tweaks and new features come to Photoshop, along with a new integrated app for creating 3D models to pose or animate. photoshop update hero photoshop cc. Comments. Jackie Dove. Macworld. Nov 30, 2015 9:00 PM. All updates all the time: That …
Adobe November 2015 Creative Cloud Update Includes New Features for Photoshop Mac Rumors

Adobe lights a Fuse with its Photoshop updates for NovemberCNET
Adobe Photoshop update brings custom toolbars and artboardsEngadget
The Phoblographer (blog) –Windows Central
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Former Duke Legend Chris Duhon Charged In A DUI

Chris Duhon catches an L

According to Marshall’s AD, Marshall has suspended assistant Men’s basketball coach and former Duke legend and champion Chris Duhon from the coaching staff for “violation of department rules and policies” after being arrested for a DUI. Being charged with aggravated DUI early Monday morning, Chris Duhon was booked in West Virginia at the Western Regional Jail and according to the university, this was his second season as the  assistant coach. Hopefully Chris Duhon can land on his feet because with his experience and Marshall University needing more braintrust on the sideline, both entities can really use each other.

Kevin Durant Isn’t Too Fond Of Kobe Bryant’s Present Media Portrayal

Not nice KD.

The news is out, Kobe Bryant is retiring. 17-year vet. Phenomenom. Future hall of famer. The list goes on, and media has played a very good part in eloquently rolling out the news on major sites. However, you have certain media sites that chastise Kobe and according to Kevin Durant, he’s had enough. According to Anthony Slater of the, Kevin Durant stated: 

“I did idolize Kobe Bryant. I studied him, wanted to be like him. He was our Michael Jordan. I watched Michael toward the end of his career with the Wizards and I seen that’s what Kobe emerged as the guy for us. I’ve been disappointed this year because you guys (media) treated him like s***. He’s a legend and all I hear is about how bad he’s playing, how bad he’s shooting, time for him to hang it up. You guys treated one of our legends like s*** and I didn’t really like it.

“Hopefully now you can start being nice to him now that he decided to retire after this year. It was sad the way he was getting treated. He had just an amazing career, a guy who changed the game for me as a player mentally and physically. Means so much to the game of basketball. Someone I’m always gonna look to advice for anything. Just a brilliant, brilliant, intelligent man. Sad to see him go. He put his mark on the game.”

Now, Durant has always been critical of media and their mundane comments towards players for the past couple years and today’s comments  were no different. The real question is, will the media  take lead and celebrate a decorated player such as Kobe or will they continue to “attempt” to deface a glorified athlete such as the Mamba? This whole situation sounds all too familiar in what the media did to MJ in his last days in the league. Hopefully media sites can change the trajectory of the news cycle they are spewing.


The 10 Best Songs From All the Mixtapes We Got This Weekend

This Thanksgiving, Hip-Hop moved at a blistering pace, as we watched releases–both previously announced and surprises–get put out non-stop. If you looked away from your Twitter timeline to heat up leftovers, you might’ve missed three mixtapes, an album and an EP. From Fabolous to Chris Brown, and Yo Gotti to Erykah Badu, we were treated to multi-genre projects, one for just about every day of the four-day holiday weekend. In case you didn’t have time to sit down and really digest 100 songs in between stretching Thanksgiving food through the weekend and making an itinerary for Cyber Monday, we’ve set aside the 10 best songs from the holiday madness that you absolutely cannot miss.

Hear Coldplay, Beyonce’s Clubby, Dreamlike ‘Hymn for the Weekend’

Coldplay and Beyoncé‘s collaborative, clubby “Hymn for the Weekend” finds the “Drunk in Love” singer weaving her voice around the group’s R&B-inflected arrangement. “Life is a drink, and love’s a drug,” Chris Martin sings amid rattling pianos and funky percussion, before he and Beyoncé sing, “Drink for me, drink for me,” as the song grows more spacey and dreamy-sounding. Beyoncé gets the final words: “And we shoot across the sky.” The tune will appear on the band’s upcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams, due out Friday.

“It actually started off being quite a different vibe, this song,” bassist Guy Berryman told the BBC. “Chris was wanting to write a sort of party song. The words were ‘Drinks on me, drinks on me.’ And we said to him, ‘You can’t say that. You can’t get away with that.’ Then the whole story of the song changed and then he asked Beyoncé to sing on it, and she very kindly said she would. And it was amazing. She came in. She did her thing. She’s unbelievably professional. I think she was in and out in five minutes. And we are so blessed to sing on one of our songs.”

The bassist later said that he liked how “understated” the pairing sounded. “It was never supposed to be a duet or anything,” he said.

Martin recently corroborated Berryman’s story about the band protesting him singing, “Drinks on me, drinks on me” in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He also revealed the tune’s inspiration. “The original kernel was that I was listening to Flo Rida or something, and I thought, it’s such a shame that Coldplay could never have one of those late-night club songs, like ‘Turn Down for What,'” Martin said.

The album contains numerous notable guest appearances, including one by Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Noel Gallagher, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tove Lo also appear on the record.

Google hires Tesla’s Autopilot engineering manager – Mashable

Google hires Tesla's Autopilot engineering manager
Google is insistent it's not looking to build a car. That's funny, because it just hired away Tesla's Autopilot chief engineer. See also: Bugatti has already taken more than 100 orders on Chiron, its Veyron successor …
Tesla's Autopilot Engineering Manager Joins Google RoboticsAndroid Headlines – Android News

Google Hires Brains Behind Tesla's 'Autopilot'Tech Times
Google hires the lead for Tesla's semi-autonomous driving techEngadget
The Verge –TechCrunch –Bidness ETC
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AT&T to Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Plans From $30 to $35 – Mac Rumors

AT&T to Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Plans From $30 to $35
Mac Rumors
AT&T will raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans from $30 to $35 in February of 2016, reports CNBC. The upcoming rate change is detailed on a page on AT&T's website and is the first price hike the unlimited plan has seen in seven years.
AT&T really wants you off that unlimited-data planCNET

AT&T Legacy Unlimited Data Plans Will Rise To $35 In Q1 2016Android Headlines – Android News
AT&T will raise cost of old unlimited data plans by $5 in FebruaryThe Verge
PhoneDog –Droid Life (press release) (blog) –SlashGear
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