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Troy Ave’s Manager Says They Had Nothing To Do With iLoveMakonnen’s Attack

Troy Ave

In a bizarre turn of events, iLoveMakonnen was attacked Tuesday (Oct. 21) night during a performance at SOBs in NYC. After attempting to dap someone in the crowd, the man then pulled Makonnen down and began punching him. While the turn up continued despite the unexpected assault, many questioned what drove the man to attack the “Tuesday” singer. All eyes soon turned to Troy Ave due to the negative comments Makonnen made about his remix to “Tuesday”. Troy Ave’s manager Hovain Hylton recently spoke to STASHED to squash all the rumors.

“I left all of that negative s**t alone,”  said Hovain Hylton, BSB Co-CEO and Troy Ave’s manager. ”[We] were trying to get him on a remix of “All About The Money,” Hylton stated. He went on to mention all the issues between the two artists were squashed several weeks ago when he spoke to Drake and OVO.

Although Troy Ave threatened Makonnen during their previous war or words exchange on Twitter, Hylton confirms the rapper had absolutely nothing to do with the attack.

“It’s just wack that any time something negative happens now, they think of us. People are going to believe what they will, but BSB had nothing to do with that,” he concluded.


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Jawbone Releases DROP, an Intuitive Social Listening App…


Jawbone has released a new social music listening app called DROP. The app was created as a solution for social listening on Jawbone’s Jambox speakers, but you don’t need any specific hardware to use the app.

This is what Jambox has to say about the motivation behind the app:

“We started by looking at opportunities to improve the JAMBOX experience, and found our inspiration from a simple frustration expressed by Jon Witort, one of our engineers. As the JAMBOX owner in his group of friends, he consistently had to play DJ as well. Problem was, he didn’t know what everyone wanted to hear, and didn’t want to spend his whole evening curating a playlist. While other apps provided basic sharing with lots of bells and whistles, they didn’t address the real pain point. So Jon did what great engineers do, and what we are constantly striving to do at Jawbone: he created a solution to the problem.”

I was pretty skeptical, but was impressed by the design so I decided to give it a go.

I discovered that Drop is a beautiful app that DOES solve the “social listening problem”.

Drop requires a paid Spotify or Rdio account to run. Once an account is connected it immediately starts a suggested playlist based on your profile. Swipe up to skip a track, or swipe down to search or queue suggested songs.

Connect the app to Twitter to take suggestions from others. I sent a tweet out from the app and Twitter users are queueing songs to my playlist by tweeting “@twittername drop *song title* by *artist*”.

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 11.42.03 AM


When a user queues a song to your playlist, a bubble with their profile picture immediately drops onto your screen. This bubble is a visual representation of the track they queued, and it floats around the screen when you move your device.

A troll queued a Nickelback song to my playlist and I was able to easily remove it by clicking on their user bubble and editing my queue.

Once all the songs in your queue are played, Drop goes right back to automated suggestions.

Drop is fun, intuitive, and really takes advantage of the capabilities of social media. It’s also a perfect hybrid of automated playlists and social recommendation, while still allowing users to have complete control of their listening experience.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. Drop her a track on Twitter: 

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TestFlight Beta Testing Goes Live For All iOS Developers

testflight-devices_2x Apple has pushed its TestFlight Beta testing service live for everyone, the company revealed on its developer news portal today. Registered developers can now invite up to 1,000 beta testers to try out their iOS apps, using emailed invitations sent via the iTunes Connect portal. TestFlight, the beta testing service Apple acquired sometime within the last year, allows developers to build teams… Read More

Join Me Tomorrow In Krakow

Lajkonik pod filharmonia I’ll be speaking at an event held by Geek Girls Carrots Crakow, a group of amazing programmers who are working to bring everyone onto the STEM wagon. The event will be held at Przemysłowa 12 in Krakow, Poland at 7pm. You can sign up here.
I’ll also be attending and judging AGHacks, the biggest student Hackathon in Poland. This event will include “DARMOWE JEDZENIE I… Read More

Why A Feminist Professor Is Teaching An Entire Class About Beyoncé

beyonce super bowl halftime showYou know you’ve made it when people recognize you by your first name. Cher, Robyn, and Madonna have all become single names, and now Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has, too.

One of the best-selling artists of all time, the multi-talented performer and businesswoman is a superstar to millions around the world. 

But to the professor Kevin Allred and roughly 30 students at Rutgers University, Beyoncé is something more — a feminist, a gay icon, and a powerful political figure.

Allred teaches a wildly popular women’s studies course, “Politicizing Beyonce: Black Feminism, US Politics, & Queen Bey.”

The class is at capacity, and the room is cramped — especially because he encourages students to bring their friends. But that doesn’t stop them from rocking out to Beyonce’s greatest hits. 

“They usually sign up because they’re big fans of Beyoncé’s music, but they quickly start to make connections beyond just being fans,” Allred says.

Allred, 33, says he’s been a huge fan of Beyoncé for a long time, but he didn’t think of her as a political actor until he came across an essay by Yale Professor Daphne Brooks that linked the singer to black, female disempowerment.

“She argued that Beyoncé’s ‘B’day’ album should be seen in the same trajectory as more explicitly recognized black female protest singers,” Allred says. “I was compelled by the article and began to use Beyoncé in my teaching to spark students’ interest in having conversations around gender, sexuality, and race.”

beyonce vma awardsBeyoncé’s music challenges many of society’s conceptions about gender, sexuality, and race, according to Allred, who says her prominence gives her political influence.

“Beyoncé is a political figure because she commands attention — perhaps the most attention of any entertainer today. People listen when she talks and people question things when she raises the question herself,” he says.  

attached imageWhile Allred admits her influence isn’t explicitly governmental or legislative, he says she has the power to inspire cultural movements for change.

The Queen Bey wrote a note on gender inequality for the Shriver Report, hosted a high-dollar fundraiser for Barack Obama, is a champion of LGBT equality, and increasingly highlights feminism in her work. 

Her song lyrics also stress equality and partnership over traditional gender roles,” Allred says. “Some songs even go so far as calling out the ways relationships and the ways we perceive sexuality are bound to fail because they have been based on these outdated stereotypes.”

In a track from her latest album, “Flawless,” Beyoncé samples Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s viral TED talk on feminism. The image the track produced when Beyoncé performed it at this year’s Video Music Awards was unmistakable. In letters 12 feet high, “FEMINIST” lit up the stage.

“I’ve already had students in my Intro Women’s Studies courses that say they wanted to learn more about gender and take a class because they heard Beyoncé talk about it on the new album,” Allred says.

feminist beyonce vmasGay men and women also identify with the artist. Allred says she frequently adopts lesbian styles by wearing suits and “men’s” shirts, carries herself with a masculine swagger, and often jumps between gender styles — especially as her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

Speaking on the issue of same-sex marriage, and in a reference to her song “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé said, “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it.” Her husband, rapper Jay-Z, said, “It’s no different than discriminating against blacks — it’s discrimination, plain and simple.”

 inauguration beyonce obamaIn Allred’s course, Beyonce’s music is paired with black, feminists texts, another love of his.

“That way, students are getting an education in the history of black feminist theory in the US, just using Beyoncé as the focal point,” he says. “I let them be pretty fan-oriented on the first day, but urge them for the remainder of the semester to push past that and engage academically.” 

When he tells people what he does, Kevin says people are often surprised. Tons of jaw drops, a lot of exclamations over how excited they are to hear that something like that exists. Overwhelmingly positive stuff,” he says. 

I’ve only ever had one really really nasty email that classes like mine would mark the end of the world,” he added, but I eventually made peace with the guy and he’s not so mad about it now. “

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Kiesza’s “No Enemiesz” Lyric Video: Watch The Throwback Clip

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Kiesza follows up her breakout single “Hideaway” with her latest offering, “No Enemiesz.” The song, off the chanteuse’s debut LP Sound Of A Woman, now has an accompanying lyric video. The clip has a total throwback vibe, complete with a fuzzy camera filter straight from 1992 and the verses written on birthday cakes, magazines, iPhones and more. Dimly-lit shots of people at an underground basement party are also interwoven throughout.

Watch the lyric video up top, and look out for the official visual tomorrow (October 24). Sound Of A Woman was officially released on October 21 via Island Records.

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