Stephen Hawking wastes precious time imagining universe where Zayn Malik is … – Washington Post

Stephen Hawking wastes precious time imagining universe where Zayn Malik is
Washington Post
One of the world's greatest theoretical physicists, though suffering from a life-threatening ailment, has taken minutes of the too-little time allotted him on planet Earth to weigh in on Zayn Malik's departure from the boy band One Direction. Stephen Hawking was …
Hologram Stephen Hawking visits Australia with TelePresenceZDNet

“Finally, a question about something important,” Hawking replied, to a wave of
Stephen Hawking tells fans Zayn Malik could still be in a parallel One DirectionThe Guardian
Sydney Morning Herald –ABC Online –Irish Independent
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Star Wars, Hawaiian Style – Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal
Star Wars, Hawaiian Style
Earth Island Journal
The Big Island of Hawaii is often in the news because of the active Kilauea volcano. However, an eruption of another sort at the dormant 13,796 foot-high Mauna Kea is thrusting Hawaii back into the headlines. This explosion of activism has been triggered not …
Hawaii telescope website taken down in apparent cyberattackOmaha World-Herald

Apparent cyberattack temporarily shuts down TMT websiteHonolulu Star-Advertiser

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Silent Hills Demo Departing Wednesday, Game’s Future Bleak – PC Magazine

Silent Hills Demo Departing Wednesday, Game's Future Bleak
PC Magazine
If you haven't yet played the truly frightening Silent Hills P.T. demo—as in, playable trailer, or a glimpse at the next to-be-released horror title in the Silent Hills franchise—then you better get going. According to reports, the playable trailer will be departing the …
'P.T.' Demo Getting Pulled From PS4 PSN Store As 'Silent Hills' Is Cancelled Gamenguide

Guillermo del Toro no longer on Silent HillsGematsu
Next Silent Hill Game
GamerCenterOnline –GameSpot –The Verge
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Scientists Find New Method To Tell Twins’ DNA Apart, Could Investigate Crime … – Yibada (English Edition)

Yibada (English Edition)
Scientists Find New Method To Tell Twins' DNA Apart, Could Investigate Crime
Yibada (English Edition)
British scientists have discovered a new method to tell twins apart by examining the different melting points of their DNA. This could be an effective tool when police investigate one or both twins who are suspects in crime cases. The cases in which such a tool …
Reports: Scientists find breakthrough way to tell twins' DNA apartWSOC Charlotte

Police can now tell identical twins apart – just melt their DNANew Scientist
Police can spot differences between identical twins by melting DNAEngadget

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A weekend in Australia with the Apple Watch: Is it worth the hype? – Mashable

A weekend in Australia with the Apple Watch: Is it worth the hype?
When you have an Apple Watch on your wrist you automatically turn into a bit of a tool. My arm was doing totally unnecessary maneuvers — hair flicking all over town, reaching for things I didn't need and I kept purposely pushing my sleeves up. It was Friday …
Apple Watch: what you need to knowOmaha World-Herald

1-800 Contacts Announces Apple Watch AppUtah Business
Apple Watch review roundup: Stylish, elegant but..Delhi Daily News
USA TODAY –Gizmodo
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Doctors Start #KylieJennerTruthChallenge

To avoid more young girls hurting themselves with the #KylieJennerChallenge, Dr. Zoe challenges her listeners to start a “Kylie Jenner Truth Challenge,” hashtagging #KylieJennerTruthChallenge.

In case you’re out of the loop, try typing #KylieJennerChallenge into the search feature of Twitter or Instagram. What you’ll find is hundreds of new results every few seconds of primarily tween and teen girls sucking into a shot glass or other small container to swell their lips, attempting to imitate the star’s pout. The results? Bruising, inflammation, scarring, broken blood vessels, split lips and in some cases cuts requiring stitches when the glasses burst from the pressure.

Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir, who also happened to fix Farrah Abraham’s famous lip mishap back in January, had a much different point of view: “She’s absolutely 100%, in my professional opinion, had filler done. There’s no question about it, it’s not lip liner, it’s filler.”  joined Dr. Zoe Shuster Thursday night on the Dr. Zoe Today Show and gave her professional opinion by stating hat Kylie Jenner’s lips are definitely achieved with filler.

Due to high demand by fans and show listeners, the show, titled “HOTT Docs on Skin & Sex” inevitably devoted a large portion to the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

Friday morning Dr. Zoe took the challenge to her Twitter (@zoenfriends), hashtagging #KylieJennerTruthChallenge. “Love @KylieJenner but like @tabasum & I discussed on my show-definitely FILLER. SO before another girl gets hurt #KylieJennerTruthChallenge“. The hashtag immediately caught on with Dr. Zoe’s large following and several celebrities have shown their support.

Known as “The Confidential Coach” to celebrities and other leaders in business, entertainment, sports, politics and religion, Dr. Zoe explains “every teen goes through growing pains… Kylie is definitely going through a lot… but with Kylie Jenner being one of the biggest stars in pop culture currently, especially with tween and teen girls, there comes a responsibility with that type of notoriety.” She continued to challenge her listeners to flip the script on this challenge trending through social media, “I think everyone listening should do a Kylie Jenner Truth Challenge and encourage Kylie to come clean and be honest.”

The hour long interview is available to listen to via the free “Dr. Zoe Today” app available on the App Store and Google Play or at

The Dr. Zoe Today show airs every Thursday night 9ET/8CT/6PT and is notorious for shocking and exclusive celebrity interviews as well as pertinent information about love, sex and relationships.

Today In Hip Hop History: Outkast Release Debut ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ 21 Years Ago

Released on April 26, 1994, by LaFace Records, ATL’s own Outkast debut LP ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ turns 21

Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast have been making hits for over 20 years strong. Their debut LP Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, was produced entirely by Organized Noize; made up of Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Sleepy Brown. The live instrumentals and organic sound created the theme music for the “Dirty South” throughout the remainder of the 90′s.

The commercial success of Arrested Development‘s 1992 Alternative Hip Hop single “Tennessee” encouraged LaFace to sign OutKast as the label’s first Hip Hop act. The debut’s lead single “Player’s Ball”, which included a music video directed by P. Diddy, sold 500,000 copies and rose to number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles. Their first album is definitely a Hip Hop classic and salute to Outkast for continuing to bring us hits for two decades straight.

You need git up, git out and git somethin
How will you make it if you never even try
You need to git up, git out and git somethin
Cuz you and I got to do for you and I”

Source Sports Exclusive: World Heavyweight Championship Boxing At Madison Square Garden

The Source was present to see Wladimir Klitschko continue his dominance as world heavyweight champion at MSG

In what many may considered as the “warm-up” to the biggest fight to ever be organized in boxing history on May 2nd, The Source Sports was in attendance to see World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko defend his title against Philly’s own Bryant Jennings. In a packed house filled with Ukranian fans chanting “Big Strong”, Klitschko was able to put on a boxing clinic as he scored a unanimous decision victory over Bryant “ByBy” Jennings. After the legendary announcer Michael Buffer screamed out the signature “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” cry, it was a war in the world’s famous arena. Stars and boxing legends such as Bruce Willis, Klitschko’s wife Hayden Panettiere, Quincy Jones, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Bernard Hopkins were in the stands as Wladmir was able to out land and out threw Jennings the entire bout.


Coming into this bout, everyone expected a decent display a boxing from Jennings and even though he came up short from completing the upset, the Philadephia brawler was able to show glimpse to fans of why he was undefeated at 19-0 before meeting up with Wladimir. The aggressor throughout the fight, Byrant was able to connect with some impressive hooks and body shots on Klitschko. Noticing Klitschko’s length and repetitive jab punching was gonna be a issue, Jennings was able to adjust extremely well and was able to rattle the champ as the fight went on. In fact, Jennings was able to be more accurate than the champ as the fight went which at moments had the crowd chanting “USA-USA” as if we was witnessing a live viewing of Rocky vs. Drago all over again.


But it was too much Klitschko towards the end of the bout as he was able to land some deadly 1-2 combos, stunning Jennings quite a few times during the bout. The champ was able to adjust to Jennings aggressive style and continue to go back to what helped him remained as the 2nd longest reigning heavyweight champ of all time, the rentless left jab. The three judges scored the bout 118-109, 116-111, 116-111 all in favor of the world heavyweight champion as another legendary night in boxing went in the record books at the most storied venue in boxing championship history.

Omari White

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Warming climate may release vast amounts of carbon from long-frozen Arctic soils – Science Daily

Science Daily
Warming climate may release vast amounts of carbon from long-frozen Arctic soils
Science Daily
Date: April 23, 2015; Source: University of Georgia; Summary: While climatologists are carefully watching carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, another group of scientists is exploring a massive storehouse of carbon that has the potential to significantly …
Vast amount of carbon might be released from frozen Arctic soils due to warming Biotech Wired

Thawing permafrost: the Arctic's slow, giant carbon

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