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This Mesmerizing Map Of The Internet Lets You Explore The Web’s Tiny Connections

Map of internet

It can be tough to visualize the internet.

Web traffic companies like Alexa do a good job of showing the relative ranking of websites, but what about the connections between websites? What do those look like?

The Internet Map is an online project that seeks to visualize metrics like web traffic and linking between sites, and the result is a beautiful landscape of the web today.

Here’s how a website’s physical shape and placement on The Internet Map was determined.

Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other.

Right now, The Internet Map includes over 350,000 website from 196 countries, with each circle corresponding the color assigned to that particular website’s country.

In the US, it’s no surprise that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Wikipedia rank among the largest, but the real fun starts once you zoom in and explore the neighboring websites nearby.

To check it out for yourself, head on over to The Internet Map, where you can type in your favorite website or explore the internet’s open waters on your own.

Just don’t forget to zoom in.

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They Woke Up Like This: VH1 Celebrities Without Makeup

View Photo Gallery

There isn’t anything better than seeing a woman who usually has an entire glam squad scrub her face clean and show all the world what she looks like without all the lacquer. Whether they’re entrepreneurs, actresses, singers, rappers or married to the mob – we know many of the ladies in the VH1 fam always have to look camera-ready in their professions.

Despite usually being beat for the gods with lashes, lips and contouring – the women of VH1 can be fresh faced too! We’ve gathered up our favorite shots of some of your fave celebs from all our shows looking au naturale and still stunning. What do you think? Who has the best makeup free pic?!

Do you think like an entrepreneur?

Ilya Pozin is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and investor. He is the founder of online video entertainment platform Pluto.TV, social greeting card company Open Me, and digital marketing agency Ciplex. Entrepreneurs are a breed of their own. While many people fantasize about breaking free from their 9-to-5 to be their own boss, few people actually follow through. This is because the entrepreneurial lifestyle might look great from the outside, but is filled with speedbumps, challenges, and plenty of stress. The entrepreneurs who are successful on this rocky road, however, share a few traits in common. Thinking like an entrepreneur means leaving the beaten path…

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Mack Wilds “Try Me (Remix)”

Dej Loaf’s single “Try Me” is one of the hottest song’s in the country which means remixes of the DDS-produced track are popping up on the regular. For the latest cover, Mack Wilds offers a R&B remix of the melodic gangster single.

Check out the actor turnt singer’s version, above.

Previously: Happy Birthday, Mack Wilds
Mack Wilds “nEXt (Remix)”
Mack Wilds Stars In Sevyn Streeter’s New Video

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‘Sonic Highways’ Hits D.C.: 5 Things We Learned

Foo Fighters’ HBO series Sonic Highways visited Washington D.C. Friday night, which marked a homecoming of sorts for Dave Grohl: The rocker was raised in the Virginia suburbs outside of D.C. – his mother still lives there – and he started out drumming for area acts like Mission Impossible, Dain Bramage and “his favorite band ever,” Scream.

In addition to recording the Sonic Highways track “The Feast and the Famine,” Grohl also provides an extensive look at a pair of homegrown genres that became the backbone of the D.C. music scene: Go-go and hardcore punk. Here are five things we learned from the Sonic Highways trip to the nation’s capital.

1. D.C’s go-go scene had a profound impact on both hardcore punk and Pharrell Williams
“When you’re a kid, your environment is your main influence, but you don’t know that until you grow up, start finding out about yourself,” Pharrell Williams says on Sonic Highways. The Neptunes producer was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, not too far from the go-go scene in D.C., and the complex drumming and funk rhythms of that musical style have made their way into Williams’ productions: Nelly’s hit “Hot in Herre,” produced by the Neptunes, borrows its hook from “Godfather of Go-Go” Chuck Brown’s “Bustin’ Loose.”

With D.C.’s hardcore scene exploding thanks to Minor Threat, Scream and Bad Brains, those audiences found kinship with go-go acts like Trouble Funk, and the groups would often stage unlikely “punk/funk” gigs together.

2. “The Feast and the Famine” lyrics make a lot more sense after viewing the episode
Even more than the Chicago-inspired “Something From Nothing,” the Sonic Highways D.C. track is packed with references to the city’s history and music scene. “Last night they were burning for truth, down on the corner of 14th and U” references the scene of the city’s 1968 riots following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. The line “Still screaming” is a nod to Scream’s debut album, while “wrecked my brains” is dedicated to Bad Brains. “Where is that PMA?,” Grohl sings, which harkens back to Bad Brains’ mantra “Positive Mental Attitude” as well as the spirit of Revolution Summer.

3. Ian MacKaye wasn’t a punk music fan
The father of D.C. hardcore, MacKaye was a member of the Teen Idles, Minor Threat and Fuguzi, as well as the co-founder of Dischord Records. Still, MacKaye didn’t care for the Clash or Sex Pistols, who were busy singing about heady political matters that didn’t much apply to a D.C. high school student. Instead, MacKaye worshipped Ted Nugent. “Punk just seemed kind of a joke to me,” MacKaye tells Sonic Highways.

4. One man’s name is on almost every single landmark hardcore D.C. album: Don Zientara
As a producer, engineer and owner of Arlington, Virginia’s tiny Inner Ear Studios, Zientara’s name appears in the credits of countless hardcore sleeves, from Minor Threat to Nation of Ulysses’ 13-Point Program to Destroy America. Upon touring Zientara’s memento-packed Inner Ear Studios, the Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel admits that this was the studio he looked forward to recording in the most since Zientara was responsible the soundtrack of his youth. “The Feast and the Famine” was also recorded at Inner Ear.

5. Grohl still considers himself a D.C. rocker
While people often – incorrectly – call Foo Fighters a “Seattle band” due to Grohl’s Nirvana roots and the band’s debut LP being recorded in that city, Grohl aligns himself with the Washington D.C. area as Foo Fighters’ There Is Nothing Left to Lose and One By One were both recorded in the Virginia suburbs in D.C.

“The experiences I’ve had in this city, from the age of 14 years old, set this foundation for the rest of my life as a musician,” Grohl says in the episode. “The community, the support, the love that was here in the D.C. music scene has carried over into what I do now. The way that Foo Fighters work now, we’re like a family, and we try to treat everyone that way.”

The One App You Need On Your Résumé If You Want A Job At Google (GOOG)

Jonathan Rosenberg

Google has more than 50,000 employees right now, and they earn great salaries.

Average pay at Google is $141,000.

It’s relatively easy to get a job at Google, too.

The company is so large and has such a massive need for talent that hiring for Google is something of a headache, so if you have the right skills, Google is really enthusiastic to hear from you.

Especially if you know how to use MatLab, a code and data analysis and management tool.

On Thursday night, Google’s former svp/product management Jonathan Rosenberg was in London with chairman Eric Schmidt to promote their new book “How Google Works.”

During a Q&A at the University of London, Rosenberg said he once had to give a speech in front of a room full of Rhodes scholars (about 70 people receive the scholarship each year). He offered them all jobs at Google right there on the spot — and even compared their airfare to San Francisco. A few of them took the offer.

The fact that Google is willing to hire an entire room of bright people, sight unseen, tells you how desperately the company needs smart workers.

If, on the off chance, you’re not a Rhodes scholar, Schmidt had some more down-to-earth advice. Google really needs data analytics people and folks who have studied statistics in college, he said.

Big data — how to create it, manipulate it, and put it to good use — is one of those areas in which Google is really enthusiastic about.

And then Rosenberg said something really interesting. If you want to work at Google, make sure you can use MatLab, he said.

We had never heard of MatLab, so we asked Rosenberg what it was.

For the uninitiated, MatLab lets developers code and arrange data and algorithms so that results are visual. (Yes, it’s complicated). The key here is that data is produced visually or graphically, rather than in a spreadsheet. Here is an example:



This is a Matlab surface 3-D plot of a two-dimensional unnormalized sinc function (obviously!). We got it from Wikipedia.

The point is that being a master of statistics is probably your best way in to Google right now. Rosenberg told Business Insider after the event: “My quote about statistics that I didn’t use [last night] but often do is, ‘Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it the samurai.'”

You can download Matlab’s various apps and products here.

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Wanderers edge Al Hilal in ACL final first leg

Western Sydney Wanderers goal-scorer Tomi Juric celebrates with teammates after they defeated Saudi Arabia's Al Hilal in the first leg of the AFC Champions League football final in Sydney on October 25, 2014

Sydney (AFP) – Australia’s Western Sydney Wanderers beat Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal 1-0 to seize the early advantage in the two-leg AFC Champions League final in Sydney on Saturday.

Substitute striker Tomi Juric’s 64th-minute goal gave the Wanderers a precious lead to take into the second leg in Riyadh next week.

Juric, who added the spark required when he came off the bench in the second half, almost gave the Wanderers a two-goal cushion but his shot came off the post with goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Sudairy well beaten.

“It’s definitely a big help for us going there in those kind of conditions and we have to perform well over there to finish the job off because it’s only half done at the moment,” Juric said.

“If we go over there full of confidence as we are now and stick to our structure and our game plan I think we can bring this one home.”

Wanderers, in only their third season, are bidding to become the first Australian side to win the Asian showpiece after Adelaide United lost to Japan’s Gamba Osaka in the 2008 final.

Coach Tony Popovic praised Juric’s game-changing influence.

“His impact was fantastic. It’s been seven weeks since he played,” Popovic said.

“Tomi scored a fantastic goal, it was a great overlap and a real striker’s finish. It’s just a shame he didn’t get that second one.

“This result has filled us with confidence. We have to recover well and we’re in for a tough battle next week.

“But they’re going home tonight knowing they’re up against a very tough opponent who can win the title over there.”

The expensively-assembled Al Hilal dominated the opening half and with Nasser Al Shamrani going close to breaking the deadlock in stoppage time.

But the match turned with the introduction of Juric, who scored seven minutes after coming on for Brendan Santalab.

Defender Antony Golec’s teasing cross from the left was met by Juric whose shot went through the legs of Al-Sudairy into the net amid wild scenes from the 20,000 full house at Sydney’s Parramatta Stadium.

Al Hilal were feeling the pressure and Juric almost made them pay when his volley came back off the left post with the goalkeeper on the ground.

The Saudis had a couple of late chances to score a crucial away goal but goalkeeper Ante Covic made a point blank save to deny Salem Al-Dosary and then made a diving save to prevent Yasser Al-Shahrani from scoring moments later.

“We played a very good game. We had a lot of chances, but we lost 1-0,” Al Hilal’s Romanian coach Laurentiu Reghecampf said.

“In the second half we had three or four chances.Their goalkeeper (Covic) did a great job and I think that’s why the result is only 1-0 for them. Normally we have to score two or three goals.

“I’m sure after six days when we play the next game my team is going to win.

“We need only to score one goal and we are going to see what the atmosphere will be in Riyadh.”

It was Western Sydney’s sixth straight win at home in this season’s ACL and their defence has now kept a clean sheet in over 10 hours of football.

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