This Is the Most Advanced Nest Thermostat Yet – TIME

This Is the Most Advanced Nest Thermostat Yet
Typical smart home gadgets turn on and off via an app. Some of the more advanced gear takes cues from data sources, like the weather or usage patterns they detect over time, and anticipate actions before users even ask for them. And with Tuesday's …
Nest Thermostat Gets Slimmer Design, Bigger Display, New FeaturesWall Street Journal (blog)

The new Nest sounds more like a handset than a HoneywellFortune
Nest Debuts Slimmer Smart Thermostat With Bigger DisplayPC Magazine
PCWorld –San Jose Mercury News –VentureBeat
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LinkedIn rolls out overhauled messaging service – Reuters

LinkedIn rolls out overhauled messaging service
LinkedIn Corp on Tuesday rolled out a revamped messaging service along the lines of modern chat apps, departing from its unpopular design that resembled email. The new service will include features such as GIFs and stickers to add a "little extra …
LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Messaging Adds GIFs, Emoji And Stickers For 'Lightweight International Business Times

LinkedIn launches new messaging service; includes GIFs and stickersIBNLive

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New Nintendo 3DS: Pocket-Sized Model Announced – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global News
New Nintendo 3DS: Pocket-Sized Model Announced
Headlines & Global News
Nintendo announced the release of the smaller-sized New Nintendo 3DS in North America at GameStop's Manager's Conference on Monday. By Tyler MacDonald | Sep 01, 2015 04:42 AM EDT. New Nintendo 3DS. Up until now, North American 3DS fans …
Animal Crossing New 3DS and Zelda New 3DS XL Coming to North America This FallGame Rant

New 3DS bundle releasing in US this monthGameZone
New Nintendo 3DS and amiibo NFC Reader Accessory unveiledI4U News
Gamenguide –Apex Tribune –
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Fragments of world’s oldest Koran may predate Muhammad, scholars say – Fox News

Fox News
Fragments of world's oldest Koran may predate Muhammad, scholars say
Fox News
July 22, 2015: A university assistant shows fragments of an old Koran at the University in Birmingham, England. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) (The Associated Press). British scholars have suggested that fragments of the world's oldest known Koran, which
This Copy Of The Koran Could Be Older Than Prophet Muhammad — Carbon-Dating The Inquisitr

Fragments Show Oldest Koran May Be Older Than MuhammadNewsmax
The Times of Israel – –Metro
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Five foot seven and claws out of its head: meet Earth’s first big predator – The Guardian

The Guardian
Five foot seven and claws out of its head: meet Earth's first big predator
The Guardian
What scientists think Pentecopterus decorahensis, Earth's first big predatory monster, looked like. Photograph: Patrick J Lynch/AP. Associated Press in Washington. Tuesday 1 September 2015 01.25 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via …
Giant scorpion which ruled the seasBBC News

Fossils Show Big Bug Ruled the Seas 460 Million Years AgoNew York Times
Scientists discover a 6-foot-long 'sea scorpion' that lived 450 million years agoLos Angeles Times
Torrington Register Citizen
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Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ Uniform Will Be Up For Auction This Fall

Space Jam2
Space Jam3

You wanna be like Mike, right?

While rumors of a Lebron James-centered Space Jam sequel continue to populate sites across the blogosphere, some more concrete Space Jam news has surfaced. The uniform that Michael Jordan wore when he triumphantly defeated the “MonStars”, narrowly escaping permanent servitude on Moron Mountain in the 1996 classic film, will be available for auction via on October 1.

According to the site’s description:

Michael Jordan uniform from Space Jam.  (Warner Bros., 1996) Screen worn complete basketball uniform including (1) XL AIS brand mesh, red, white and blue-trimmed sports jersey with “Tunesquad” logo on the front and signature number “23” emblazoned on the back and (1) matching pair of size 38 shorts. Worn in the climactic showdown between Michael Jordan’s “Tunesquad” and the “Monstars”. With signs of wear and minor staining. In production used fine condition.

Opening bids for the collector’s item will start at $10,000 and will go up to around $15,000 according to the site’s estimates — which is actually a bit cheaper than we would’ve predicted. Bid well.

Watch Lil Pooh’s New “Streets Don’t Owe U” Video (Prod by Zaytoven)

Having remained a staple on the Southern circuit of blogs like TrapsNTrunks, DirtyGloveBastard, Tha Fixx and others, Lil Pooh is becoming a favorite of the streets in Texas, hence his newest track, “Streets Don’t Owe U,” an ode to the unforgiiving nature of the streets. For those that don’t know Lil Pooh has been active in Dallas for a minute fighting to earn his keep in the rap game and on the block. They say everything is about timing and after appearing at events and showcases like A3C and SXSW, Lil Pooh is finally starting to get the respect that he deserves.

Meet the Republican Who Launched the ‘Ready for Kanye’ PAC

Following Kanye West’s VMAs declaration that he wants to run for president in 2020, 24-year-old Baltimore-native Eugene Craig on Monday registered and filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to register the Ready for Kanye political action committee.

Craig, whose favorite Kanye album is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, spoke to Rolling Stone about his reasons for starting the PAC and how he’s preparing the world for President West.

Why did you file the FEC paperwork? Do you feel like you’re making a statement?
I think it is a statement. It’s a couple of things going on. First, it’s an opportunity to reach voters who ordinarily would not be in tune to the process, who are apathetic to the process. The second part of this is that a party that can openly accept Donald Trump has room for Kanye West. Donald Trump is shrinking the party — I’m a member of the Republican Party — and Kanye West brought us an opportunity to actually grow it. Thirdly, we have a gentleman in Mr. West who 1) stands for small business and entrepreneurship, has spoke out against corporatism; 2) is a school choicer, and has spoken about the racial disparities in regards to public school systems; and 3) has openly spoken out against the war on drugs and the pipeline that the war on drugs provides to the private prison systems. I think if you were to put those issues on a piece of paper and say, “What kind of candidate is that?” that sounds like a Republican candidate to me. And barring — and this is very important, I hope you quote this — barring a sitting Republican president — because that’s the only way I will support this, is if there’s no sitting Republican president — if Kanye is going to run in 2020, I would love to see him run in a Republican primary. He brings a lot to the discussion that’s missing.

How much money do you plan to raise for West’s campaign?
Right now, we haven’t discussed it. We’re not necessarily looking to raise money for Kanye, but I do think that if there’s no sitting Republican president and he decides to run, it would be nice to have some data mined and voters reached.

Why did you decide to do this now, when the 2016 election is still over a year away?
If we’re going to grab people who are interested, it’s best to strike when the iron is hot.

What do you think Kanye West can bring to the United States?
He brings an interesting foreign policy. He’s not for occupying every country in the Middle East. That’s a discussion that needs to take place right now.

Would you say that’s the platform West should run on?
I think it would be a great platform for him to run on.

Who should be his running mate?
I have no idea.

That’s fine. Do you have any dream candidates?
I am a very, very adamant Rand Paul supporter. I am supporting Rand Paul in 2016, but I wouldn’t throw Rand into that mix. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

How serious are you about this campaign?
This started out as an operation to engage voters who probably would not have been reached otherwise, but over the course of the day, I think… I’ll say this. In the age where Donald Trump is the leading contender for Republican nomination, anything is possible.

What’s your political background? Have you run for office before?
I have run for office before. I’m active in Maryland politics, but more importantly, I’m the current chairman of the Young Minority Republican Fund.

What do you think West needs to do in order to prepare for 2020 election?
Stay in tune to the issues of the day. I would say start reaching out to both sides of the aisle. I know he came up in the Chicago Democrat machine, but I think Kanye is somebody who is cross-cultural, and I think he is somebody who can be cross-political.

How do you think Kanye West’s run for presidency could affect the Kardashian reality show series empire? Any concerns about possible security breaches because of the Kardashian connection?
No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure they already have pretty tight security.

Do you think that the White House would be open to having a reality series in its midst if he was to win?
I’m pretty sure he’ll put an end to the series. One thing about Kanye is that he takes the things he works on very seriously. When he’s working, he’s working. So I think he would take this just as seriously.

If West decides not to go through with this campaign or tell us it was all a joke, will you have regretted filed the FEC paperwork?
No, not at all. If you live a life where you mean to do what you do, and you mean what you say, you can learn from everything. If he doesn’t do it, he doesn’t do it. If he does it, he does it. I just hope that if he does do it, he does it as a Republican.

‘Straight Outta Compton’ Is #1 For the 3rd Straight Week

For the third straight week, F. Gary Gray and Will Packer‘s masterpiece of an N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, is the #1 movie at the box office.

With a $13.4 million weekend, SOC squeaked past Zac Efron‘s We Are Your Friends to take the top spot, resulting in an impressive $134 million three week total. Considering the film took $29 million to make, that’s an incredible under-a-month haul. For what it’s worth, very early pre-release projections from Universal Studios had Straight Outta Compton pulling in less than $30 million opening weekend.

Hopefully, this helps bring even more attention to the scene-stealing performances from O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Jason Mitchell, who portrayed Ice Cube and Eazy-E respectively.

Ex-Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Silk Road case; he pocketed $820000 … – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
Ex-Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Silk Road case; he pocketed $820000
Los Angeles Times
A former U.S. Secret Service agent who was part of a team investigating illegal activity on the online drug market Silk Road has pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of justice, prosecutors announced Monday. Shaun W. Bridges, 32, of
Former Secret Service Agent Who Stole $820K In Bitcoins Pleads Guilty To CBS Local

Former federal agent Shaun Bridges admits $820000 bitcoin theft in Silk Road probeVentureBeat
Former agent pleads guilty in Silk Road drug site probeWashington Post
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