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Album Review | Top of the World | Gisela João – Gisela João


Photography by Mário Pires. Words by Gonçalo Frota.

Gisela JoãoYoung new fado singer who easily passes the goosebump test

There is an infallible method to tell apart a remarkable singer from a merely very good one. Let’s call it the ‘goosebumper.’ If, involuntarily, the reaction to a vocal performance hits you at gut level and manages to completely disarm you, you’re certainly in presence of a voice that works way beyond any technical qualities. Gisela João is such a singer. You can take your pick with her eponymous debut album. She has the ability to create an emotional vertigo in both the most dramatic, despairing love song and the looser folkloric songs. From ‘Meu Amigo Está Longe’ (a bold take on a staple of Amália Rodrigues’ sacred repertoire) to ‘Bailarico Saloio’, it all fits beautifully into place, led by a voice so full of longing. Such an arresting, passionate drive is wisely left to its own devices.

There is enough of a contemporary quality to Gisela João’s performance for her to avoid the pitfalls of fado instrumentation nowadays. On Gisela João, there are no violins nor bassoons, no overly stylised arrangements nor pompous fireworks. Even when João enlists hip-hop wonder Capicua, the rapper’s signature is lightly stamped, via updated lyrics, on a version of the traditional ‘Casa da Mariquinhas’. Add it all up and what we have is an outstandingly well-planted footprint in fado history.

Gisela João will be at Songlines Encounters Festival on June 4.

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Space ‘Nasty': NASA’s Hubble telescope catches cannibal star digesting … – RT

Space 'Nasty': NASA's Hubble telescope catches cannibal star digesting
Astronomers at NASA have used the Hubble Space Telescope to capture a very rare event: A star, dubbed 'Nasty 1,' cannibalizing another star nearby, and producing a giant, pancake-shaped gas disk in the process. The cannibal star, discovered several …
The Star That NASA Nicknames 'Nasty One'Gizmodo

Rapidly aging 'weird' 'Nasty 1' star behaving in never-before-seen waysBusiness Standard
The Big Picture: Say hello to NASA's 'nastiest' starEngadget

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A first look at Uber’s car for self-driving research – The Verge

A first look at Uber's car for self-driving research
The Verge
True to form, Uber isn't being shy about its work developing self-driving cars. In February, the company announced its plans to create autonomous vehicles, and now, one of its research cars has been seen cruising the streets of Pittsburgh. The vehicle …
Uber's Experimental Cars Spotted on the Streets of PittsburghGizmodo

Uber's experimental cars are driving around PittsburghEngadget
Uber Self-driving Car SpottedI4U News

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Facebook Messenger to Show Information About First-Time Senders – NDTV

Facebook Messenger to Show Information About First-Time Senders
Facebook is rolling out another major feature to its standalone Messenger that will offer publicly available contextual information of first-time senders on the app. The feature can be immensely useful for Messenger app – which has over 600 million users – and …
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Seeks Every Opportunity to Leverage WhatsAppLearnBonds

Facebook Inc. Could Revive Its Payments Business With Games for MessengerMotley Fool

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Vivica A. Fox, Robert Ri’chard & More Celebrate ‘Chocolate City’

Vivica A. Fox, Robert Ri’chard, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire attended a special screening of “Chocolate City” at AMC Empire 25. 

Angela Yee hosted the event and the movie, which hits theaters this weekend, did not disappoint.

Robert Ri’chard

Q: Can you tell us about your role?

I play Michael in the film, the lead character. It’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary experience trying to look out for moms and willing to do anything. This leads me to a bartending job that’s not actually a bartending job.

Q: How was it working with the director?

The director and I were very very passionate. We were really a strong team, it felt like Shaq and Kobe. Sometimes we butt heads but that made us win … we have this film and we are talking about doing a next one; and I just have to thank God for this opportunity.

Q: Can you describe the film in three words?

Everyone loves chocolate!

Q: How did you get in to shape for this film?

I worked out about ten times a day. I did … a low intensity workout but it makes your abs look amazing!

Vivica A. Fox

Q: Can you tell us about your role?

I play the mom to Michael, Catherine. We’ve fallen on hard times and Michael has decided to help out his mom and discovers the wonderful world of stripping. My character is very church and family oriented. She is raising two boys on her own so she feels as if her son is being pulled away from her. So she’s talking to the reverend “what’s going on with my son? He’s bringing home 300 too 500 dollars cash a night”. But what I love about “Chocolate City” besides its telling of a story that a young man makes for his mother, it will help us understand the stripping world. That not all of these people [though] you may think it’s nasty, a lot of them are working their way through college. A lot of them are looking to help their families and make ends meet. So besides that, the boys are putting it down and we ask you guys to enjoy.

Q: Can you describe the film in three words?

Sexy, fun and unforgettable!


‘Tomorrowland’ Boasts Strong Performances and Stunning Visuals

Tomorrowland may only be director Brad Bird’s second live action film, but it’s an admirable achievement nonetheless. Of course, it’s no Incredibles, even if you think our heroes (and antiheroes) have hints of superhuman ability. 

The sci-fi film grabs your attention and just goes with it, with stunning visuals and true cinematography skill that will impress even the most cynical. Bird has created a beautiful world that has a semblance of Earth, if only robots roamed our familiar land. At 130 minutes, the film is just slightly too long, especially for a children’s film (is that what this is?), but for most of us, the two hours goes thrilling by thanks to the visuals. 
What happens, however, may be up to interpretation. After the film ended, a few crowdgoers said they were reminded of Interstellar, 2014’s most mind boggling blockbuster. And I get that. Tomorrowland tells the story of Casey (Britt Robertson) who, through a series of coincidences, ends up with former sci-fi genius Frank (George Clooney). And off they go on a rather convoluted adventure in Tomorrowland, a place in another dimension that I won’t quite ruin for you now. 
Robertson kills it as Casey. She is one of those underrated actresses of the moment that just about shines in everything she’s in, even if it’s a romantic comedy (seriously, watch The First Time right now) or a CW series (she was the best thing about both Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle). She’s relatable, curious, but there’s also a real sense of idealism which is addictive. And Clooney is, well, Clooney. And there’s not that much to say about that. You will most likely spend half the movie waiting for him to appear and when he does, you’ll realize that it didn’t really matter in the first place.
Despite the somewhat confusing narrative, Tomorrowland is a Disney film. And that means a movie with a lesson to teach. I won’t reveal it, but you can probably guess it, making the film’s heart more than predictable. Ultimately, it’s strong performances and even stronger visuals that carry it from throwaway big budget kid’s movie to super entertaining and visually wowing blockbuster. I may not be totally sold, but I’m definitely in. 
The film is now playing.

Tinie Tempah Releases “Not Letting Go,” Featuring Jess Glynne

Two UK stars have teamed up for a cool new song… 

This month Tinie Tempah released a new track called “Not Letting Go,” featuring Jess Glynne. Jess is probably best known for her song with Clean Bandit “Rather Be,” for which she won a Grammy. “Not Letting Go” captured the essence of London summertime perfectly. Jess’ powerful vocals shine.


“I’ve been a fan of Jess since I heard her song ‘Home’. We met properly at the BRITs last year and spoke about doing something together. We both had crazy summers and kept bumping into each other at festivals. We eventually set a date for studio with Bless Beats who produced the track and it just kind of happened,” Tinie told Pulse.

Photo Credit: Jess Glynne’s Instagram

Google Will Retool Its Maps Service To Prevent Racist Listings – TechCrunch

Google Will Retool Its Maps Service To Prevent Racist Listings
Google has confirmed that it is making changes to its Google Maps service to stop racist terms and other inappropriate words from displaying location search results. The issue blew up this week after searches for “n*****” or “nigga” were found to pull up the …
Google Explains Racist Maps ResultsPC Magazine

Google Maps fixes N-word problem for most usersCNNMoney
Google to change Maps search system after offensive White House resultsComputerworld
Yahoo Singapore News –Search Engine Land
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