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Pluto: Nasa probe set for fly-past of frozen ‘dwarf planet’ – The Guardian

The Guardian
Pluto: Nasa probe set for fly-past of frozen 'dwarf planet'
The Guardian
An artist's impression of the New Horizons spacecraft alongside the dwarf planet Pluto and one of its moons, Charon. Photograph: Walter Myers/Corbis. Joel Achenbach for the Washington Post. Saturday 4 July 2015 05.00 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on …
4 July 2015 in News: SOFIA in the right place at the right time for Pluto Astronomy Now Online

New Horizons color images show two faces of Pluto – Orlando SentinelRapid News Network
New Horizons Forges Tandem With Flying Telescope To Unveil Pluto's MysteriesTimes Gazette
Sentinel Republic –Science Recorder –Thrasher Backer
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Stream Lil Wayne’s ‘Free Weezy Album’ Now on TIDAL

The free, Lil Wayne album is here (see what we did there)

For months, Lil Wayne‘s battles with Birdman and Cash Money Records have overshadowed the music he has continually attempted to release: Tha Carter V, and more recently, the Free Weezy Album. Well, one of those cats has officially been let out of the bag.

Less than a month ago, Lil Wayne announced that he’d signed a deal with Jay Z, and once those rumors were cleared up (Wayne became the newest co-owner of TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming service), it became apparent that we should probably be looking forward to new Lil Wayne music on the streaming site, sooner rather than later, considering he’d been teasing release dates as early as April.

Well, the wait is over. Log on to TIDAL–or, if you’ve held out until now, it’s a perfect time to use your free trial–and stream the 15-track LP, featuring Jeezy, Cory Gunz, Wiz Khalifa and more. Thus far, the only song we’ve been treated to is “Glory,” so dig in.

Derek Luke Discusses New Sci-Fi Movie ‘Self/Less’

In provocative psychological science fiction thriller “Self/Less,” an extremely wealthy man (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley) dying from cancer undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a healthy young man (Ryan Reynolds).

But all is not as it seems when he starts to uncover the mystery of the body’s origin and the organization that will kill to protect its cause. Read what Derek Luke had to say about his role in the movie:

Can you tell us about the movie?

It’s sort of a Sci-Fi/thriller. It’s usually what I’m drawn to; I like Enemy of the State, Fugitive … This movie has a lot of those elements and I thought it wasn’t just a Sci-fi movie. I thought it was more of a movie that has a lot of practical science dialogue. When I think about “shedding,” I’m thinking about how the media and people always try to become someone they’re not, trying to become or switch images. I just thought it was a real good blend of topics.

Would you like to see science to get to a place where preservation of life in that capacity is actually possible?

That’s a theme that I gravitate to because if you’ve ever dealt with anyone who has lost life, I think one of the first things that come to mind is “how do you extend it?” I like the character that I play because he embodies that aspect of can we live forever. Sometimes it takes a minute to think about it because there have been some really good questions asked about this. I think most people feel like if they have a new body they don’t really have any responsibilities and they can just live care free. That’s the same thing with acting, that’s why actors enjoy shedding and playing different roles, it’s like reliving different moments of your life. I think the Action/ Thriller genre is a very universal genre and the subject matter is usually greater than what’s typical than domestic news.

When you read your character’s name [Antone] did it seem like an homage to your former role as Antwone [Antwone Fisher]?

No, but in Antwone Fisher is the story of a character that a lot of people still enjoy and love. The writing is very different but I think if they had Denzel [Washington] in it I’d be like ah shoot. But not at all, it’s close but no.

Describe the film in 3 words.

Am I immortal?

What would you like viewers to take away from this film?

I know what I take away is that “Self/Less” and shedding is more common than people think.

To learn more about the concept of shedding check out these awesome viral videos below produced by Gramercy Pictures.

The film hits theaters July 10.

-Toyibat Oridami

NEW MUSIC: Brain Rapp & Nature Boi Join Forces to Present “Elevator Music”

The story of the underdog is not one new to rap culture, in-fact it’s one of the fundamental pillars hip-hop was built on. With his latest iTunes liberated body of work, Maryland emcee Brain Rapp sets out to beat the odds and shatter all stereo-types associated with your typical “white rapper”. Backed by production from frequent collaborator and Dope Music Village label mate Nature Boi, the 7 track EP proves to seamlessly outline a well constructed coming of age audio-biography.

Cop Elevator Music on itunes, which features Ezko, Jake Sinatra, Ashley Alexander as well as Nature Boi, below and if you’re the least bit spectacle about buying it before hearing it first, hop on Soundcloud and check it out below!

Twitter: @BrainRapp @PeachBaggies

Reddit’s Ellen Pao and Alexis Ohanian Explain Site Shut Down – TIME

Reddit's Ellen Pao and Alexis Ohanian Explain Site Shut Down
Reddit moderators shut down hundreds of the online message board's most popular sections on Friday. The outages were part of an apparent protest by users after the surprisal removal of a popular employee, Victoria Taylor, Reddit's director of talent
Major parts of Reddit are blacked out as users protest an alleged dismissalWashington Post (blog)

Popular Reddit forums locked up in protestUSA TODAY
Here's why Reddit users have shut down sections of the popular siteLos Angeles Times
Boston Globe –Wired –Huffington Post
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Watch Country Singer Carrie Underwood Performs Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again”

Country Singer Carrie Underwood performed at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival in Delaware last weekend, and decided to put her own twist on her 2012 hit single “See You Again.” Rather than singing the song, the former American Idol contestant remixed it with Wiz Khalifia’s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth. Being that both songs have the same name, Underwood merged the two beautifully.

In the video above, Underwood starts by singing the chorus, followed by her rapping to the first verse of Khalifa’s hit song, which became the theme song for the blockbuster hit Furious 7.  Because Underwood did an amazing job, the crowd went berserk as the new mom started spitting the verse, totally on beat.

After the show, the 32-year-old tweeted to her fans, “Thanks to all who came out to the @BigBarrelFest! You were such an amazing crowd! I’m so happy there’s no way I’m gonna to [sic] sleep tonight!”


With Sherley Boursiquot

Watch As San Fran News Crews Get Robbed At Gunpoint LIVE ON AIR!

Just when you thought the impossible could and would never happen, it does.

The news crews from two separate San Francisco television stations were robbed at gunpoint by three masked men during a live taping of a news piece about the shooting of a tourist at Pier 14 in the Bay Area metropolis.

The video above doesn’t show the masked men or the actual robbery, however, KTVU reporter Cara Liu can be heard saying, “Hold on, hold on, wait…”, which is apparently when the masked men jumped out of their BMW and began pistol whipping KNTV camera operator Alan Waples. The robbers made off with two television cameras and two tripods; all of this happening at the pier along the Embarcadero at 6 am.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Drake Brings Out Skepta at Wireless Festival in London

Drake treats the London crowd to their hometown favorite

For the past few months, Hip-Hop’s growing obsession with grime has been increasingly evident. Whether it’s Kanye West featuring Allan Kingdom on his latest single, “All Day,” and performing with him at the BRIT Awards, or Drake’s promotion of recent Skepta music on his Instagram, there’s no disputing the fact that grime is making a major dent in American Hip-Hop culture.

So, it’s only right that as Drake headlines Wireless Fest in London, he brings out Skepta to perform his biggest single, “Shutdown.” Catch some rough footage above.

Floating plasma display makes fairies a reality – Engadget

Floating plasma display makes fairies a reality
See that teensy Tinkerbell-shaped light above? That's not CGI — that's a real floating display, and it's completely touchable too. Mid-air plasma displays aren't that prolific yet, but they're not exactly new either. However, floating lights created
Japanese Scientists Create Holograms That You Can Actually TouchiFreePress.com (blog)

Echo Examiner: Ultra Fast Laser Holograms From Japan Can Be TouchedSentinel Republic
You can actually touch these 3D holograms (Wired UK)Celebrity Cafe – Entertainment News
Thrasher Backer –NYC Today –Geek Snack
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